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Necrons vs Eagle Knights 1500pts

This was the final game in the run of games I has a while back, by while back, read, last September. This is the last batrep I have in the draft folder and decided it was about time it saw the light of day. There should have been another game, Hjaltland LI vs Necrons, but blogger decided to delete all of the pictures and text! I still have the pictures but o idea what happened in the game. I may try and get the pictures and post again but not sure yet

I was playing necrons again, but again it wasnt a typical list, with a FW skimmer thing, a C'tan shard, two large squads of warriors and some deathmarks. But what also made it different was the opposition, as the Hjaltland LI were having some down time, the Eagle Knights stepped up to wreck some metal.

We played maelstrom mission 5; cloaks and shadows. So no stealing this time, not even peaking! I ended up going first again, not sure why I seem to end up going first all the time! At least its not eternal war missions were playing.

I can't remember what his warlord trait was, it was fixed by his character, one of the necron lords. I got Descent of Angles! Was very happy with that one, as most of my army was in reserve with jump packs! It meant I had a good chance of getting them in when and where I wanted, however it did make the Hjaltland LI allies with command squad and Officer of the Fleet slightly redundant! Still 2+ rerollable reserves isn't bad.


The board, a few ruins and some scattered scenery. Lots of little things to hide behind but not much LoS blocking terrain.

My deployment. The guard are hiding behind the right hand building, claiming an objective just round the corner and the marines are set up towards the front on the center and left. 2x 5 man squads with flames and hand flames, for some template goodness.

The necron deployment, prior to the redeployment allowed by the deceiver bloke he had as warlord. The unit of deathmarks on the center left went in to reserves and marked the vets. The skimmer on the left also moved a bit but the C'tan (blending in on top of the left half of the building) and the warriors reminded where they were.

My reserves, 2 assault squads, and the Eagle Knights Brotherhoods, on the left Eagles Talons (death company with lemartes) and on the right Hawk Brethren (vanguard vets with priest)

turn 1

Turn one was a quite affair for both sides, with most of the units out of range or out of sight. With cards 14, 25 and 45 (obj 4, obj 5 and supremacy) and having objectives 4 and 5 just in front of me, I run up my marines to capture them. I also thought I had supremacy at the time, but there was an objective hiding down in the necron deployment that I hadn't spotted. So at the end of turn one I had 2 points.

Marines move forward, guardsmen hide at the back!

The necron did very little as well, the C'tan moved forward abut and the skimmer moved to get a better shooting position.

Turn 2

After a successful turn 1 things were looking good. My mistake with supremacy meant that I lost a card that I should still have had in my hand, but seeing as I can't change it now, ill just pretend I discarded it! 

So, withbthat issue tidied up, I drew 3 new cards, 22, 32 and 42, (2x objective 2 and behind enemy lines). This was not a good draw as I could not realistically get any of these. 

Discarded 42
No score

The reserves arrive

My reserves turned up as expected, even though I failed with the OotF! Dam Ld7. I went very aggressive with the marines, perhaps too aggressive, as I placed them all within a small area, right on top of the necrons.this action caused the Death Marks to come in and target my vanguard vets, taking down two of there number. I was plesently surprised how few died, although it did impact on their combat abilities somewhat. Other than the reserves, not much happened, as most shots bounced or the metal monstrosities stood back up again.

The big squad at the  is holding objective 2 - the brown barrel things.

My opponent also went aggressive, shooting and charging one of the assault , taking the squad down to just 2 marines by the end! Luckily for me I actually won combat but unluckily necrons are fearless, so we stayed where we were. 

At the end of the turn, I had failed to  add to my point total and discarded 42 - behind enemy lines.

turn 3

This was my turn to strike back, and i planned too. But first i needed a new card and what do you know, but 12 popped out! So I was sitting  12, 22 and 32 (all objective 2). This was potentially going to be tricky to get any points again, but I needed something, as I hadn't scored last round and not knowing what my opposition had scored, meant I really needed as many points as I could get. I only had one plan and assaulted! I shot what I could but did little damage, the  main damage was done in assault, with the vanguards charging in to the continuing combat and the second assault squad and DC charging the other squad of warriors. During the combats the 2 remaining assault marines were killed, giving up first blood in the process, but not before a number of necrons were turned In to scrap metal. In the other assault, the marines were chopping  through the warriors, but  the dam reanimation protocols kept them coming.

During my assault phase I spotted a mistake, one that potentially could have changed the game. I had placed my priest and Lemartes the wrong way around, the priest was leading the DC and Lemartes the vets! Now the priest had the angels wings relic jump pack, meaning snap fired interceptor shots only. I don't know if this would of affected the Death Marks shooting or not, I don't know if it counts as interceptor shots or another special shot? Luckily it was spotted before it could make much difference in the assault.

Assault marines  and DC attack

The combats

While the combats were happening the C'tan was busy turning the marine squads in to mince meat. The lone survivor can just be seen  the picture above, top left of the picture.

At the end of my turn I  claimed objective 2, as only my guys were within 3 inches, but I'm wondering  now if I could have claimed it, as Was locked in combat with only a single marine inside the 3 inch bubble. As it stands, I claimed the 3 points, taking my total to 5.

turn 4

With claiming all three cards last turn, I had to draw some more and ended with a mixed bunch, namely 43, 52 and 61 (hold the line, blood and guts and king slayer). I was confident of hold the line, and hopeful for a good D3 score, blood and guts was also achievable, as only a hand full of necrons were left in one of the combats. King slayer on the otherhand looked a lot less likely.

I managed to kill off the last warriors to gain blood and guts, and moved to secure hold the line for D3 points, managing to only gain 1! I set everything up ready to assault the warriors and warlord but was interrupted by  C'tan, who had other ideas and assaulted the assault marines. It was at this point that my opponent remembered his reserection orb and i failed to kill any warriors at all.

At this point I decided  that slay the warlord was not happening, so discarded it. At the end of turn 4, I gained 2 points to bring my running total to 7

Turn 5

I still wasn't sure of victory at this point, and my cards didn't help me either, being 23, 55 and 44 (objective 3, objective 5 and ascendancy. Now objective 5 was possible with a good run roll for my marines, who had just run the other way for hold the line! Ascendancy was achievable as well, if the run move went well but objective 3 was a pain. I had hoped to get my DC in to assault to help my warlord priest, but in order to get objective 3 they would have to bypass the assault.

23 (obj 3) 35(obj 5) 44 (ascendancy)
Scored 23, 35, 44(1)

Take the objective or combat?

In the end I  the points, as I figured my priest was probably dead anyway. As it turned out , he managed to survive the turn! The C'tan was a pain, taking out several marines but loosing wounds in return.

The battlefield

At the end of turn 5 I was surprised to score all my cards, although I again rolled a 1 for my D3 on ascendancy. At this point I was on 10 points.

Turn 6

We decided to continue  on to turn 6, something that we rarely get time forto had to draw new cards this turn, drawing 13, 31 and 53 (objective 3, objective 1 and no prisoners). Again I had tomake the choice between combat and trying to save my warlord and getting objective 3. With the assault marines still tied up with the C'tan and loosing numbers, I decided to  take the objective. This pretty  guaranteed my warlord would die, but with out the number to throw in   to assault, I doubt it would have made any differance. The assault marines managed  to kill of the C'tan but it cost  them, as only 3 marines survived. My warlord survived until the  enemy assault phase, he only survived as long due to  some very unlucky rolling.

13 (obj 3) 31 (obj 1) 53 (no prisoners)
SCORED 13, 31

Just before my warlord died, the C'tan is already dead.

As a result of turn 6 I had scored an extra 2 points, for objective 3 aand 1, as theC'Tan lasted until my opponents phase, denying me no prisoners. With no time left we  called it there, with my final score at 12.

When the dust settled, my opponent had scored 8 points, 6 objectives and 2 for first blood and slay the warlord. So it went down as a 12 - 8 win. The main reason for this was due to tying up the two main warrior units, stopping them being able  to score and having just  realised that the death marks had some fun during the game. After following in the vets, they tried to jump/deep strike across the board, can't remember whose ability it was that let them do this, but they mishapped, and I  got to place them. They ended up in the  far corner, as  far as I could away from my forces. Being unable  to run, they failed to have any further impact on the game.

All in  all, another fun and entertaining Game

Final score 12 /// 8

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