Tuesday, 1 June 2021


 Just a short post today but I thought I'd show you my objective markers. There are now 8 after a quick building session to make two more. Why 8? Well because 2 of the onslaught missions require 8 objective markers. So I'm not going to play these very often, if at all, but at least I have the option to place all the markers down properly if I wanted too.

The markers are all very simple, just some spare bits and pieces placed on a 28mm base which is then placed on a larger 40mm base, or at least they will be when I find all my spare 40mm bases. The plant bits are all from the Catachan jungle fighter boxsets and the rest of the bits are just spares from various sets I've collected over the years. 

The full selection

The blue colouring of the larger base is to help the objectives stand out from the surrounding terrain. I think it strikes a nice balance between being visual enough to be easily seen but not so much that they are all you notice on the board. The main 28mm bits will get a basing of grass as well as the grey paint, I just have been waiting to do a whole load to them at the same time, after I've army painter quickshaded a whole bunch of stuff. 

A slightly better photo

The mainly "bits" based objectives

The "plant" based objectives

The full colour spectrum. The crappy photo doesn't do the colours justice

I have tried to keep.the objectives very distinct from each other, to try and make telling them apart easy but still keeping a common theme running through all of them. I will usually use 4 of the plants, adding in a couple of others as necessary. With the plants being coloured differently, orange, red, yellow, blue and purple, being able to identify which objective we are talking about should be easy, especially as objective numbers are not really a thing in most game. I may well add numbers on to the blue bases if I need to, but I don't plan on doing so at the moment. 

Hopefully these will just add another little detail to the boards and make the game just that little bit more fun to play.

Friday, 28 May 2021


 So to go with the lore update, I have finally got around to building the remainder of the Inquisitors! I've shown of my main Inquisitor Sophiana Tullus and I have spoken Inquisitor Tamhas Adrien in the past as well. Tamhas was originally a power armour wearing inquisitor, fitted out for close combat. Now alongside the original Tullus, these models had to be ditched when the rules were updated a d power armour removed as an option and while to conversion process from power armour to Carapace armour (I assume it's Carapace anyway, as that's the standard 4+ save Imperial armour) also change Marcus Tullus in to Sophiana Tullus, it has not had a similar effect of Tamhas Adrien, who remains pretty much as he was. 

The third inquisitor I had named, Inquisitor Sophiania Etiennia, has also had some changes. While she never had a model, she has had her name pinched by the new Tullus and as such is going to be given a new name. In this case it will be Laurissa or for full effect Inquisitor Laurissa Etiennia.

So that's, Inquisitor Sophiana Tullus, Inquisitor Tamhas Adrien and Inquisitor Laurissa Etiennia. Now, I know what your thinking, how many Inquisitors do you need! Well, 4 actually. So, welcome to the floor, Inquisitor number four!

The last inquisitor is inquisitor Jameelis Henryk. There is no lore to be said about Jameelis at the moment, he will be fleshed out with the others in due course. 

So, that's the 4 players, but why 4, what's the point in that! Surely all you need is 1 inquisitor? Well yes, you do only need 1 but to field a patrol you need an Inquisitor and 3 troops and you can take acolytes as single man units. So I built an Inquisitor and 3 acolytes, but which can also be used as 4 separate Inquisitors if I want. Now, lore wise, Sophiana is the lead inquisitor, being the only inquisitor during the first uprising, but by the time of the second, 3 of her acolytes have been promoted to full Inquisitors and she to a lord inquisitor, in command of a regional conclave, that covers the area including the Hamnavoe system. That's the basic full anyway, more to come at a later date.

The four Inquisitors, from left to right, Tamhas, Laurissa, Jameelis and Sophiana.

Jameelis and Sophiana

Inquisitor Sophiana is a well established character, bring a radical Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor and a follower of Xanthism ideology. Jameelis on the other hand has no lore but will also follow a more radical path, like his old master. He will be a member of the Ordo Machinum and to many is know as "the Collector" for his habit of collecting archeotech and Xenos artifacts. His link to the admech is also a bit deeper, due to his relying on their tech for life support due to his origins on a high radiation world.

Tamhas and Laurissa

Tamhas is also a xanthism Inquisitor, although he is an Inquisitor of the ordo Xenos. There is already some background on Tamhas, but this will be expanded to take in his origins as a soldier and how he lost his arm. Laurissa is also fairly sparse where the lore is concerned, other than being a bit of an outsider. This will change, although she will still remain fairly aloof. She is a former sister of battle who's faith was shaken to its very core by what she witnessed in the service of Sophiana, and as such now searches the galaxy for "miracles" to ensure that they are indeed what they say they are. As such, she counts herself as both an inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus and also of the lesser ordo Obsuletus. 

Inquisitor Laurissa, still carrying many items from her time as a sister. 

So there you have it, my little inquisitorial conclave and it's Inquisitors. I will get around to expanding the lore when I do my full rewrite soon. 

Tuesday, 25 May 2021

Pariah nexus

So, a few weeks ago, I took the plunge and brought something on pre-order, something that I've never done before! I know there has been a few negative comments and reviews about Pariah nexus and although I have not actually played a game using the rules or the board, I have to disagree with a lot of what has been said. Yes, there are some issues with the box set, such as the disparity between the two factions and the low model count overall. That said, the rules look good, the board looks just as good as the previous ones and there's no doubt that the new models are amazing. 

I think the main issues with the box were the fact that Warhammer Community cocked up the pre-release pages, which initially stated that this was a starter box rather than an expansion. This gave a lot of people the wrong idea about what to expect and so when there was no core rules or dice and rulers and the two sides didn't match up, people went on a little moan and complained about how rubbish the set was and how over priced it was. As an expansion it sits pretty well, as it doesn't need core rules or dice and rulers and the sides don't need to match up perfectly. I do think it's pushing the price range a bit, maybe 80 would have been a better price but 95 is not unreasonable. Many people have compared this to the Indomitus set, however there is no doubt that this box was a major bargain and I suspect was sold as cost or even at a loss to build hype and drive 9th edition forward. 

Anyway, the models. The heavy intercessors are up first and are pretty simple, almost mono-pose in their construction, pretty typical for the new marine models. They are still dynamic poses though and really give the impression of bulk and power. They were a joy to build and had a number of accessories with them. 

The full squad

Two base marine

Sergeant on the right.

Heavy bolter

Next up are the Necrons. These are the new Flayed Ones and they are beautiful models but an complete pain to build. They are each formed of about a dozen bits and all of the claws are in at least two bits. I'm glad that I've got thin fingers, as there are a few bits that require some careful manoeuvring to get them in the right position. I have yet to paint them but I think that they will be a pain to paint up as well, as the claws don't half get in the way of a lot of the front model. I'm painting up my Hrossey Yeomanry troops at the moment and my get these done between the troops and the tanks but I will have to see what happens.

The full squad

Some of the skin details

I really like the hand on the left model ( hanging just in front of the leg) 

Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Lore rewrite

 I spoke about my issues with my own lore and the integration of primaris marines into the timeline in a previous post. I also spoke about how I wasn't sure how I was going to bring it all together and have a coherent lore which didn't stray in to the fantastical to much (even for the 40k universe). After looking at things from various angles, I think that either a partial rewrite of the lore or scrapping everything and just starting again. As you can imagine, scrapping everything and starting again is not really something I want to do, so a partial rewrite it is. Now, this isn't actually as bad as I thought, as a lot of the issues I though I would run in to with a rewrite are not as bad as I though. 

The timeline won't change that much really anyway, there will be a few changes but mostly it's going to be adding dates.

Old time line

755.m41 - Sabbat world crusade starts

C.780-785.m41 - Hjaltland rebellion

C.790.m41 - inquisitor arrives Hamnavoe system

999.m41 - devastation of Baal

999.m41 - Cicatrix Maledictum (the Great Rift)

C.200.m42 - 2nd Hjaltland rebellion

New time line

755-800.m41 - Sabbat World's Crusade - arrival of refugees

999.m41 - devastation of Baal

999.m41 - Cicatrix Maledictum (the great rift)

999.m41 - Hjaltland rebellion

004.m42 - Inquisitors arrives Hamnavoe system

005.m42 - marine Reinforcements arrive

007.m42 - rebellion suppressed

150.m42 - 2nd Hjaltland rebellion

155.m42 - rebellion spreads system wide

160.m42 - Inquisitors returns 

170.m42 - primaris marine reinforcements arrive

This new timeline should fit in with both my first born marines, the primaris marines and also the various guard armies. It will also help to explain why there are the various different guard units all mashed together and why lots of marine units are present at a small one planet rebellion on two separate occasions. I can keep some of the back story the same, with the arrival of refugees from the Sabbat World's Crusade but instead of causing trouble straight away, they start spreading there ideas and opinions, creating various cults, to a whole host of different gods. 

The Great Rift also allows for lots of different armies and factions to be present within the system, for all sorts of different reason, plus it allows the marines to be upgraded from first born to primaris and retain the characters. It also allows for the Inquisitors to be present at both occasions. I will go in to a few more details for the Inquisitors in another post soon, as there have been quite a few changes there. 

I will probably take all the pages down soon and repost that as I update them to the new lore. I will keep the old ones around as a record of the evolution of my lore but that will be somewhere else and not here.