Monday 28 March 2022

The pile of shame \ opportunity

 After posting about my plans for when the other half is away, I got thinking about what I actually have left to do to get to a point that all my grey plastic up to fully painted models, which is my main aim at present.

We'll start with unbuilt, then go on to built but unprimed, then go to primed, part painted and finally fully painted but not quickshade \ based 


AdMech start collecting box, including;

Techpriest enginseerer

10x skitarii 


Ork Commandos

Deathwatch apothecary

Deathwatch ancient 

Deathwatch lieutenant

Built but not primed;

Armiger Warglaive

2x Techpriest dominus

Deathwatch vanguard vets

Deathwatch captain

Sly Margo 

Sgt Barker 

Iron hand Straken


Sisters kill team 

Scout kill team 

Armiger Warglaive

Dark Guardians chaplian

Part painted;

Chaos kill team 

Deathwatch kill team 

Scout kill team 

Painted but not quickshade \ based;

Admech kill team 

Space marine kill team 

Grey Knights kill team

Hjaltland LI 

Hrossey Yeomanry 

Dagr Ormr scions 

I think that's it, I keep finding bits to add but I think that's it now. I also feel that I need to add an additional list, things that I know I'm going to buy. These are models that I will be buying, as soon as the new guard codex comes out and I cann confirm the rules for the various units.

Things I will be buying;

Wargames Atlantic cannon fodder x3

Wargames Atlantic panzerjagers 

Wargames Atlantic landsknecht Ogres 

There is most likely several other boxsets that I will be buying, such as the rumoured new rough riders but on the whole I think this is a complete a list as I can possibly make. 

I'll have some updates over the next couple of weeks for my various guard forces but that's it for now.

Friday 25 March 2022

Adepticon previews


So we have had a round of reveals from Adepticon and while there's has been some interesting reveals, there has been nothing guard related or even kill team related.

While there is nothing of note for me personally, there is still a few bits to mention. We have seen the next couple of codex releases, namely Knights and chaos Knights. This means that we will get Tyranids next followed by the two Knights, which will probably take us up until June or July, depending upon how quickly they release them. After this there is still Chaos Marines, Chaos Desmond and Guard. Now, while there is nothing concrete out there that I know of that I can point to, several people have made suggestions about the Chaos Marines book being fairly well progressed and likely to be sooner, rather than a later release. This would suggest to me that we might see a complete chaos release, as in Chaos Knights, followed by Marines and finally daemons. This would leave guard until last and push them back to as late as September or October this year. 

In addition to this one of the previous rumour pictures, this one; 

Appears not be be the hoped for new plastic Tauros vehicles for guard, it's appears not to have been guard at all, which was one of the original possibilities. It was revealed to be part of the new necromunda ash wastes game.

I don't know about you but that is definitely the rear wheel of the buggy, everything matches up. I mean, there is a chance that it we will see the same wheel on a new Tauros, it is obviously an imperial style wheel but I think that it's unlikely. So, as it stands, we've had one teaser that might still be a guard one, the grenade Lance thing, but that's it so far, which makes sense if we're not looking like we'll get a codex until September time. 

As it stands, the guard have the oldest codex out there, (at 4 years and 5 months) followed by daemons (at 4 years and 2 months) and Imperial Knights (at 3 years and 8 months). This means that once we have the Knights as well as the Tyranids codex, the only other codex to release is the Chaos Marines codex (at just 3 years old). Is it any wonder why we can't seem to win much of anything right now?

Tuesday 15 March 2022

Home alone, sort of.....

 So, coming up next week, I have a whole week at home without the wife, I'll still have the kids to look after but once they are in bed, I will be free to do as I please. Now in general I get a bit of time in the evenings a couple of nights a week to paint, so I won't be doing much painting over this period, however, what I don't get much time to do it the bits after painting, such as quickshade and flocking the bases. 

So my plan is fairly simple, I plan on cracking out the quickshade, providing it's actually still any good that is! I've got quite a few models to dip, as a number of my Hjaltland troops, Hrossey yeomanry and Dagr Ormr scions need doing, along side all my marines, although I'm not sure about the marines yet, as I did want to dip them with the light shade rather than the dark shade that I have. This mostly applies to my Eagle Knights rather that the others, due to the lighter paint job. Trouble is, I don't really have many options for getting the lighter quickshade at the moment. 

Along side my 40k forces, I also have a number of kill teams that need doing, mostly the AdMech but there are some marines, including some Eagle Knights, which will make good test subjects for the main force. 

I do have a number of vehicles that also need sealing but these will have to wait a little while longer, until the weather warms up a little more, so that I can spray them with varnish, probably GW's stuff, what ever it's called again. 

Getting the quickshade on and the bases flocked will be my main focus for the week the wife is away, with painting up models being secondary. 

If I do get time to paint, then I will focus on getting my Deathwatch painted. Not sure why I have decided that these will be next but I have. The force includes a venerable dreadnought, Libby, captain, 18 vets and 5 vanguard vets, with the possibility of making a couple of other models, including some other characters, like an apothecary and ancient but I'll have to raid the bits box to see exactly what I have.

Hopefully I'll get time to post up some images of my progress through the week.

Tuesday 8 March 2022

New guard rumours

So we finally have some more guard rumours floating around. Most of these have come from a single source, that of chapter master valrak,  who has been fairly accurate as far as I know but I have also found some other sources around and about, all of completely unknown quality or reliability but I shall muse on them anyway.

First up is that tank rumour again, the Rogal Dorn. I've spoken about this before and It's still a stupid idea and a stupid name as well. We have arguably the best tank in the game, yes it's not the most powerful or fastest or most resilient bit it is the most versatile and cost effective. Why we need another tank is beyond me, what we really need is for the Leman Russ to have its damage output match the rest of it. 

Talking of vehicles, we have been told that the sentinel kit is being updated. I'm not sure what really needs updating here. The sprues could be made more compact and we could gain access to multi-meltas but apart from that I don't think it need updating and to be honest I can't say I've heard anyone else saying that it does either. I just hope that they don't turn it in to some 10 gun monstrosity like that have with most of the space marine stuff.

The rest of the rumours are about infantry kits and we'll start with the new HQ's. From what I've seen, both on the video and other places, it seem that these are most likely going to generic commanders, probably in clam pack form. There is likely to be some sort of new named characters revealed, as Creed has gone AWOL (on holiday with the Necrons), so a new Cadian character is needed. It makes sense that these would be clam packs as well, as currently we only have commander models included within the command squad boxes. I suspect we will see a new commissar as well but it would be nice to see a new psyker, priest and advisor models.

There was also talk of a new veteran or command squad box. This doesn't makes sense to me. A command squad is 4 strong and to be honest is pretty useless unless it's armed with 4 special weapons, usually plasma or melta. I'm not sure how a new box set could for fill both a vet squad and command squad options, without having to buy multiple boxes to get a full squad of vets or having lots of bodies left over. While a new veteran box would be nice, I think that just refreshing the current line and having options for veterans within the box makes more sense but we shall see where this goes. The other option for this is that they are going to redo the whole range and turn them in to a very veteran looking force, which again I think is the wrong way. The guard are not formed of veterans, they are few and far between because guardsmen and women don't last long enough to become vets! The vast majority of guard are raw recruits or basically train soldiers. 

However, there is one rumour that has got my interest and combined with the rumour engine picture, has opened up a lot of possibilities.

When I first saw the image I thought either of new strom troopers, which would be a little silly given how recently we got the Scion boxes, new marine primaris scouts, but again with the black Templar releases I'd expect new scout to look a lot like neophytes, or possibly new Kasrkins. To be honest though, Kasrkins were bottom of the possibility list at the time but have shot to the top with these rumours. The latest rumours seem to suggest that we will see a full release, more so than with scions, with Hq units, Troops and also heavy weapons. Now, a couple of places have not mentioned the heavy weapons, just hq and troops, which sounds more accurate to me, as this is what they use to have and they have traditionally relied on normal cadians for heavy support, something that the scions\storm troopers of old used to do themselves but now can't (not that I'm salty about it or anything!) Anyway, new Kasrkins would be great, as they are such an iconic unit and having the option to take heavy weapons would be great too. If they do give Kasrkins heavy weapons as well as other options, such as command squads, I will probably start running my scions as Kasrkins and take advantage of the extra units, as I would love to be able to run heavy weapons in my scions force. 

All in all, from Valrak's video and the other bits and pieces I've found around then place, (some of which may have come along due to the video) it seems like there is going to be a refresh of the cadian line, maybe not a full range refresh but certainly a sizable one. Although there seems to be no mention of any other regiments in this latest batch of rumours, which is disappointing. The best news out of all this however is that very fact that we are getting rumours and tesasers, as this means that the codex is closer than we thought, at least a couple of months but it will be this year at least. 

Friday 4 March 2022

New terrain peice

I've had this piece for a while, I just haven't managed to get it painted until now. I painted it as a bit of a palette cleanser, although it wasn't much of a pallette cleanser as it used all the same colours as I was using on my other models! The only difference was that it's significantly bigger that the Primaris marines I'm currently painting. 

As you can see I've used the same colours as my Eagle Knights chapter, to help tie it in to some of the games I'll play. It also helps it stand out as a sort of centre piece terrain model on the board as it's very different from all the other terrain pieces, which are mostly quite dull in colour. 

I spent a bit of time on the interior, trying to make it look more used and less like just a lump of metal. I even added a little bit of "graffiti" on the inside, making it look like it's been used as a little bunker or staging point for imperial troops. 

Lastly I added the blood splatter details, which add to the use as a staging post, with the blood splatter being either from defending to point or dealing with the wounded. I had considered adding bother details, that might work as discarded kit and equipment but decided to just leave it as it was and not overly complicate things, as I like my terrain to add to the models and story not take centre stage in it. 

Now, I know that a lot of people will notice the print lines and markings on the model. This is because it's a 3d printed model I got off a fellow club mate who had printed them as test pieces for his new machine. I have a few barrels as well that I still have to paint but they are for another time. I may have to look at getting a few more pieces to go with this, maybe a fallen dread or similar, maybe something like these;