Friday 23 April 2021

The Hrossey Yeomanry

 While I've been working on the Eagle Knights and Terrain recently, I found some time to finish off some of the Hrossey Yeomanry vehicles that were in one of my KR cases with the the Dagr Ormr. These consisted of 3 sentinels and a Chimera and Leman Russ hull. 

First up the three sentinels. I've tried to give these each a different personality and paint job, and yes, I know that two of the legs are on backwards but in my defense, I brought them second hand. 

The three sentinels

The first one has a relatively basic camo pattern on it, with a camo net on the top.

The second has a more complex pattern, with a larger pattern of camo on it. It also has a across the top, although this one is a bit more subtle. 

Lastly we have the command sentinel. This one has a darker paint scheme with a "tiger stripes" type of pattern across its surfaces. The vehicle also has a sensor array on its roof, which is purely visual but emphasizes the command role that the vehicle plays. 

Frontal view.

Sensor array

These are the first vehicles that I have finished for the Hrossey Yeomanry, although their weapons still need painting. I hope to get a few more finished soon. 

Next up are the hills of a Chimera and Leman Russ. It's only the hulls at present as the turrets are packed away in a different box, with the rest of the vehicles. 

First up the Chimera. There isn't much to say about this other than to note the missing lasguns on the rear of the hull. This is because I built this back in 7th when you could fire weapons out of the hull, so they were acting as firing ports rather than as they lasgun array they do today. I'm sure I have all the bits somewhere but the back door is sealed shut, so it will take a bit of effort to crack it open and get them in.

Hull with regimental markings.

The Leman Russ hull, again just painted up ready to receive the turret and hull weapons. 

I'm hoping to get the final box of models down soon, bit it's quite a big box and it's up high, so my wife struggles to get it down. Hopefully by the time you read this I'll be out of plaster and back on my feet properly and be able to get it down.

Friday 16 April 2021

Eagle Knights Elites update

 I had been holding to move on with painting my guard armies but the rest of the models are packed away up high, under a number of other boxes and models, meaning my wife can't really get them down (she over s foot shorter than me and my storage arrangements weren't constructed with her in mind!)

So, I have had to channel my efforts in other, more accessible directions, which basically means my Eagle Knight elites. I've shown these guys off before but there here again to show them fully assembled, with their eBay packs and Zinge Industries skull heads. 

Blade Guard

First the Blade Guard and there are now 6! I made a mistake before as I thought that the max squad size was 5 but it's 5 plus the Sgt, so I built another. I built him with shield slung and pistol out, so i can run him as a second Sgt if I want two 3 man squads. The was some.minor conversion work on his weapons but nothing hard. 

"Female" Blade Guard and 2nd Sgt.

One issue I have with these models is with the "female" models. In AoS, there are both male and female Stormcast, bit in the 41st (or rather 42nd) millennium, there are only male marines. (Now I don't want to get in to the whole female marine thing, the lore says no, so it's a no for me. Why they couldn't work it in when Primaris were introduced, I don't know, but for now, no female marines.) However, a couple of the easy build models are female and their proportions are not the same as the male models and the heads look a little off scale, as shown by the left model above. I'm hoping it will be less noticeable once there painted up and on the tabletop.

Shield slung and hero pose activated

Ancient and Apothecary

While this model still needs a bit of work, although I've since trimmed the hammer off, I really love the pack I built. The bit on the top of the pack was originally on top of the standard but I think it looks rather good on top of the pack, giving him a more ancient and holy standing I think. 

Ancient pack

Libby, minus wings

The Libby still hasn't got his wings, mostly as I really have no idea how I'm going to attach them yet. I think I might end up leaving this model until last.

Judicar and Chaplain

The Chaplain has turned into one of my favourite models, with the fitting of the scroll work flowing from his pack. I think it gives him a lot of purpose, I can just imaging him standing on little hill or something, shouting to the assembled masses, oaths streaming in the wind.

I have to build a back story for these guys, but the Knights have Warrior lodge type groups within them, although the Knights are based on role and ability. The two main halls, as they are called, were the Hawk Brethren and Eagle Talons, or sternguard and Vanguard vets. This will change with the Primaris, with the Brethren becoming the main hall and also being tied to the Chaplaincy. The lore will run somewhere along the lines that those who enter the hall pledge to the Chaplain a death oath, take up the skull helmet and fight to the last for the honour of the chapter. They can rise in rank through the Chaplaincy but give up thoughts of command. 

I'll flesh out the lore further when I rewrite the chapters lore but for now it's a good start.

Friday 9 April 2021

A quick game

 I had a quick game of kill team with my son the other week, using the terrain that just painted up and his newly painted Necrons. We didn't use one of the red boards from the new starter sets, as they are up high and when we played this game I was still in a cast for my broken leg and unable to climb up to get it. Even so the painted terrain still looked good on the Infinity board we were using. This game did highlight why I need to grab some more terrain, as it looked fairly sparse even on just a single board. Granted, what looks sparse for kill team is different to 40k, it definitely makes me realise I need more. 

As it turned out, I played Necrons and so decided to go for a fairly underpowered list compared to the Scions I was facing. This is partly due to the models that are available to the Necrons at the moment and partly as I wanted to give my son something he could actually beat. 

I know that there are really two schools of thought about this sort of thing, either "play as you would normally and they will have to learn to loose" or "go easy on them and let them win". I generally go for the second option, I don't always make it easy and have won on a number of occasions but I never play to trounce him, which I could if I played properly. It's not that I'm a good player, I've just got 20+ years extra experience with this sort of stuff. I have no doubt that in a proper competitive environment I would struggle to hold my own, even with a top tier team, but against my son I think I should be able to win very easily.

Anyway, the game was pretty close up until the last turn when I got surrounded and lost 3 warriors in quick succession. We were playing with commanders so I was at a bit of a disadvantage as my commander was significantly more expensive then the Scions Tempestor Prime I was facing. In the end I had just my commander, an Overlord against 8 or so scions, including one plasma and one volley gun. Hopefully soon we'll be able to get a combat patrol game with the new terrain and see what it all looks like.

Friday 2 April 2021

Eagle Knights Elites

So, after some playing around with various bits and pieces of the AoS sprues that I bought the other week, I have come up with a few more characters than I though I would. 

The remnants, not much left at all

So, things went a bit better than I thought. I got my Blade Guard, Chaplain and Judicar, plus Blade Guard Ancient, Librarian and Apothecary! 

The full band of brothers.

So I managed to form a lot more than I thought I would, which is great. First up are the 5 Blade Guard, Sgt with plasma pistol.

5 Blade Guard

Minor conversion work

The was very little conversion work involved here, really just a swap from hammer to pistol on the Sgt, a very simple job and a shield swap on another model. This was a little bit more involved as it required a little bit of trimming of the arm to get things to fit properly, but even so it was very quick and easy.

The Blade Guard Ancient was next and still needs some work. His model come with a hammer as standard and I need to change this I've to a  heavy bolt pistol, which I currently have none of. I might be able to get hold of one from someone down the club but that will have to wait a while I think.

Blade Guard Ancient

Next up are the Judicar and Chaplain. At the moment these two have no conversion work done and I don't know if the Judicar will. The Chaplain however will have some minor work but I need to wait for the packs that I've ordered to turn up first so I can see how it will all fit together. The Judicar model is one of the Easy Build Sequitors with the double handed weapon, which works well for an Executioners Relic Blade. The Chaplain has a double handed hammer which will work for a Crozius Arcanum. 

Judicar and Chaplain

Next up we have the Librarian. Now this guy is going to need a lot of work on him. Firstly he needs his hammers removed and replaced with pistol and sword. Secondly and most importantly, he needs to have his wings mounted somewhere, somehow!

Libby and wings

I love this pose, just need to make it work now!

Lastly we have the Apothecary. This was a very last minute built. I was just looking at the sprues and flicking through Battle scribe, thinking "what can I build" and the Apothecary popped up. This has by far the most amount of conversion work out of all the models here, with two arm replacements, a hand replaced and the tool thing built out of a chain sword. There will be more when I build the pack for him, but I have yet to really look into that. 

Apothecary, with head!

The medics arm, which the new model doesn't have, was made out of a chain sword and part of a servo skull. The is a nod towards the original model, and as these are Rubicon Marines you can understand why he wanted to bring is trusted tools with him. 

Next the pistol arm. The bionic arm comes from the assault marine squad but had a plasma pistol at the end of it. So I had to switch this to a bolt pistol. 

One little detail that I like is the base. I used some spare bits to make a fallen marine on the ground. When the base 8s flocked it will be quite subtle, even when painted in the orange of the Knights. I imagine this as the Apothecary standing over his fallen brother, either having recovered the gene seed or about to. 

Hopefully I will get a chance to paint these guys up soon, although I'm planning on getting my guard models all done first if I can. When I get the heads and packs I've ordered I will do a little update to show you the finished models.