Friday, 24 July 2020

My hopes for Scions in 9th

Unlike the guard post earlier this list is going to be pretty much all wish listing, as there really isn't much wrong with the Scoins set up at the moment. I say that and now I'm going to have a little moan about all that's wrong with the Scion units right now. 

The main thing for me is the limited units, as you really only have Tempestor primes, command squads, normal squads and then the Taurox Prime. While you can add in other units, such as commissars or auxiliary units, these are not MT units. It is currently very difficult but not impossible, to form a well rounded and capable army from just the MT units. I know that this is very native and follows the lore around the scions but I still would like to see some changes to the army. 

The main changes I would like to see to the current units are limited, the main one being the lack of orders on Primes. It has always seemed odd to me that the primes are supposed to be highly trained and experienced commanders, yet they need to hold a stick in order to issue more than one order. Not only that but it costs more points as well. It should have 2 orders as standard and then be able to gain a third with the rod. Command squads and troop squads are as they should be I think. Taurox primes are pretty much as they should be as well, although I think they maybe a little over costed but nothing I would really complain about. 

So what changes would I make to Scions in 9th? Well, it's the same changes I talked about changing for 8th, when I thought that they might be keeping a separate codex, which I don't really want, especially with the new detachment rules. It's because of these rules that I really want things to change and for us to get some extra units. We have a HQ, Elite and Troop slots but are lacking Fast Attack and Heavy Support, restricting the detachments we can fill and retain our full regimental doctrines.

 To rectify this issue I would like to see the old storm trooper heavy weapons teams reintroduced, I would be happy for them not to be allowed in squads but stay separate withing the heavy support slot. I would also like to see Multi-meltas introduced as an option, I would also be happy to have options limited, maybe just a mortar and missile launcher, the more mobile of the weapon options. These two weapons would give all the options needed to support the scions, with long range anti infantry and anti armour, something the Scions lack. 

The other option, the Fast Attack slot, is a bit more difficult to fill. Sentinels are an option but I'm not are they are very "stormtroppery". Of the other options currently available, nothing jump's out at me either. The one option that did was rough riders, although they would need some adjustments. Scions riding horses doesn't really fit the narrative, bikes fit better but to be honest I think a new units would really be needed. A Rough Rider type unit on bikes would fit this detachment slot but it doesn't really fit the narrative, as the scions are more of a precision strike force rather than a reconnaissance. A new unit of fast moving scions, with some sort of jump pack or powered walker, armed with close assault type weapons, such as flamers or melta weapons and maybe power fists or swords would be a better fit. These don't have to be some kind of power armour, I'm thinking more along the lines of mini dreadknights or penitent engine, like a powered exosuit, giving extra speed and maybe some extra strength rather than extra toughness. Either that or moving the Taurox Prime to FA and placing the Taurox in as Dedicated transport. Placing the Taurox Prime as fast attack would work due to its weapons, where as the normal Taurox as dedicated transport would follow with the guard version. Personally I'd like to see the new fast assault unit. 

The Militarum Tempestus Scions are never going to be a large force but it would be nice if they has access to units in all the slots. Now, I know I haven't talked about flyers, but all flyers are part of the baby, that goes for guard and scions and for anyone else linked to the two. It also works as it is, so no issue there really, apart from I'd like them to bring the vendetta back in to the main stream. I don't really expect much in the way of changes for the MT Scions however, as they are really just supporting units for the guard and that's how I see things continuing. 

Tuesday, 21 July 2020

My hopes for Guard in 9th

The Astra Militarum or Imperial Guard to you and me, is my main force for 40k and while it has undergone some changes in recent years, I think that there are still some changes that need doing. 

While I still wish they had kept the platoon structure that made the guard so unique amongst 40k armies, I do understand why they got rid of it. One thing I didn't like however was moving the veterans to the elite slot. This is something I wish they would undo and place veterans back in to the troops options. While this just a minor issue, it would change the guard and give a lot more options for armies. 

One other unit I have issue with and have for a while are ogryns and Bullgryns. While I admit that they are nowhere near as bad as they once we're, I still think that they are over costed. If the changes to storm shields apply to terminator storm shields, which I guess they will, then they will effectively have a 1+ save and 4++, when the most that a Bullgryn will get is 4+ and 4++ or just a 2+. Yes they get more attacks and are tougher but against any weapon that you want to be using to take out terminators, that extra toughness makes no difference. Ogryns, while cheaper are in a worse position with only a 5+ save. What I would like to see is a points drop, even just 5 or 10 points a model would do it I think and I would like to see some additional weapon options. I think something like a flamer, heavy of course, or a grenade launcher on the ogryns and a flamer option for the Bullgryns. I just think that their role is far to narrow for them at the moment. 

Talking of options, I would love to see some new models for Guardsmen. The ones we have at the moment are pretty old, I mean the Catachan box doesn't even have a grenade launcher in it!  Do have some hope for new sculpts with the two recent special characters that came out. Maybe we'll even get some female guards! 

The last models that I would like to see updated in 9th are Rough Riders. Now with the recent release of the GSC Atalan Jackels and the AdMech horse things, I still don't understand why the guard still don't have rough riders, when they were such an iconic unit. I really hope that they come back with horses but I will be just as happy with bikes. I don't even mind the current rules, they are a counter punch and mobile unit and the hunting Lance is such a well known weapon, getting rid of them would be rubbish. 

In terms of actual rules rather than models and the like, there are really only a couple that I would like to see changed and unfortunately we know that a couple of them aren't getting changed. Some of the units that I wanted to see rules changes for are conscripts and commissars, along side the Wyvern.

Conscripts got seriously nerfed at the beginning of 8th, when they were run in pretty much every tournament list. I understand that they needed a need but I think they went a little to far and now they need to undo so of that. Dropping the points by 1 again would be my fix, putting them down to less that an guardsman but still restricting the orders. This would mean that they have there role, which is still needed but would not make them a direct replacement for guard squads. Linked to this is the commissars. These were nerfed at the same time and also need to be fixed. We have seen the Summary Execution rule and it hasn't changed, a missed opportunity I think. I have always though that the rule should be that if you fail the morale test, a man is executed and you then pass. The whole point of the commissar executing someone is to steel the nerves of the rest. I could easily deal with this be a once per turn thing to counter the effect of almost auto-passing morale bit as it stands, there is still little use in having a commissar on the board, possibly with the new rules, even less need.

The last change I would have liked to have seen is the Wyverns mortar going to ap-1, something I've thought it should have from the beginning. It's supposed to be a heavy vehicle mounted mortar but it's just the same as mortar squads. For the same price you can get 7 and a bit mortar teams, giving 7d6 shots and 14 wounds, yes it T3 with a 5+ save compared to 4d6, 11 wounds t6 and a 3+ save but they are also easier to hide and can be split up to cover a greater area of the board, given the mortars short 48 inch range. The other advantage of the mortar teams is that the new blast rules means that each mortar will get a minimum of 3 shots for a unit of 6-10 models, which is the standard squad size, giving a minimum of 9 shots for each 3 team heavy weapons squads and a minimum for 7 squads of 21 shots, compared to the minimum of 4 for the Wyvern. The maximum is just as bad, being 42 to 24 shots. Even with the rerolls to wound for the Wyvern, it really doesn't make much sense to take the wyvern over the heavy weapons squads. The AP change or even an extra wouldpoint of strength, would give the wyvern a reason to exist over the mortar teams and give both of them a place in an army. With the new points values and smaller games, I suspect that I will be taking mortar teams rather than my Wyverns going forward.

While I realise most of these things will not happen, they won't stop me playing guard at all. I'm happy with where things are and enjoy playing with them. Next up will be the Militarum Tempestus and a whole lot of wish listing!

Friday, 17 July 2020

New Marines

So, we've now seen the rules for the new units in the 9th edition launch box. I'm not bothering with the necron units, as I do t really care about them. Well have a quick look down through the list of units and while I'm not going to go in to details, I'm going to just put a few thoughts down on each model.

I'm not really sure what the point of this unit is? It's kind of a chaplain but it's not a chaplain. It's a beast in combat though and will no doubt carve though most things he meets in combat. 

Another solid unit, with a 2+, 4++ and 4+ FNP, he will be very difficult to remove. Apart from that he's a standard captain.

Basically your regular standard bearer, with the standard rules for when someone dies.

The big thing to note here is the changes to storm shields, going from 3++ to 4++ but adding one to the save characteristic. Apart from this, the units pretty standard.

The new bike units are quick, like very quick. 14 inch move, which can become 20 if you advance. On the new boards, especially the smaller boards, these guys will be zipping all over the place. Apart from that, these are pretty much as you would expect from a marine bike.

Now this is the unit that interests me most. A proper assault squad for primaris Marines. The upgrades to the chainswords is good and as I understand it, will be universal to all Marines, although I've yet to see in to the flesh. I will definitely be getting a squad of these, maybe two depending upon the points values, for my 500 point blood Angels list. I would like to see some extra weapons options, especially for BA units, such as hand flamers and inferno pistols. I'm also still waiting for things like lightning claws to make there way into the primaris arsenal.

With the release of 9th we will no doubt see some more units released but as I'm only looking at building a couple of small 500 point lists for my Marines, there are very few units that I'm waiting for.

Wednesday, 15 July 2020

Looking towards 9th.

With the news of 9th and all of the previews we've been getting over the last couple of weeks, I thought I should have a look towards how my armies will fair. 

While we still don't know the full extent of the rules changes and how they are going to impact on specific things, such as Creeds special rules, we can get a good overview of these things. From the rules that we have seen and the rules that were released, after we got the leak, all point to a rules set that's is very similar to what we have now, just with a few tweaks to clear up a few areas that were a bit grey. As things stand, I do like the majority of the rules updates but there are a few areas, namely terrain, that I'm less keen on.  

 The first thing to talk about is the changes to detachments and the way in which you build your army. Having to pay for each detachment and from what I can tell, only getting refunded on the "core" detachments (patrol, battalion and brigade), my armies are more than likely going to change, how much we'll have to wait and see. This change was introduced as a good thing and for many people it probably will be. For me it's less so. I know that the main aim was to get rid of things like the "loyal 32", something that I know a couple of club players, one a Custodies player and another a Knights player, made use of. I have never fielded a "loyal 32", maybe a loyal 132 but never just the 32 to get extra command points. This usually meant that even at 1500 point games, I was walking in with a minimum of 20 command points (brigade - guard, battalion - scions and battle forged), now I will get a maximum of 14 for the same set-up. That puts me down over 25%, which is not great. I will have to be far more conservative with stratagems in the future! 

I'm also, strangely, looking forward to the points increases. This should mean less troops on the board for me to deal with, both mine and my enemies, although the smaller board size might mean the difference is not as noticable. It will be interesting to see what the different points increases does to the various units, which become more attractive and which less so. There are some units that I think need more adjustment than others but I will go into that in another post, related to the guard in 9th. 

Taking of table size changes, this is one I'm actually liking. Not so much the change to the "standard" table but the introduction of small tables for smaller games. I've already started working on a new board for the smaller games, using some scrap board I had lying around. I plan on running most games at the sub 1000 point level, so the smaller board size is great and will encourage a lot more gaming at that size, especially down the club with the limited time available. 

As I mentioned earlier, the only thing I'm not so sure about is the new terrain rules. While they sound like they will add a lot to the game, they also sound like they add a lot of rules. Trying to remember all of these during the game could be fun.

All in all, I am looking forward to 9th, although I won't be jumping in straight away, as I'm not playing and I don't really fancy splashing out over a hundred quid on the new boxset.

Tuesday, 14 July 2020

Birthday haul

So, this post is about a month late but with all the stuff going on there hasn't been time to post it up. Last month was my birthday, nice and equally placed between Christmas! 

Now, there was a slight delay to the presents, due to tue current worldwide issues, getting hold of some of the bits was a little difficult. The sisters turned up a day or two before my birthday but the painting handles and hobby box took a couple of weeks longer and didn't arrive until over two weeks after my birthday, despite being ordered in plenty of time. 

So, while not a big haul, it's a very good one. The sisters have been built and with some modifications now form a kill team. Once I've had a chance to get some good pictures and maybe some paint on as well, I'll put something up on the blog. 

The new paint handles join my old handle giving me lots of options when painting. Having originally got just one to give it a go, I was suitably impressed to add a number to my wish list. The extra handles have made batch painting models a lot simpler, especially when painting kill teams of 10 models. 

Lastly is the hobby box. This is not something I was aiming for, nor was even on my radar. However, it has proved  very useful. I can store all my paints, tools and brushes plus the paint handles and models. This makes it really easy for painting, especially as I don't have a dedicated paint station right now. 

All in all, I'm really impressed with all my presents this year and look forward to making full use of all of them. As it stands, I don't actually have anything on my wish list but that will change when 9th drops and I think I'm going to need a couple of units to fill out some lists, namely my AdMech list. 

Friday, 10 July 2020

Combat Patrol

With all the new information coming from GW right now, I am really falling behind on posting things up. The information about Combat Patrol has been out a couple of weeks now and I'm only just getting around to writing about it. I think that I am going to have to up my posting schedule a little if I can to get through all that I want to say! Right now though, let's look at Combat Patrol, which along side Incursion, will most likely be the way I will play most.

As you would imagine, Combat Patrol is restricted to a single patrol detachment. This isn't really much of a problem, as at 500 points, there isn't much you can fit in. This keeps the playing field fairly level as well, although for some armies this will be very restrictive, such as Custodies. For me restriction won't hinder me, I will still be able to field pretty much everything I need to. I do wonder if Incursion will have similar restrictions, although we do know that there will be two detachments allowed at that level. 

We were also given one of the missions, which shows the new scoring method. It seems that points scored are going to go up somewhat, as objectives score 5 points, not just 1. Apart from this there is not much change from previously. The biggest changes to mention is that you will hold and objective from when your models first move on to it until an enemy model moves on to it, regardless if you have a model there or not, so no more objective camping required.

After the mission we get a couple of possible forces, from a number of different armies. I've just pulled out two here, mostly as of the 5 given, these are the only 2 I collect.

So, I own just 1 thing on this list, the Skitarii Rangers and with the Vanguard and two tech priest dominus, I can just about scratch together 350 points or there abouts. With the increase in point this should.probably got north of 400 but that still leaves me with a short fall. I would have liked to I coude one of the Armiger's but can't as it falls outside the patrol detachment, I will however be able to put the two of them in to the Incursion format, so that's ok. I might have to look at getting another unit, something heavier, possibly a dunecrawler or maybe some combat, maybe some ruststalkers or electro-priests? I will wait until the new points come out before making any purchases though, just to see how things shape up.

Next up are the space Marines and as you can imagine all these units come from the new boxset. I am still planning on putting together some marine lists, to replace my old school  marines with primaris ones but I will talk more about that in another post. My first new marine army will be the Eagle Knights and will probably be similar to the above list but will remove the bikes, probably to be replaced with Intercessors with stalker bolt rifles or maybe some of the new melta boys for some anti-armour. The bikes would be good for the Dark Guardians and I could play them all together under one detachment for bigger games.

As for all my guard, well so far I've worked up 4 lists that will no doubt change when we get the new points through. As it stands I all infantry list (plus the usual Wyvern), a mechanised infantry list and a armoured list for guard and a airborne drop list for Scions. I could probably put together about another two or three different lists from what remains but I think that four will suffice for now.

So far I am liking combat patrol and it will.give me the option to have all the various armies I want but keep cost, model count and storage down to a minimum, which are all good things. 

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

More rules previews

So this week we got a few more rules previews, along side the entire rule book! Well, we got the quick start rules anyway, which was nice. there are quite a few rules in there that have changed a little bit and a few new rules as well. I am not going to go over all the rules, mostly as i don't have the time and there are several people who have gone through everything and made some very good videos on YouTube for you to watch.  I will however go through the ones that were released in various post over the last week.

First up is the new Psychic actions. Now while this isn't the actual psychic powers but something done instead, there are a couple of lines that stuck out to me. One was that if a psyker fall out of combat they cannot try to manifest a psychic action and one presumes a psychic power as well. This might have already been a thing and I might have missed it. 

Psychic actions sound like fun as well and might mean that a primaris psyker or two might find a way in to my forces.

The last rules preview of note this week was the supreme command detachment. 

This is a huge change and one that I think will have a massive impact on a number of people, me for one. There are two reason I think that this will impact on people, the main one and the reason I think it's all been chamged, is that you will no longer be able to spam certain hq units, such as smash captains, Eldar psykers, custodies thingies, you get the picture. Now you will have to take what you can in your main detachment. The other way it will impact on people, people like me, is the super heavy element. I used to run this with the cheapest hq HQ units I could, or maybe a psyker as well and then my Hellhammer. This was a cheap way to get a superheavy into an army, now however you'll have to go the auxiliary detachment (I think....) And spend 3cp for the privilege. This mean that my mechanised list will only start with 9 cp at most, which is annoying. Another thing to note is that the only units that you can include now are primarch, daemon primarch or supreme Commander units, which as far I as can tell is 3 units, girlyman and the two daemon primarchs.

While I think that it is a good idea, it is slightly annoying as it means I'm going to have to have a bit of a rethink, not much of one but one none the less. 

I'm not sure we'll get many more previews with the rules out now. Hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up on all the other posts I've got planned! 

Friday, 3 July 2020

Faction focus: Astra Militarum

So, lost week we got to see how the guard will play in the new edition and the answer is not much different, well, not that I can see anyway.

In the actual article, there was very little substance, the first part being taken up by the standard "Who are they" bit and then we got information on the new morale phase and combat attrition test. Now while this was good information and nice to know, it's got nothing to actually do with guard. We did get a look at the summary execution rule for commissars but it doesn't look like it's change to me or been fixed. Really it should be that the commissar shoots some one and the rest past the test, not having to retake the test but that's for another moan. 

After this we got some stratagems, all of which we already know about and don't seem to have changed as a result of 9th. Two of these stratagems, Deft Manoeuvering and Hail of Fire are from the Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good and seem more to be a plug for the book than anything else. 

The last one, Go! Recon!, Is from the codex and again doesn't seem to change at all.

After this we got the top 3 units for 9th and again, no real news here. First up was the Hellhound and again it was pushing a stratagem, which I believe is from the Greater Good as well. The only thing to mention is that this can offset some of the new terrain rules. Then we had the Bullgryns and again, nothing here to report, as everything that's was said is something we already know. 

Lastly we got the Wyvern and possibly something to actually take note of.

There is one line of text that states that with the new blast rules the mortar can now get 24 shots. Which it could get before being a 4d6 shot weapon. So, this mean that either there stating the obvious or that the new blast rules apply to each individual dice roll, not the overall roll. That means that for units up to 5 it will be random, for 6 to 10 it would be a minimum 12 and over 11 would be 24. This would be a huge boost to the weapon and offset the lack of AP, which I think it should have at least -1ap!

Edit: ok, I've had another look and I think I might have sussed it. The way things are worded it sounds like for a unit up to 5 your just roll the 4d6, for a unit 6 to 10 you would get a min of 3 shots but seeing as your rolling 4d6 and the minimum you can roll is 4, the new rules won't make a difference. The real difference come with a unit of 11+ as you don't roll but get the maximum shots, so 24. Seeing as most units are 10 or under, this rule will have little impact on Wyverns. Unless of course I've got this all wrong still. 

So, all in all, nothing much to say really, which was a bit of a disappointment but not unexpected. I do wonder if the Militarum Tempestus forces will get a faction focus to themselves, as they were not mentioned at all here. Could this be a splitting of the codex again? I do hope not.