Friday 28 January 2022

Future guard codex

 There have been a lot of things released recently that have been guard related, mostly as snippets of bigger things but still, these small things could be important to future guard codicies. 

Firstly we have the Warhammer community post about points drops and while there was a lot of points adjustments for Necrons and Marines, there was also one for guard. The Leman Russ battle tank will drop 10 points. Now, there are still a couple of questions, does this only apply to the standard Russ, or will it include commanders and Pask? If it's just the standard, I don't think it will make a massive difference, yes, it will make them more viable but most people rank tank commanders anyway, so will probably continue to do so. If it is on all Russ tanks, then, again, there will be little change but we might see a few more upgrades included with the extra points. Overall I think this will be a good change if it includes all versions, otherwise it's not going to do much.

Also along side the points changes there have also been a few rules changes, the one that has caught my eye at the moment is the change for detachments and armies. My main worry with this is how it will interact with my mixed forces armies, such as my Scion force with guard support. Now, I haven't seen the rules in their original form but there has been lots of speculation and discussion about them. The WarCom article discussed how your whole army now has to have the same selectable keyword, such as <chapter>, which would mean that the army would have to be purely Scion or purely guard. However, there are some people saying that it doesn't stop multiple detachments being different, as if they don't have the same selectable keyword, such as <regiment> and <tempests regiment> then they aren't affected by the rules. Meaning that you couldn't have Cadian and Catachan together but you could have Cadian and Lambdan Lions. Personally I am not sure about all this, it feels to me that the main idea is to make armies mono-faction and stop soup lists, however this would cause me a few problems. Hopefully I will be able to get a look at the actual rules fairly soon and be able to figure out exactly what it says and means. 

Next up are the rumours, those whispers in the dark that may, or may not, be accurate. There are 3 basic rumours going around that seem substantial enough to actually take seriously, those being a new tank, 3 new regiments and the wheel teaser. 

We'll start with the tank. From various rumours the new tank is somewhere between the Leman Russ and Baneblade, I guess something like Macharius or Malcador. I really don't know what this tank is about or what it's for? We have an good super heavy tank (a few rules tweaks and it's would be great) and we have a good heavy tank, so I don't really see where another tank would fit. I can see where a light tank would fit, something like the chimerax, chimerro or chimedon, or even a kit with all three, and with suitably restricted transport capacity. That would fill an actual gap in the range, rather than some imagined one. What will trigger some people even more is the fact that it's apparently called the Rogal Dorn tank. 

Next we have the teased wheel. Now most people agree that this is an imperial wheel, the main question is which imperial? Realistically we are looking at guard or marines, as all the other factions would use something other than standard wheels. I don't think it would be marine, as although the rumoured codex 2.0 is coming, I can't think of a vehicle that would be wheeled and would fit in to the codex, as we have a bike and buggy (old attack bike) and the speeders have been replaced like for like. I really don't see where another wheeled vehicle would fit. There are however a couple of vehicles that could fit very nicely in the guard range that would be wheeled. The first ones that spring to mind and also to a lot of other people's minds are the Tauros and Tauros Venator (that's Tauros and not Taurox, confusing I know!). These recently left the forge world website and would be excellent candidates for GW to make into plastic models. They would fit the line up really nicely, sitting above the sentinel but below the Russ and even hellhound (and variants). Another option are rough riders with a quad like buggy for heavier weapons, much like the GSC Jackals. Either of these could be viable options and I really would like to see some more fast attack options for the guard codex.

Last up we have to most distant rumour, the new line up of 3 new regiments, possibly taking us up to 5 plastic regiment boxes for guard. I can see there being an expanded line up, as we now have plastic DKoK troops and it wouldn't take much to add in a command and heavy weapons squad as much of the work has been done by forge world and it would be the relatively simple process of transferring that to plastic (ok,so it's not as simple as that sounds). There is also rumours that the second will be Elysian drop troops. These were until recently a forge world army but they have been dropped by forgeworld, possible as GW are going to take them up. This would also for with the Tauros link as these were Elysian vehicles. The third army is as yet, to me anyway, unknown. I would like to think that it's not a new range but the Catachan range updated, getting rid of the funnily looking troopers for some proper looking figures. These three lines would sit along side the Cadian line quite nicely and make a full and varied guard line up.

The last thing I wanted to talk about has only just been released and it is this;

No why do I want to talk about Kroot and Tau? I dont, who does! Anyway, it's more the rules that I want to talk about. The pack rule means that for every troop slot that you take, you get a fast attack and two elite slots for free! That is quite some saving on spaces. This means that you could easily end up with a patrol detachment with 3 troops, 8 elite and 5 fast attack or battalion with 6 troop, 18 elite and 9 fast attack! That's a lot of extra slots. Why do I mention this? Simple, platoons. Imagine if they brought a similar system to guard, maybe take an infantry squad and get a special weapons squad and heavy weapons squad (one elite and one heavy slot) for free. While this is not the old platoon formation of old, it does give us some of that format back and not in a game breaking way. While I would love the old system back, this would work, although I might change the numbers around a little, say for every two troop choices you'd get one special and one heavy squad, to try and maintain the old format a bit more. Will they do this? I doubt it but it would be cool if they did give us something fun and fluffy. 

Tuesday 18 January 2022

2022 resolutions


Last week I looked back through my resolutions from 2021 and surprisingly, I did quite well with them! Well, this is a new year and a new list is required, now normally this is just the previous years list adjusted to take account of what has been done but this year I've had to actually think about it as I managed to do quite a bit last year. These are not in any sort of order, so I will highlight the ones that are more important than others.

1) kill team.

I have combined all the kill team stuff in to one point this year. Some of these have been on the list for several years and keep getting pushed back in favour of other projects. Well this year I intend to get some of them done! There are a number of teams that need painting;

a) Deathwatch

b) Tyranids

c) Sisters

d) Scout Marines

e) Chaos

f) DKoK

g) Ork Commandos

I don't intend on adding to this list, as there are not many more factions that I actually want for kill team, the only one that I can think of is Talons with Custodies and Sisters of Silence, but I do not intend on getting them any time soon. I don't know how many of these I will get painted but I intend to get some of them done at least.

2) No new models*

Ok, so I will not buy any new models this year*. 

* Ok, so there is a little caveat. I have mentioned a few time my intention to add conscripts and additional scions to my Dagr Ormr force once the new guard codex comes out. I still intend to do this and when the codex is out and I have checked to see if there are any changes that would.impact my force I will buy at least 60 conscripts, 20 scions and 3 or 4 taurox's. I will however, not be buying anything else. 

3) Paint Marines

I am currently working on the Dark Guardians (DA successor) and am over half way through. I still have a number of Eagle Knights (BA successors) to paint. In addition, I have a contemptor dread and iron clad dread to paint. These are going to be the main focus for the first part of the year. 

4) Catachan characters

So I have the three Catachan characters to paint up. Honestly I don't know if I will get around to it but it would be nice to get them done.

5) Knights

I have two Armiger Warglaives sitting in a box half primed, waiting for a proper paint job. I know roughly what I want to do with them but have yet to get around to it. These are fairly low on the priority list but I might do a few bits and pieces with them if I need a break from other projects.

6) AdMech 

I brought the later version on the start collecting box, before it changed to the new combat patrol boxes. I brought this to take my AdMech force up to the 500 point mark and to make it possible to field a codex compliant force, something I couldn't with the changes to the codex. This is however, the lowest priority for this year's to do list and I will only get around to this if I have nothing else to do, which I suspect will not be the case. 

7) Update pages

This is something I have been meaning to do for a while but never quite get around to. The whole site really needs an over haul and update but the pages especially, since there have been quite a few changes to the lore \ fluff of my army \ forces. It has been over 5 years since I started blogging and it's evident in some areas of the blog. I hope that I can do the updates when I'm round and about and not able to paint or model but then I have been able to do that for the last couple of years and haven't managed to actually do it, so we will see what happens!

So there it is, my list for this year. I think I should be able to compete at least half of them again this year but we will have to see what happens. Wish me luck!

Tuesday 11 January 2022

2021 review

Another year has gone by and it's time to take stock of the years hobby progress, or more specifically the resolutions I set this time last year. Most years I have struggled to meet the majority of my resolutions, so we'll see how we get on this year;

1) complete my deathwatch kill team.

So, first point and first failure. With the changes to kill team this year, most of my teams have had some.major reshuffles and while the Deathwatch got off lightly, they were still impacted. I will try and get these finished this year, once I have finished all my other 40k marine forces. I still intend to get these up to a high(ish) standard, hopefully I can follow through with that bit as well.

2) paint and base terrain.

Smashed this one! Most of the MDF terrain is primed and painted with texture paint, there are just 2 buildings left to do. These are primed, I just haven't got around to taping up the windows and stuff before spraying with the stone chip paint. I have also done a load of scatter terrain for kill team plus containers. The only things I haven't done are the plant scatter terrain. I have the MDF sheets and I did cut some test templates out and painted them but haven't stuck any of the plants on yet.

3) complete chaos kill team.

Again, no. I haven't even touched these guys, as again, there have been a lot of changes to the team. I will hopefully get these painted up this year but they have dropped in priority.

4) complete marine scout kill team

Yet more kill team and yet more broken resolutions. Again, these might get some painting this year but they are low on the list still.

5) prime and one colour base coat primaries marines

Done, done and done! Not only have they all been primed and based but three of the armies have been fully painted, another is half painted and still currently on the paint table. 

6) paint up the remainder of the Dagr Ormr Militarum Tempestus force.

Done as well. These were done right at the beginning of the year. While they do need a dip in the quick shade still, I am counting these as done. The force will be expanded when when the new guard codex comes out, as I will adding a whole bunch of conscripts to the force.

7) get as much of the Hrossey Yeomanry primed and base coated as possible.

These are primed, based and finished! I have completed the whole army now, all the tanks and other vehicles have been painted up along side all the troops. I don't think that this force will be added to very much, so it is now fully painted and complete.

8) paint up Tyranid kill team

While I haven't done much with these guys, but I have figured out the colour scheme, which means that they have had more attention that all the other kill teams combined. I plan on painting these guys up this year, even if the team is technically no playable as I'm a warrior short still.

9) necrons

So all of these are now finished. All painted up, including some addition models that we got during the year. I don't think that there will be any more additions to the force for a while as these are my son's army and he is more interested in Star Wars at the moment. 

In addition to all these resolutions, I have also finished off all of the Hjaltland Light Infantry that I had, which wasn't much but it's all done. I have also started to paint up my Blood Angels successors, with over 500 points painted. In addition to all of this I have built all of the new Kill Team Octarius DKoK, although these are not painted yet as I'm waiting for the individual DKoK boxset to be released to finish the team. So all told, I think this has been a very successful year, mostly I would say due to several weeks in bed at the beginning of the year, thanks to a broken leg. I have managed to achieve 5 out of the 9 tasks I set myself, which compared to previous years is pretty good! I would hope that I could continue this momentum in to next year but I suspect that I would be able to sustain the same level of progress. Next up my plans for the year ahead and this year's resolutions.