Tuesday 16 April 2024

Company of heroes

So I had a few days of peace and quiet while the wife and daughter were away at a swimming competition. I decided to try and knock a few bits off my to do list for 2024, namely varnishing vehicles or quickshading and basing my infantry. I managed to get quite a few units done and sorted. I plan on posting up the completed models over the next couple of weeks but I will start with the Space Marine Company of Hero’s. These were a recent addition to the force and it wasn’t until I sorted these guys to put in their case with the other Eagle Knights units that I haven’t based the other models, so I’ll have to get on and do that sometime soon. 


Full squad

Ancient and Champion 

The champion and ancient have fairly plain bases, with the ancient having the crate to give his foot something to rest on. 

Veterans and Captain

Shiny trees

The only issue I have is the shiny trees, I could easily sort this with some matt varnish, such as citadels Stormshield. It was also at this point that i realised that in my haste to get these models finished i have failed to paint on the chapter symbols on the shoulder pads! I’m not quite sure how I can rectify this issue at the moment, maybe I’ll have to look in to custom transfers at some point!

Friday 12 April 2024

Possible guard rumours

 So, there are have been a few rumours floating around, many of which seems a bit far fetched to me, some of them more reasonable. 

There are quite a few Kreig rumours, with a few of these being quite possible. 

First off there is the rumour of a new plastic Marshal, which does make sense as there is no HQ section for  them at the moment and as one of the newest infantry kits it makes sense. 

Possible scenic base for new Marshal

I can also see Engineers being a possibility as an elite unit along side the Kasrkins and Scions, although this slot is getting very crowded. They are also an old forge world unit, so I think there is a greater possibility of it becoming plastic. 

Another unit that has been rumoured is Pioneers. This is a new unit as far as I can see but it could also be a  the Grenadier squad with hotshot lasguns. That would be 3 hotshot armed units though, which seems a lot. It does make sense as a dual build kit with the engineers. Alternatively, there are actually the same unit, Pioneers in a military sense are engineers, so maybe this is just the old Krieg engineers have been reimagined as Pioneers and are actually the same as the above unit. 

Either way i think we will have a new Krieg kit, most likely a dual kit as well, split between the Engineers and Grenadier type of squads. 

Lastly, we have the rumours for a new siege battery with a heavy mortar and Earthshaker dual kit. I assume that this is a dual kit similar to the new Cadian Field Ordnance battery. The heavy mortar and the earthshaker are iconic Krieg units but the new FOB has a Earthshaker type of unit already and there is the actual Eathshaker unit, so another similar units seems a little more than we need. I feel that we don’t need any more artillery type of units, as we have plenty of options. However, new Krieg artillery will be a big seller. 

Scenic bases for new artillery units

We also have an additional rumour engine picture that we don’t seem to have any info for.

This picture to me and to many others is most likely be a flag from a command squad. Now, we have just had a new Cadian command squad and the Catachan command squad is the newest of the Catachan kits, so I don’t think that we will be getting new kits for either of these. So, I think that we are going to see a Krieg command squad kit, that will include the Marshal as part of it, the same way that the other kits contain an officer model. 

Other rumours that we don’t seem to have any pictures for or limited information are some updated units and some new units. 

The rattling snipers are apparently getting an updated kit, presumably in plastic. I think that it would be nice to get a new plastic kit but mostly as I think that all the metal models should be replaced by now! The main issue is the rules for ratlings are just rubbish and need a major rules overhaul to make them worthwhile actually taking.  

Another updated kit is for the Regimental Advisers and also the Tech-priest Enginseer. This is supposed to be a new combined kit and I suspect, similarly to Ratlings, its to remove the old metal models from the range. The tech-priest is already plastic and fairly new, about 10 years old, so I suspect if it is included in the kit it will just be a reboxing of the current kit. 

Lastly we have a new kit and this is the one that i think is most unlikely, the Elysian Drop Troops. They are supposed to be jump troops with a 12 inch move and come in squads of 5 to 20! I have two issues with this, firstly the jump pack move. I really don’t see a guard unit having a standard 12 inch move, having an auto advance mechanism yes, standard move, no. Secondly the squad size of 5 to 20 really sounds off, it will either be 5 to 10 or 10 to 20. Going 5 to 20 seems very unlikely. In addition, they seem to be armed with standard lasguns and limited special weapons, much like the Catachans. I do like the idea of a jump pack type of unit, however, I think a scion based unit is more likely. 

A couple of things that don’t seem to have been mentioned at all that I would expect to see is an update to the base Catachan units, bringing them inline with the other units in terms of special weapons and also update the terrible sculpts. I would also expect to see the two Catachan characters, Harker and Straken, updated to plastic. These seem like a sensible thing to update with the new codex, keeping th Catachans with only flamers seems silly, as they have had other special weapons in the past. 

The last rumour I wanted to cover here is to do with the Combat Patrol. Currently there is the Astra Militarum box, which I don’t expect to change much moving in to 10th as it’s very new but the rumours are that the new box will be Scion based. Now unless there are new models, such as the jump unit, there is very little to fill the combat patrol box to make it appealing. 

In addition to all the rumours flying around there has also been the announcement of a new Krieg book, Seige of Vraks. The original book came out nearly 20 years ago and was, I believe, the introduction of the Krieg models. So having a second book announced, with a Autumn release date does suggest alongside the rumours that we may well have an Autumn release date for the codex and new models, which if the above rumours are true, are heavily Krieg influenced.

So with all the rumours and also the book release, it look like we may actually get a release this year! I am really looking forward to the new codex, if indeed it does come out towards the end of the year. 

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Company of heros

This the the latest addition to the Primaris Eagle Knights, and also a recent addition to the Primaris range. They are, as most of the more elite units of the Knights are, kit bashed from AoS stormcast models. I'm honestly not sure which models these actually we're, as I picked them up second hand when I was in Orkney for the tournament. They are from at least 3 different kits however, plus some bits from Custodes, Grey Knights and heresy marines. 

Company hero's assembled

First up are the veterans, the two "basic" models in the unit. One is technically armed with a master crafted bolt rifle, which is being represented by the combi-plasma and the other is armed with a master crafted heavy bolter, which is just a standard heresy heavy bolter from the bits box. The poses are not changed much from the originals, just the addition of the power packs, the weapons and also the switch to the grey knights terminator helmets. 


I do really like the heavy bolter pose, it looks like he is a proper veteran who knows how to wield a heavy weapon with ease. The style of the heavy bolter also lends itself to the pose with the forearm brace rather than the version from the heavy intercessions or the actual company hero’s, which are definitely configured to be held in two hands to be used. 

Also, fancy cloaks. These look a lot better in person than the photos show, although they certainly aren’t award winning standard by any means.

Next up are the Champion and Ancient. The champion is formed from a grey knight blade, from a terminator model I think, plus some addition bits from the AoS section of the bits box. The Ancient is formed from a Custodes standard barers arm, and while its not quite a perfect fit, its close enough to no be noticeable.  

The champions back pack if made from grafting the top part of an AoS pack to the top of a old Space marine pack which is in turn grafted to the bottom of an AoS stormcast back pack thing and then covered in parchments and purity seals. The ancient also gained a bolt rifle from the bits box and, I think, it looks like a good match up. He’s standing there raising the banner high, gently cradling his weapon, showing no sign of panic or danger but still ready to plant the banner and take aim.  

Some of the extra detail on the champion

Lastly, we have a model that isn’t technically part of the Company Hero’s squad, but must accompany them at all times, the Captain, or as is the case for my lore, the High Lord, master of the Eagle Knights, effectively the chapter master. 

As would be expected of the master of the Eagle Knights, he's Carrying his pet Eagle with him. There hasn't been to many changes to this model, the only real change, apart from the addition of the power pack was switching his right a for a power fist. This is actually an first born fist but is looks alright on the model and not out of scale. 

Like the cloaks, the details of the feathers don't show up as well on the pictures, but are actually very clear on the model. I did wonder about painting it up in brighter colours, lighter browns and whites but decided that with the orange of the marine, a darker and contracting eagle would look better.

Close up of the Eagle.

So that's the latest addition to the Eagle Knights, bringing the force to around 1400 points, depending upon enhancements. Still on the wish list are a jump Captain, 20 more assault intercessors and 30 jump packs to convert them and the 10 I already have and a Brutalis Dreadnought. All of which should bring the force up to around 2000 points. I will also add some additional transport, I  the form of Impulsors at some point, so that all my forces are either jump pack equipped or riding in transports, as is the Eagle Knights way of war. With the additional units in my other smaller marine forces, bringing the total points to around 4000 and giving me quite a few options overall. 

Tuesday 2 April 2024

Eagle Knights Assault squad

 This should be the last unit in the first born Eagle Knights Space Marine force, should being the operative word. I don't have anything else on the paint table or in the bits box that needs painting. 

This five man squad will be joining the 10 existing assault marines to enable three 5 man squads to be built. This gives a total of 30 jump pack equipped marines in total. 

The 5 new marines are equipped as you would expect, with most having bolt pistol and chain swords with a plasma equipped marine and sergeant with plasma pistol and powerfist.

Three basic marines

Sergeant and special weapon marine

A few extra details.

These are fairly basic models, as they are just basic assault marines and not special characters or anything. Now that these are finished, I'll be moving on to their Primaris brethren and the company of heroes. 

Tuesday 26 March 2024

Space marine scouts

 Next up are some additions to the space marine scouts. With these additional models, one of which is actually a modified model I already had, I can now make up 4 five man squads or 2 ten man squads. I actually have 22 scouts total, but two are models as sergeants and are swapped for other models when switching between 5 and 10 man squads. 

All the new models, the six new models and the adjusted one on the far right. 

There are four new snipers in full camo cloak set-up.

As you can see, they match quite with there older models. The base grey is a little darker on the new models, but nothing to noticeable. 

In addition, there is a new rocket launcher and sniper, without his cloak on, plus the adapted model with sniper rifle slung on his back.

The reason I had to modify the model was to give me an additional sniper rifle equipped scout to fill out a full 10 man squad with a sgt, 8 snipers and a missile and also be able field two 5 man squads, one with a sgt, 3 snipers and a missile launcher and one with a sgt and 4 snipers. The sergeants in both squads are armed with pistol and chain swords for a bit of combat punch if necessary.

These will be finding their way in to the Dark Guardians force, as the lead elements of the biker and terminator force. 

Tuesday 19 March 2024

Completed Kasrkin

 So these guys have actually been all painted up for some time, I just haven't had a chance to post them up here. These are my Kasrkin stand ins, made from Wargames Atlantic bulldogs. I do love the wargames Atlantic kits, just wish I had more uses for them, although I will be getting some Grognards to kitbash some DKoK infantry. 

Anyway, on to the Kasrkin. 

There are a total of 20 models here, that will be split between 2 squads. I haven't marked up the bases yet, I will do this after I have applied the quickshade. 

First up are the riflemen, there are just eight of them in total, four for each squad.

These are also the pack horses for the units, all being equipped with backpacks to carry everything the squad need to survive the fight.

Next up are the specialists, starting with the hotshot sniper rifles and hotshot volley guns. I would have liked to have fitted scopes to the long rifles to make them look like proper sniper rifles but they are still different enough to.make it clear which are the sniper rifles in the squads. The volley guns are also easy to spot in the squads.

The next two guns are a little harder to tell apart, the grenade launcher and flamers. They both have the same basic body and shape, plus, they will most likely be run in the same squad. There are a few minor differences between the two, such as the grenade magazine and the flamer guys wearing gas masks, after all you don't want all that nasty flamer fluid in your face.

These, despite how they look, are plasma guns and not plasma cannons. I would love them to have been plasma cannons, but that would have been stretching things a little. 

Lastly we have the Sergeants, complete with cup of tea. While one of them is all action, pressing forward with sword and pistol, the other is take a little more care and having a cuppa while deciding what to do next. 

The only issue I ran in to here was the bases. The models don't come with bases so I got a bunch of eBay. However, they turned out to be 3d print rather than moulded plastic and so didn't respond to plastic glue, meaning that I needed to super glue the models down. While it worked perfectly fine, I've already had to redo a couple of the bases and one of the grenadiers has had an upgrade to a proper plastic base. 

Tuesday 12 March 2024

Stone Dragons additions

After painting up the Eagle Knight models, I have also painted some marines in a colour other than orange. These are some additions to the small Stone Dragons Kill team that i built for Kill Team first edition. When the rules changed to the second edition, which while a good game but just didn’t have the same appeal to me, I had some spare models that I decided to up build up to a full tactical squad and characters.   

The complete force

The force now contains; 
a full 10 man tactical squad, with missile launcher and plasma gun, plus sgt with plasma pistol. 
A Librarian.
A Lieutenant with bolt pistol and power fist.
A Captain with Storm bolter and power fist.

The only issue I have now is that I have one squad and three character, so someone isn’t getting attached to a squad. Its not a problem though, as this force will only every be played as part of the Eagle Knights first born army, just an additional tactical squad and characters.  

New tactical squad


Lieutenant with banner

The last thing i need to do to bring this also of the models inline with the others is to give them a coat of quick shade. I’m hoping to get this sorted at the end of the month, when the wife goes south with my daughter for a swim comp. I usually wait until the wife is away as she doesn’t like the smell of the models, which, give that I usually do it in the kitchen with the Lino floors (just in case!), gets all over the house. 

Once I’ve got all the models Quickshaded, i try and post a complete army photo for the whole force, Eagle Knights plus Stone Dragons and Ultramarines. 


Tuesday 5 March 2024

Imperial Knight Pilot

Here are a few more pictures of the Knights pilot. He doesn't have a name yet but will receive one at some point soon, as he will be the lead knight in the force and defacto leader of the whole AdMech\Knights force. The box comes with the pilot seated and walking, for the specific purpose of playing Sir Hekhtur and his knight Canis Rex. I will not be playing this model at all, I haven't even bothered with the fancy las gun thing at all. 

Pilot seated

Which kind of makes building and painting the walking model a bit pointless, however, it looks cool, so why not?

I actually painted this model first, so the one that is seated in the the knight was painted as a copy, as much as I could to this one. I kept him fairly basic, not going for to much bling or fancy trim, as its the knight that really does the talk here. 

The colours are similarly basic, gold trim on silver dry brushed armour with trims in brown (leather) and keeping inline with the knight, the cables and lights are red.

I like the details on this model, carrying his portable power pack, not really sure why he’s carrying one though? He doesn’t seem to need life support or power for the suit/weapons, so???

Anyway, it looks cool.