Tuesday 31 May 2022

A few bits of scatter terrain

These are, I believe, the last few bits of terrain that I have that have not been painted. The barrels were 3d printed and came along with the wrecked Rhino that I painted up a while back and the other bits came with all the pipe work in the Mantic Terrain Crate I brought ages ago. The only reason they didn't get painted up with the rest is because I lost them somewhere in my stuff and only found them recently. I'm sure that there are still several of the boxes from the GW containers pack floating around somewhere that need Painting but I have no idea where they are.

All the bits that needed painting

Two small generator things and a terminal for the small pipework.

Basic barrels, with equally basic paint scheme. 

Quick but effective

 These pieces are the last of my terrain that needs painting that I am aware of, like I said above, I'm sure there are other little bits around but don't know where. Its good to finally have all the terrain painted and ready for the tabletop. 

Friday 27 May 2022

Dagr Ormr Drop Force Photos

This force, while it might look quite significant is the smallest of my three guard forces, sitting at a whiskers under 1600 points. There is however a plan in motion that will see this force rise to around 2500 and very similar in points to the other two guard armies. 
The three commanders, Tempestor Prime Agnarr, Inquisitor Tamhas and General Conner, standing with their respective command units 

General Conner and the Hildasay PDF units

The 2ic, Tempestor Prime Muninn and Tempestor Prime Agnarr with their command squads

The Dagr Ormr forces

Inquisitor Tamhas and his attendant Ogryn Bodyguard

While I can't technically field all of this lot at once, it's nice to have options.

The Hildasay PDF in al their glory.

The Commissar, as yet unnamed but he definitely needs a name. #one of the best sculpts I own.

As I said this force is not quite complete, for that I need another 20 or so scions and 90 conscripts. So just a couple of additions!

Tuesday 24 May 2022

Finished terrain

So my plans for getting the kids to paint up my terrain for me sort of worked, they did Paint up some of them but I had to finish them off. Well I say had to, I didn't have to, I just wanted to actually get them finished in a reasonable amount of time. 

The barricades, 

These are painted very simply, as is most of the parts I painted. Dry brush boltgun metal (or lead belcher as it's called these days) over black primer, with some red highlights, mostly the Ork plane parts.

Planes and lightbulbs. Thought about OSL, then decided I'm not that skilled \ bothered

Rubble piles, with a couple of extra colours for details

Nice, simple but effective.

The platforms and rubble pile.

The platforms are a bit useless in my view but easy enough to build and paint. The rubble pile.was painted by my daughter with some addition by myself, mainly painting the tools in the tool box silver, as I though it looked better that way. This is the only bit that I have changed on all the models that they painted.

Ok, now for the Ork's amongst you, there are building in the next two pictures, it's just there very camouflaged.

Honestly, my daughter painted these purple, not because of any desire to make sneaky Ork building but because she likes purple. The red is there because her brother told her she needed to paint the Ork symbols red. 

My oil Derek, basic paint scheme again but with the red Ork symbols and a bit of bronze in there for some details. You can't see very clearly in the pictures but the lights in they eyes of the big Ork symbols is actually painted yellow to look like a proper light.

These were painted up by son and are very shiny, so classically Orkish as well. Again red symbols and even a few little details such as pipe work.

 One thing I forgot to photograph or mention, are the small bridge sections. I painted these up as well and you can just see them on the edges of the photos of the fort sections. Both fairly simple but with some basic wood effect on the planks that make up the middle sections. I'd doesn't look very good i the pictures but it's quite nice in hand.

Sunday 22 May 2022

New guard rumours


Just a quick post to mention all the new Guard rumour's that are floating around, specifically a certain picture that many people have seen. Unfortunately I have yet to see this photo, despite much searching and scouring through various threads and websites. Hopefully it will surface soon and we'll all get to see, because I am very interested in seeing. So far though I am not overly excited, as most of the units that have been mentioned I have no plans on buying. they all sound very nice and there has been a few mentions around that the new Kasrkins might actually be a new bespoke kill team rather than a general 40k unit, which if that's true, that will be very interesting and definitely something I will be looking at purchasing. 

The main thing for me about all this is that the main units that I would be very interested in buying have not been mentioned yet, so I'll have to keep my ear to the ground a little longer to see if anything crops up. 

All these new rumours and pictures do give me some hope that the codex isn't quite as far away as I had feared, maybe its only a couple of months away rather than the very end of the year! I'm still inclined to think its going to be September or October before we get it, but time will tell and with the speed of the last couple of codex releases hopefully I am wrong.

Friday 20 May 2022

Hrossey Yeomanry Army Photos

After the last army overview, the Hrossey Yeomanry look quite thin on the ground, but what they lack in numbers they more than make up for in firepower! This force is points wise very similar to the Hjaltland Light Infantry, being within 20 points, sitting around 2371 points. The difference here is that the majority of the points are made up of bigger single model units plus the Hellhammer is a large points sink on its own. 

The commander Colonel Leith with commissar and Inquisitor xxx

The Command elements

The two heavy weapons squads are actually taken from the Hildasay PDF force.

A close up of Inquisitor xxxxx

Centre Rear of picture is Tank Commander, Major Turvous. 

Major Turvous is the Commander of the Helliar Armoured detachment, formed for the 4 tanks plus Hellhound and Hellhammer.

The other tank units.

At the rear, the super heavy Hellhammer, Emperours Victory 

The small but potent force

So the compact Hrossey Yeomanry and Hellier armoured company. Granted there is actually more points in the armoured element for this force but it's still the Yeomanry in command. This force is next to useless on the table top at the moment, with the tanks being less than effective (although better than they were) and there really not being enough troops to screen properly but it's very fluffy, so I don't care. There is very little to add to this list apart from Rough Riders, if they get re-released, as I have always wanted to add some in. Next up are the Dagr Ormr, the one army that still needs work.

Tuesday 17 May 2022

Tau auxiliary - Gue'vesa Breachers

So following on from the previous post about my sons Tau, I thought I would continue with keeping up to date with its development. Now. as with all GW boxes, you get a whole host of options that very rarely get used, in this case its all the breacher parts. I had a little think about how I might use the parts and decided on doing so conversion work to form a unit of Gue'vesa soldiers. 

8 of the 10 models 

For those not in the know, Gue'vesa is the Tau term for human auxiliaries. This idea is not mine but is something that has been around for a while now and its something that I always thought was cool. I decided to do this with the young mans bits as the price of Cadian models is significantly cheaper than buying extra Tau bodies. In total the 10 models cost me just over £8 ($10), a lot less than the £30 for a new box of Cadians and the £32.50 for more Fire Warriors. There was a minor issue in regards to the left arms, which are shared between the Breachers and Strike Squads but some spare guard arms came to the rescue. Another problem is that these are mostly the old Catachan arms and look ridiculous on the Cadian bodies but they are pretty much competely hidden by the Breacher shoulder pads, so its fine. 

A better view of the back models

The Cadian models work quite well for Breacher conversions, as the Tau are no very numerous and they are careful not to waste the lives of Fire Warriors unless it is unavoidable. Well by using brainwasher Gue'vesa as breachers and sending them in to the close quarters battles and high risk environments, they can achieve victory and not waste the lives for Fire warriors, a win/win situation for the Tau. 

My favorite models

 This little project brings my sons Tau army up to just over 800 points and now gives him 2 troop units as he builds towards a battalion detachment. I will see about putting up some photos of these once he has painted them up.

Friday 13 May 2022

Hjaltland Light Infantry Army Photos

So here it is at last, the whole of the Hjaltland Light Infantry in all its glory, all 2400(ish) points. I say "ish" points as I calculated it at 2387 points but then discovered that I had some units down with the wrong weapons and had mixed a couple of units up between armies but it should be somewhere around the 2400 point mark. There are still a few bits that need doing to really finish it off, such as properly basing the flyers and sentinels plus rebuilding the wyverns to make them more accurately sized to the real versions. I will do this, hopefully this summer, when I can get outside with the spray varnish and properly varnish the models. 
Now, the pictures are a little out of sync, mostly because blogger is annoying and I get fed up of trying to get them in the order I wanted without just deleting the whole lot and starting again. The next couple of posts are a lot better as I changed how I imported the pictures in the beginning. 

Inquisitor Sophiana flanked by Laurissa

Command elements

2ic Captain Thomassoun

Commanding officer Commander Jhonisoun

Yellow and blue platoons - Lt Sandesoun and Lt Andersoun 

Red platoon Lt Wischert

Vehicles Wolf Slayer and Deliverance, missing sentinels.


So there you have it, the Hjaltland Light Infantry in all its glory, ready to fight and die for the Emperor, which is about all they will be doing at the moment! Roll on the new codex!
Next up the Hrossey Yeomanry.