Friday 28 September 2018

Kill Team - Terrain

While I was browsing the internet looking for the Drop Force Imperator boxset on various discount retailers, I had a look at some of the various terrain options that I thought might be good for kill team. While there are almost unlimited number of kits available out there, I couldn't justify the cost of a lot of them or they just wouldn't have fitted any of my current themes. However, I did come across this box. 

It's one of the terrain crates available from Mantic games and is primarily designed for use in dead zone. I don't know a lot about them but there appears to be a couple of different options, this one being the industrial accessories kit and contains a big pipe, similar to the promethium pipes from GW, a thinner set of pipes, a conveyor system, a couple of generators and some small scenic bits. 

The conveyor, generators and small pipes.

The generators are one of the best features in this pack I think, they are just the right size to hide behind. They are also quite nicely detailed. The conveyor belt looks quite good but has one minor flaws, it is a raised system but is designed to fit over the main pipe work, there is no other way of supporting it in the box set. I have been looking around at ways of supporting it without using the pipe but as yet I have not been able to find a suitable alternative. I will keep looking as I think that it would make a very interesting terrain piece, something different. I could just run it along the floor but I think that then it will not have the same impact. The small pipework that is in the box is also an interesting piece but I don't know how useful it will be, it also has quite a big flaw in the design. It is designed to stand about an inch or so above the ground on stands, however, all the stands have the mantic connector system on the bottom of them, meaning that they won't stand up properly on there own. If I want to use them, I am going to have to go around and cut off all the bits off the bottom of the stands to make them flat and stand the pipe as it is shown on the box art. Its annoying and as yet I haven't been bothered to do it. One day I probably will, but there are other things to do first.

The main pipework

The main set of pipe work is very similar in size and scale to the promethium pipes and if I have done a bit more planning when inbuilt them, I could have used the ends that would have enabled me to fit these pipes (almost) flush with the GW pipes. The one advantage of these pipes is that they are a lot more modular, conning in a number of short sections, enabling you to build these in to pretty much any shape you want to. This in itself can cause problems, as deciding exactly how to build them can be take some time. Overall though, I really like these and if you own either the original promethium pipes or the newer plasma conduits, then this could be a very useful set for adding in more options and pipe connections.

Lastly I though that I would put up a little bit about the munitorum armoured containers. I got two of these in the Imperial kill team boxset and they form the last of my new terrain pieces. They are, as usual for GW these days, very nice bits of terrain. Not only do you get the containers, but 4 crates and 3 barrels per sprue. These make good scatter terrain or if I ever figure out the conveyor belt, the will be added to that for extra details. The containers themselves are easy to put together and are nicely detailed and as I mentioned in the review of the drop force Imperator, the fact that there brown is a bonus as it doesn't look like I haven't bothered to  paint them,

All in all, with this boxset, the containers, my promethium pipe relay and aegis defense line, I have more than enough terrain to fill a kill team board, that's if only I actually had one. I have an idea in mind but I need to do a little more research before I take the plunge and buy it. I'll let you know if and when I do though.

Tuesday 18 September 2018


As its been a while since I've posted up a WiP post, I though I had better share some picture of one of my current projects. These ogryns were part of my birthday haul and from the beginning they were earmarked for bodyguard duties. As such they have all received individual builds to cover many of the options. There are a few common elements, namely the bullgryns plate, for the 4+ base save.

The three amigos

The Shooty one

The first one up is the shooty one, armed with ripper gun and slab shield. This one is designed to sit back and shoot anything that comes close, while tanking as much as possible on the shield and also trying to block LoS to the character behind, should it be needed.

The hitty one

Next up we have the combat version, who works in a very similar manor, just hitting stuff rather than shooting it. This one will sit back and wait for stuff to get close before charging forward and smacking stuff with his maul. Again, he is designed to tank stuff with his shield. I have gone for slab shields rather than brute shields for the basic reason that a lot of attacks are low ap with only a few being high ap. This means that most of the time the 4++ will not be as good as the 2+.

The stabby one, aka da wanna be

Lastly we have the wanna be, aka Nork Deddog. Now, 5his isn't the proper Nork model but a combination of elements from the box to make a model that looks like and has the same options as Nork but has a very different aesthetic. I will generally run this as a generic bogyguard model but I will have the option if I wish to run Nork. This model will be paired with one of the other models on most occasions, either to add some combat punch to the shooty one or some ranged attacks to the hitty one but will be able to back them up in the other department as well.

The downside at the moment is that they can't be used in kill team and so they have sort of found themselves on the back burner as all things kill team has sort of taken over. Hopefully I'll get some time to finished them in the not to distant future, as I've been looking forward to getting these models for quite a while.

Friday 14 September 2018

Kill team - a family game.

I guess it's every wargamers dream to have an opponent on had anytime you fancy a game and whats better than some you live with. Gramted, a proper game 2000 point game of 40k has been a little to much for my 5 year old son but kill team seems to have gone down quite well, even if we have dumbed down the rules some what. 

The only trouble is that the little man wants to play a lot, pretty much every day when he gets back from school, which does cause some problems, especially when there's house work to be done. 

Anyway, i promised I would put up some pictures on here, so here's a few from a couple of games. I would also like to add that currently he's won 9 games, I've won 3 and mummy (a reluctant player at the best of times) has only won 1.

Early games were a some what comical affair, with Marvel's Storm and Abomination taking part in the action.

Later games got a bit more sensible but still just as much fun. Random 6 man kill teams, chosen based on colours. My kill team is at the bottom here, the little mans is quite hard to see as there just primed at the moment.

A top down view of a typical game board, probably a bit full for a proper game of kill team but as we're basically ignoring cover, it doesn't really matter.

A close up of some of the action and terrain. I'll put up some posts shortly about the terrain as I've recently acquired a new board with some terrain. 

One additional thing that has come out of these he's is that my Scion\Inquisitional kill team have been christened "The Black Widows" by my son.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

Blood Angels codex review - Tactical objectives and my thoughts.

this is the final post in my review of the blood angles codex and will look at the tactical objectives. I will also put some of my thoughts, both on the army and book, at the end. To start with let's look at the 6 blood angels specific objectives. 

Tactical objectives

11 - Valour of the angels
The destruction of enemy characters is, in 8th edition, an important part of the game and here you can be rewarded for such actions. You can gain the standard one point for destroying a character in the fight phase or d3 points if you use one of your characters to do the killing. This is a good card, the the blood angels generally have some good combat units and characters. Not much use if you draw it turn one but later in the game it can be easy to pick up.

12 - Aerial assault
This is another good card, as there are quite a few fly units in the blood angels arsenal. With the inclusion of the likes of inceptors and there assault bolters or plasma exterminators, this card has got easier than it would have been. One point should be fairly easy to achieve but d3 is possible, with only the added stipulated that the unit must have arrived from reserve to claim the d3. Now this means that you'll struggle on turn one to achieve this, but turn 2 and 3 it should be fairly easy to pick off a weaker unit.

13 - purity through bloodshed
This card is pretty standard amongst the faction specific cards and involves killing stuff, this time in the fight phase. This is one of the few cards where you have the option to earn yourself some big points, up to 6vp in total. That does require you to kill off 6 units but late in the game it is possible. It's more likely you'll be scoring just 1 or d3 points for killing between 1 and 3 units. For the blood angels this is not a hard card to achieve, you just have to be careful not to sacrifice your units in doing so.

14 - Decapitating strike
This card can either be really easy or very hard to achieve. Basically, you need to kill the character with the highest power rating to claim a VP. If your opponent is running marines with a captain or guard with a company commander, this card should be fairly easy to achieve. If however they are running Guilliman or Saint Celestine, then this is going to be a bit harder and then there's the like of Mortarian to consider. There is also the fact that of the character is buried in amongst the troops, it can be quite difficult to get at them and for 1vp, it might be more Hassel than its worth.

15 - swift advance
Possibly one of the easiest cards in the game to achieve, simply advance 3 units and gain a VP. Simple really. The difficulty comes with advancing units without sacrificing shooting or combat but you have to grab the easy points where you can.

16 - Noble self-sacrifice
Ok, this is probably one of the few cards I really don't like drawing. Basically go get a character killed. Yeah, not ideal and certainly not for a single point. If you've a character on a single wound, then it could be worth throwing him in to combat and taking down a few enemy models before being killed off himself. Not a card that I like but it can be useful.

So that's it, we are at the end of our run through the Blood Angels Codex and while I do like the new codex, there are some points to note. While there are some new units included in the codex, there are definitely some units that stand out from the others, most notably the infamous smash captain. I think it was at the NOVA that they did a poll of the number of smash captains on the table and came up with about 25. There is also the fact that with the inclusion of the new units, the various marine codices are becoming closer and each individual codex is becoming more generic. This is even more so than with the new Primaris units. At present there are only the core units and no variation within them, meaning that all the Primaris units within the various codices are all the same with no variation. I hope that in the future as we see more Primaris releases we see some more chapter specific releases, some Dark Angels Deathwing and Ravenwing Primaris, some Sanguinary Primaris and some Thunder Wolf Primaris, although that's going to be a bit odd.

I think it's safe to say that the old marines that we know and love are living on borrowed time right now, granted, we don't know how much longer they will be around but my feelings are they will last until 10th edition. By that I mean that we have primaris introduced this edition, next (which will be in a couple of years and be a "soft" update) and then in about 7 or 8 years we'll see 10th and old skool marines will become bit part players and disappear from GW shops. Anyway, that's getting off topic.....

Overall this is a good codex with lots of options and good units but only a few are really top tier. It still retains the flavour of the blood angels but it's moving further towards the centre, hopefully the future holds some more specialist units. I can say, that dispite my lack of success with the army, I'm enjoying playing with them at the moment.

Friday 7 September 2018

Kill team specialist's options

Image result for kill team

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are quite a few specialist options in the new kill team, as there have been in all versions of kill team. However, this edition has introduced the leveling up option in to the game with specific progression trees for each specialism. This means that it's not quite so simple to pick a specialist, as it requires you to think beyond the first game and about how they model will progress. As such I thought that I would run through my thoughts on the various specialist options that are applicable to the Astra Militarum units. I may look at the others as I flesh out the other forces I have planned but for now I'll just be sticking to the guard options.

But what are the options, well they actually change between data sheets, so we'll look at the three options;

Infantry squad - Leader (sergeant only) Heavy (gunner only) scout, sniper, Comms (guardsman with vox caster only), veteran, demolitions

Special weapons squad - Leader, Heavy (gunner only) scout, sniper, Comms, veteran, demolitions

Militarum Tempestus squad - Leader (tempestor only) Heavy (gunner only) Demolitions (gunner only) Comms, medic, scout, sniper, veteran

Straight off, two things jump out at me. Firstly, Leaders, for both the infantry squad and Scion squad have restrictions on there leaders but the special weapons squad doesn't, meaning that you could have a guardsman or gunner be your leader if you wanted. Secondly, the Comms specialist in the Infantry squad is restricted to a model with a vox caster, while in the special weapons and Scion squads there is no such restriction. Personally, I think this is an oversight. I can understand why the leader specialism is included in the special weapons squad, but I think it should be restricted to a non-gunner model at the very least. Really I think it should not be there at all. As for the Comms specialist, I think it should be restricted to vox caster only across all units, as this makes more sense. To keep changing the requirements for things across units seem like poor proof reading to me.

But enough with the moaning. Let's look at each option and see how they stack up against the various squads. For the most part I will just be looking at guard Vs Scion and not splitting the infantry squad and special weapons squad in to individual units as they are exactly the same in all respects apart from the max model counts.

Leader specialist - there is not really much to say about this one, as it is required by all kill teams. The only question comes if you are thinking of taking a combines guard and Scion kill team, which in reality most people are. If your going to combine the various different units, I would take the tempestor as your leader. There's a very basic reason for this, a 3+ BS\WS and 4+ save. It is also worth pointing out that you could have a guardsman for the special weapons squad be a leader but this doesn't really seem sensible. You loose leadership and gain nothing. If you have a good fluff reason for it great but in reality the Tempestor is the best choice.

Heavy specialist - in all fire teams this is restricted to gunners only, which makes sense, there the ones with the big guns. Unfortunately it doesn't really suit all the weapon options. The base ability doesn't help plasma guns at all and the extra ap on level 2 is not much use either. The same can be said for flamers as well, as they auto hit anyway, although the ap modifier would be useful. Really this pushes you towards grande launchers, melta guns, sniper rifles and hotshot volley guns. Now, I'm still not convinced by melta guns in kill team. Yes they will kick out a lot of damage but there are very few multi wound models in the game and most that are are 2 wound models. The range is also very short, so you will have to get close to do damage. So really that leaves sniper rifles and grenade launchers for guard and just hotshot volley guns for scions. Now, both will work for guard, as both weapons can make use of the abilities that are on the tree. I don't join that the grenade launcher does just edge it though as there are some abilities that work better for the grenade launcher but there are not any that work better for the sniper. As such if you want to take the heavy specialist for guard, then take it with a grenade launcher. For scions, there is only one option, the hotshot volley gun and it's not a bad choice at all.

Demolitions specialist - this specialism is unrestricted in the guard units but is restricted to Scion gunners. Why the restriction, I don't know, but it doesn't really make much difference. You could use this model with a normal lasgun and go the route of the grenadier but most people will probably go the pyromaniac route. The biggest trouble for me is that many of the later abiolities are not in game abilities but ones that work after the game or before the game, provided you use the scout phase. To me there is really only two ways to go with this specialism and that's to arm a man with a flamer and go pyromaniac or keep them with a lasgun and go grenadier, either way I don't think that this is a great option unless you are going to be playing a full campaign.

Comms specialist - this is a slightly odd one, as it's restricted to a guardsman with vox caster in the infantry squad but there are no restrictions on scions or special weapons squads. I would have thought that they would have restricted it in the Scion squad as well but they haven't. When I first looked through the rule book, I instantly went for a vox caster with the Comms specialism, then I thought about it for a bit and decided that it wasn't actually that good. Now I'm back to thinking that this is actually quite good, although several of it's abilities do rely on random dice rolls. I have not taken it as a specialism for either of my kill teams yet, but I am thinking that it might be good to add it in. However, for me, it is another specialism that seems to have one good route and one poor route for guard. I suppose that this is part of the reason for the two different routes, to give options and make it so that every specialism is equally valuable. Overall I think that this is one to consider but will require a certain play style, namely that of sitting this model at the back and protecting it, as it's buffs do not need it to be up close to the enemy.

Scout specialist - I am still having trouble deciding if this is a good specialism or not. I have taken it with one team but I'm still not convinced by it, hopefully a few games will tell me if it is worth it or not. On the face of it, it looks like a good option, giving you some good bonuses, not only for the model with extra mobility but for the kill team later on in the campaign. As the base ability is re-rolling to advance rolls, you really need to have this model using an assault weapon, which limited you to using a gunner with either a flamer, melta or grenade launcher. I'm instantly discounting the melta, for previously mentioned reasons, and I would also question the grenade launcher, as with the range, you don't really need to get close quickly. This just leaves the flamer, which with its short range would be helped by getting close quickly.

Sniper specialist - I guess most people, like me, will look at this and think, sniper rifle = sniper specialist. Well, I'm not so sure it's a good idea. As with many specialists, one side of the tree is a lot better than the other. In this case, one side culminates in bonuses for a 6+ roll, when a sniper rifle gets a mortal wound bonus anyway. So this side seems a bit unnecessary. The other side is good though, but again there are some bonuses that are not so good. Extra range on a weapon that can already hit pretty much anywhere on the board? There are some good bonuses but I do think that taking a different weapon on a sniper specialist, such as a plasma gun or even just a plain las weapon (yes, I know the sniper rifle is technically a long las) might actually be better. That being said, I've got a sniper specialist with a sniper rifle.

Veteran specialist - the veteran specialism is a bit of an odd one, as there really doesn't seem like a right option for it. You could slap this on pretty much any model with pretty much any weapon and it would work. At the moment I think that for guard and scions alike, sticking this on a plasma welding model maybe the best bet. This is due to the fact that it is less likely to be shaken and so not be able to fire, it can get a free re-roll, useful.for those pesky 1's when over charging and as it progresses further, gains a bonus to its save and can even generate a command point of it very own. All these things can help keep that expensive and valuable plasma gun firing longer and better. Like I said though, you could put this on just about anyone and it would still be useful. The question really comes, it is better to have a generalist specialist model (of that can be a thing!) or a more focused specialist in you force.

Medic specialist - this is only available to the scions, although I'm not really sure why. The medic specialist is very much a supporting character, giving out buffs to those around him, although he does have a pretty short range. One of the big benefits comes at level 3, when he has the ability to keep your men alive if they die as a result of there injuries after the game. This can be a huge bonus, especially late in campaigns when you've leveled up several.of your specialists and don't want to loose them to a bad dice roll. To be honest though, I don't think this is a particularly good specialism and I have taken it mostly because of the modeling opportunities. If you can keep your guys close, then he'll work, but that rarely seems like a good idea.

One thing many of you may have noticed is that I have not included the stratagems in my review here. Well there is a good reason for this, unwanted to look at the basic options and levels of each specialism. These are the guaranteed bonuses and don't rely of command points to get. Many of the options have some very good stratagems but if your relying on the stratagems to make a specialism with taking, I think your looking at things the wrong way, as youay not have command points to spare when you need them or may have multiple models that could benefit from stratagems in a single turn. If the base options aren't any good for you, then it shouldn't matter how good the stratagems might be. The best way to look at the stratagems is as a bonus not a given and ignore them until you've actually chosen the specialisms you want.

Tuesday 4 September 2018

Blood Angels codex review - stratagems

Next up are the blood angel Stratagems. I had intended to publish this post last week but with the arrival of Kill Team my enthusiasm for finish this review has dipped somewhat. However I have started and So I shall finish.
So here are the Blood Angle Stratagems,  There are quite a few here, some of which will be familiar to all marine players but some are chapter specific. 

Armoury of Baal - 1/3cp
This is the standard relic stratagem given to every army. Not much to really say here.

Forlorn hope - 2cp
A Death Company stratagem, granting a death company unit a free move and advance before the first turn. This is a good stratagem to use if you know your going first, to get right up and secure that first turn charge which is vital for death company units as they are quite a fragile unit these days. 

Behold the golden host - 1cp
This only applies to Sanguinary guard with death masks and double the range the turn that they appear from deep strike. I can say much about this but I guess it could be useful in the right circumstances. 

Auspex Scan - 2cp
This stratagem sounds quite good at first, being able to hit a unit deep striking near one of your units, but with the short range and the negative hit modifier, it's not actually as good as you think. The eldar version is very powerful but this is useful but expensive for what it is. If Used carefully it can be game changing.

Death Visions of Sanguinius - 1cp
This is a good stratagem, especially if your running a big unit of death company. Used pre-battle it turns one of your captains, lieutenants or Chaplains in to a death company version, with the extra death company rules. I tend to use this on a chaplain to accompany my death company unit and it has proved quite successful at times.

Wisdon of the Ancients - 1cp
One of the standard marines Stratagems found across multiple books, this gives you re-rolling of 1's when near by a dreadnought. Useful at times if you not running or near a captain.

Strike of the Archangles - 2cp
Terminators only and used after deep striking, it grants re-rolling to hit for the unit. A good bonus for when you place you unit down but for 2cp you'll probably want to use it on the biggest unit possible for the best returns.

Tactical Flexibility - 1cp
Another marines standard, for 1cp you can combat squad a unit at any point in the game, provided of course that you follow the standard rules for combat squading a unit. Personally I have never used this, nor do I think I will, as generally you either want the squads big or small from the start. If you could go the other way and combine squads when they get whittled down, then I would use it a lot!

Hellfire shells - 1cp - heavy bolter, single hit, d3 mortal
Again, this is the standard stratagem, giving you just one shot but doing d3 mortal wounds to a unit. A good stratagem to have for those times you really need to do some damage.

Descent of angles - 2cp
This is probably one of my most used stratagems, being used almost every game so far. A 3d6 charge is always useful, although I have managed to roll a 4 inch charge on one occasion! It's a shame it's just limited to jump pack equipped marines but I can understand why. Definitely a stratagem to have on hand if you have jump troops.

Red rampage - 1cp
This is limited to characters and allows them to gain up ton3 extra attacks on the charge. Now I don't like that it's so random but for 1cp you can't complain to much. I would prefer a flat number of extra attacks but I'll take the d3. Throw this on to a death company character for even more punching.

Armour of contempt - 1cp
This stratagem, despite the name suggesting otherwise, is for vehicles and grants a 'fnp' style roll for mortal wounds. It's always good to have some sort of save against mortal wounds, something that is quite limited for vehicles. As yet I haven't really seen much use for this, as mostly your just taking a wound or two and it only last one phase. If it lasted a turn then I would be more impressed by it but as it is, I wouldn't bother with this much.

Flakk missiles - 1cp
Another general marine stratagem, flakk missiles enable you to make a single roll against against FLY units, with a handy +1 to hit, and does d3 mortal wounds. It can only be used by a missile launcher but if you've the points I think it can be worth sticking one in somewhere in your army. With the number of FLY units these days, you'll usually always be able to find a target.

Vengeance for Sanguinius - 1cp
A good card if you are fighting heretic astartes or black legion bit useless if your not. This stratagem mean that for every 6+ that is rolled to hit you get an extra attack or if your fighting the black legion, you get an extra attack on a 4+. This is a good stratagem for units which kick out a lot of attacks, such as the death company or Sanguinary guard and combined with some of the other Stratagems this could result in a large number of attacks. In the right situation this can be a good card and being cheap it can be worth a throwing the card down when a unit is in combat.

Honour the chapter - 3cp
This is a very situational stratagem. Used by the right unit at the right time and this can be a very powerful card. The card enables a bike or infantry unit to fight again in the fight phase. It's expensive but as I said it can potentially be very powerful. Getting a full unit of death company to fight again on the turn they charge can be a huge but getting a combat squad of assault marines to fight again will be slightly underwhelming. This is a good card but getting an opportunity to actual use it can be difficult, most armies will have around 8 command points, spending 3 in one go is a large chunk of your allowance.

Only in death does duty end - 2cp
Similer to the previous stratagem but limited to characters this time. This enables a character to fight or shoot again when it dies. In reality, your going to be using this to fight again, unless you have a very good shooting weapon. Fighting again is always a good thing and with a character that usually means the possibility of doing quite a bit of damage. I would not be to keen on using this card everytime a character dies but it's worth keeping to hand.

Cluster mines - 1cp
Scout bikes will quite often be pushing up the battle field, getting close to the enemy and this stratagem gives them the ability to fall back out of combat and still do some damage. It only works if your in combat to start with and does require a dice roll to take effect, although it's only a 2+ roll. The damage is not particularly powerful, being only d3 mortal wounds, but it is better than nothing. Useful for getting scout bikes out of trouble but still quite limited in uses.

Upon wings of fire - 1cp
This is another good stratagem and it enables you to remove and replace a jump pack unit form\to anywhere on the board. I've used this a lot to relocate units or characters when there out of position or to get them out of an unfavorable situation. For 1cp it has multiple uses and is always worth having to hand if you have jump pack units around.

Orbital bombardment -3cp
A classic marine option and available to all flavours of marines. There's nothing like dropping a big load of hurt on your enemy, although I'd drop this early if I were you. A one use only job and if your warlord doesnt move or shoot, you can drop it anywhere on the battle field and every enemy unit around suffers mortal wounds (on a 4+). The only downside to it is that it's so random. Firstly the range (d6) is random, then you need to roll to see if you damage (4+) and then roll for the actual damage (d3).

Masterful marksmanship - 1cp
For use with your sternguard units and gives those firing special issue ammunition a plus to wound. A good bonus, especially for high toughness targets. Now, special issue ammo is not as good as it use to be but this does help, meaning you'll be wounding most models on a 4 or less and could cut through the likes of guard on 2's! A good stratagem to have in your hand.

Data link telemetry - 1cp
This stratagem is very hit and miss. It gives you the ability to automatically hit with shots from a whirlwind, however you have to have a land speeder within 12 inches of the target. It is this element that makes it hit and miss, as if you don't succeed in wiping out the target, they will probably wipe out your speeder in return and even if you do, your speeder will probably be very much exposed and in danger. I would be cautious about using this stratagem in all but the most critical cases or when you don't really care about loosing your speeder.

Lucifer pattern engines - 1cp
BA classic Blood Angels stratagem here. The Angels are know for there love of speed and in previous editions there vehicles were always faster and this is the new version. A straight up 6 inch advance or even more fun 6 plus d6 for the Baal Predator. It's just a shame that assault cannons are "heavy" weapons, imagine is they were actual "assault" cannons. I like this stratagem, great for getting your rhinos up the field fast or reposition supporting vehicles.

Empyric channeling - 1cp
This is very reminiscent of one of the old 7th edition formations and enables you, if you have 3 psyker, to use one to cast an additional power with a casting bonus. The down side is that you have to have all you psyker next to each other. I don't know many players who field 3 librarians and even if they did I can't imagine why you'd want to keep them together. A cheap power but not one I can see a lot of use for really.

Kill shot - 1cp
This is one of the big vehicle Stratagems, requiring 3 predators to use it. Using this stratagem you can get a +1 to wound and to the damage when targeting monsters and vehicles, as long as all 3 vehicles are close to each other. This sounds like a very good stratagem, capable of dishing a lot of damage but it is going to be pricey, requiring 3 predators, and mean that you need to keep them close by to each other. Could be useful in certain circumstances but I'm really not sure how often you would actually be able to use it.

Linebreaker bombardment 1cp
This is the second of the big vehicle Stratagems. You need 3 vindicators this time, and if you pick a point within range of all three you get to deal mortal wounds (on a 4+) to every unit near by. That's every unit, not just enemy units, but it can deal a lot of mortal wounds, possibly up to 9 and at least 3. Yes it's going to be pricey for 3 vindicators in the first place but at least it's only 1cp for the stratagem. Never seen this used, in person or batraps, so no idea if it's actually any good but it sounds very cool.