Friday 23 September 2022

Stormshield Vs 'ardcoat

Just a quick one today as life has been a bit busy over the last few weeks, mostly down to this little chap:

This small bundle of fluff is our new 4 week old kitten that was found abandoned in one of the barns where my wife horse rides. It was in a pretty poor way when we found it, it's about half the weight it should be and was very sluggish and quiet. After a couple of days of food and milk, it's proving to be very noisy, inquisitive and has no problems finding its way out of its sleeping box. So far our other two cats haven't been quite so excited about its arrival as the kids have been. Anyway, we're here to look at some of GW's technical paints, stormshield and 'ardcoat.

No, when I brought the 'ardcoat I wasn't actually aware of Stormshield, although it did exist, but after a while of using the 'ardcoat, I decided that I really wanted a Matt version. Which after a quick Google search lead me to Stormshield and a quick trip to my FLGS. 

This is mostly just an excuse to show of my shiny Knights, as I haven't shown them off since I based them. It was also to show the transfers, which I had covered in 'ardcoat after using the munitorum Matt varnish, as they had obvious shiny patches around the transfers, but it didn't show up very well on the pictures. 

Next I thought I'd try showing the difference between a Stormshield covered transfers and the 'ardcoat covered ones (Stormshield above and 'ardcoat below). In person this was very obvious, with the silver Knights transfers being significantly shinier, however, in the pictures it's not very clear at all. 

So I resorted to proper side by side comparison.

I took one of the kids models, an old hellbrute of mine that I don't use anymore and painted up half the fist with Stormshield and the other half with 'ardcoat. This worked significantly better than the other tries!

 As you can see the left side is painted with 'ardcoat and the right with Stormshield, and there is a distinct different. Again it doesn't really show up as well on camera as it does in the flesh, but the 'ardcoat is definitely shinier. So, from now on, all the transfers, especially the older ones, will be getting a coat of Stormshield to help set and seal them. Yes, I know that I'd be better off with micro seal and micro set but I don't use enough transfers to justify the cost. The 'ardcoat will be used on gems and glass bits for models that aren't getting a coat of Quickshade. 

So that's my little journey in to the wonderful world citadel technical paints. 

Tuesday 13 September 2022

More Tau

This post has been a while in the making it we got here in the end. With my son collecting Tau we have started as we mean to go on and have been magnetising as much as we can. I have shown this in previous posts, however, this has been the biggest project to date. The Ghostkeel and stealth suits only required 11 and 6 magnets respectively, this project required 37 in total. One of the delays was figuring out how to magnetise all the different bits and retain the original look and feel but also because I ran out of magnets. I originally brought 25 magnets, figuring that would be enough to last a while but with this project that just wasn't enough. I went to reorder my the original magnets, only to find they had almost doubled in price, so I had to hunt around for different ones, which took me a while to decide on which ones to buy. Anyway, when we finally had the new magnets and some new drill bits we picked up from my father in-laws extensive collection and being significantly higher quality bits than I would have brought, made life a lot easier!

The actual models were fairly easy to drill and sort, however in the precess we have lost a fair bit of the detailing on the forearms. The original arms had indents with detailing inside, the new forearms as now flat and featureless. The backpack mounts are less obvious but not as clean as I would have liked.

One of the good things about the kit is that there is lots of options for both weapons and support systems. 

The only issue I found was that some of the weapons have a tendancy to droop a little on some of the arms, however, I think this might be solved with some refacing of the arms and weapons to level out the mating surfaces and give a better connection between the magnets. 

The weapon options.

Overall I'm quite pleased with how these turned out, and now they are sprayed up in blue primer ready for my son's to paint. This is then last unit to be painted in his current collection, so I'll have to see about getting a full army photo shoot soon.

Friday 9 September 2022

Guard rumours

 I'll start with a warning, this is very text heavy and long!

So there have been a few more rumours floating around about the new guard codex and while a lot of these are still very rough and vague I still thought that I might put down a few thoughts about the rumours. To be honest I'm not liking a number of these rumours and hope that most of them don't turn out to be true but I suspect that I will be very disappointed with the new book.

The codex itself is apparently slated for Feb 2023! Were supposed to be getting a new edition in June 2023, just 4 months later! I'm really disappointed by this possibility, to be looking at having waited over 5 and a half years for a codex only to have a new edition drop just months after feels really bad. There is some hope for us though, as there is talk that the codex has been set up for the next edition, so all might not be lost. In addition part of this late release has been due to issues balancing the codex, not just internally but with other codices. There have apparently been multiple rewrites as it was initially far to powerful, this might be because they are trying to make to codex more elite, more of a Cadian Veterans codex rather than the mass recruits it has been. Personally I really don't like this idea and hope that they don't try and take it more elite. The guard should be about mass ranks of poorly trained and equipped soldiers charging across no-mans land and bayoneting the enemy. 

To this end they are supposed to have removed all the custom regiment traits options and skinned it down to just a handful of options, some sources say just 4 options, Cadian, Tanith, Kreig and Catachan. This sounds like a terrible idea and one I'm not sure about. I haven't read the new Votann book but there are apparently custom traits in there, so I find it strange that they would have removed the guard ones if the new squats have them. I could understand reducing the number of options or restricting the options but I can't see them removing them completely. As for only having 4 options for regiments, I don't see this either. We didn't have masses of them anyway, really just 7 for guard and 7 for scions, which is similar to most other codicies. Considering the guard as as varied and different as can possibly be, limiting the options to 4 seems very odd. One thing that could be said to off set this is the rumour that we can mix and match regiments traits within the army. Now there doesn't seem to be any specifics about how this I figure that it one of two ways, either you will choose a key word, say infantry, and all of the infantry will receive X trait and all vehicles will receive Y traits or we will be able to bring multiple patrol (and maybe spearhead) detachments in an army without costing any CP's, as long as certain conditions are met. I don't see us being able to just give every different unit a different trait and having one infantry squad having one trait and the next squad a completely different one. That would just be far to complicate and potentially overly powerful. 

Alongside these changes there are a number of changes to units, some sound good but most sound terrible. First up there are a number of units that are said to be deleted from the book, namely veteran squads, special weapons squads and conscripts. Now I could see them removing special weapons squads but the others? Veteran squads have been part of the codex since the beginning and are deeply ingrained in the lore of the guard as are conscripts. I could see them modifying both units slightly but not removing them altogether. All three of these units can be made from the standard infantry boxsets so it's not like they don't have official models, so are removed for that reason. I was disappointed to loose our platoons but at least we kept the various units but if we loose these units the old guard is well and truly dead.

As well as loosing units, our basic infantry squad is supposed to be getting an overhaul and not in a good way. We are to loose the ability to take heavy weapons in squads, probably due to there not being heavy weapons in the basic infantry box but we are to gain an extra special weapon instead. This changes the way infantry squads have always operated and will also invalidate a large chunk own squads! Back in the day infantry squads use to be sold with heavy weapons, that's how fundamental they were to the squads, so to remove them just doesn't sit well with me. The extra special weapon I guess is to compensate for this and also for the removal of veteran squads as well. Personally I think it's a bad move.

The next is less of a removal and more of a side step. Heavy weapons squads are out and Field Ordinance Batteries (hence forth F.O.B's) are in. There are two separate rumours floating around about this, the first is that heavy weapons squads are out and that the new F.O.B's are in but not as a direct replacement. The new units will be a heavier version with heavy heavier weapons, such as the heavy mortar and laser destroyers. The second rumour is that it's just a straight name swap with some minor rules changes, potentially updated weapons profiles. I think this latter rumour is more likely due to the leaked image we saw a few weeks back, where you could see some heavy weapons teams on the background, all of which looked like slightly updated models of the current teams. All I can say is that I hope we get plasma cannons or multimeltas in the new kits, as it would be nice to finally get some! Apart from that, I don't think going from heavy weapons squads to F.O.B's will make much difference.

Another unit change is to tank commanders, which are said to be moving from bs3 to bs4 but with a plus one to hit with turret weapons. This seems like a bit of a silly change and completely unnecessary. Tank commanders are not going to be better commander but better crews as well, they'll have the best drivers, gunners and kit, so having them all be bs3 makes sense, changing them to bs4 doesn't make sense, and the plus one to hit makes even less. If they are trying to nerf tank commanders why not just make them a one per detachment unit, that would reduce their impact on the table top and keep in with the fluff, a lot more efficient that messing with their bs. 

Now on to the few good changes to the codex, although it's a bit of a stretch to say even that! I guess it's more just not bad changes than good ones. Anyway, firstly there is the changes to command squads, with the combined command squad back again, with officers being in a unit with the rest of the command squad, like it use to be. In addition the whole unit will gain the character keyword, which will increase survivability significantly. I wonder if they will bring the other advisers back in to the squad as well, although si suspect that they won't and will leave them as individual characters as they are. 

The scions as said to receive a boost as well, with their lasguns going from 18 to 24 inch range as standard with exploding 6's to hit. While I think the first part is welcome, I wonder if the second will be a standard feature or part of a doctrine. I would be surprised is it was a standard thing rather than part of a doctrine but I'll take it either way.

Lastly we have the deathstrike, which is apparently going to receive a significant boost to bring it more inline with where it should always have been, with the ability to dish out multiple mortal wounds across a wide number of units, doing significant damage to an energy army. The only down side is that there is supposed to be an equally significant price hike but I'm perfectly happy with that, the deathstrike should always have been a very expensive but hugely powerful weapon of mass destruction that was feared by your enemy.

In addition to the changes to the units in the codex there are a number of units that are not in the codex but will make an appearance. There seems to be three new units that are pretty much confirmed, these being the new Rough Riders, Kasrkins and the new Royal Dorn tank. However, there now seems to be some extra information on some of these. The Kasrkins are all but confirmed as a Kill Team release for I to the dark and it seems that we will see them in either 3 or 6 months time with a main box release, which if it's in 6 months that would tie in with the new guard codex release, however, I suspect that it will be the one in 3 months, ready for the Xmas release to drive up some hype for the codex in the new year. The other information is about the Rogal Dorn tank which is apparently actually called the Praetorian tank, as Rogal Dorn was the Praetorian of Terra. I for one think that Praetorian is significantly better than Rogal Dorn.

Lastly there is some talk of the new Combat Patrol box for guard. The box is said to have a command squad, two Cadian infantry squads, a field ordinance battery and a sentinel. Now this sounds very light on points to me. Currently a company commander, command squad, two infantry squads, a heavy weapons squad and a sentinel only costs 280 points with most upgrades being free. A combat patrol box is supposed to be around 500 points, maybe with a few upgrades to make the points but there is no way you could make 220 points in upgrades on these units. The only way you could reduce that gap is to increase the points significantly, which would basically mean your running t3 space marines. Which is just rubbish. I think there either has to be the new tank in there or were barking up the wrong tree all together.

All this considered I am really worried about where the next guard codex maybe taking us. Thai is the first time I can remember being genuinely worried about the upcoming codex and worried for the future of my forces, which may find themselves invalidated overnight. I hope that many of these rumours prove to be inaccurate or ever outright false, however I suspect that many of them will be accurate, far more than I would like. 


Tuesday 6 September 2022

Catachan Characters

Hot on the heels of the Warhammer+ vindicator, we have the Chatachan characters that were brought with the ten pound voucher I received when I signed up. When I received the the voucher I wasn't sure what to buy so went with Barker and Strachan as I already had Marbo and I'm pleased that I did. I was actually quite impressed with the details on the old metal models. 

I really wanted to paint these guys up to the best of my ability, so I'm going to paint them in subassemblies, which is a new one for me! I started off just basing the models and building part of Marbo and in some respect I think I went a little far when building Marbo and should have had at least one more subassembly. 

It took a while to get these sorted and glues on properly, I suspect that my super glue is getting a bit old and I need to open a new tube. Anyway, once I got them to stick they worked out pretty well, hopefully they will come off nice and easily when it's time.

This is Marbo's arm and is the only resin to resin join that will need to be split later and I'm slightly worried that it won't split nicely, if I'd have though about it more, I would probably have done this differently.

These two pictures show the first part of the paint job, base paints on and washes applied. There is still a long way to go but they are coming along nicely already.

I'll be spending a bit of time over the next couple of days fine tuning these and while they won't be Golden Daemon standard, they will hopefully be some of the most detailed models in the collection.

Friday 2 September 2022

Warhammer+ Vindicar assassin

Just a quick post today. There has been quite a few goings on at home with the littlest starting nursery, family issues and gereral life all getting in the way of hobby time. I have managed to do a few bits and pieces but not as much as I would have liked over the last few weeks. One thing that I did manage to do was order my free Warhammer+ model, just before cancelling my subscription.

Fancy "free" model

So, I finally got my hands on the free model for subscribing to Warhammer+ for a full year. Was it worth it? No, probably not. While I did enjoy a number of the programs, as the animations were actually pretty good and the battle reports were fun and entertaining, for the price I just don't think it was worth it. I also subscribe to the Deployment Zone TV (DZTV) for roughly the same yearly cost and the amount of content that is released each month just shames the GW team and DZTV is mostly run by volunteers, not full time employees. I think that if I resubscribe in a year or two (or more) it might be better and more worth the cost. Anyway, let's have a look at the free model!

Fancy sprue

 First impressions are that this is a really good looking model, very nicely detailed and very fun, however, it's not the most practical model to use on the table top! I'm am really torn about what to do with this guy, do I build him as is or do I hack the kit to pieces and make a more usable model? I had initially thought that I would hack the kit to pieces, to make a nice Vindicar for using in regular games, however, now I have the model in hand I am far less inclined to do this. 

One thing that I have decided to do is paint up the statue of the sister in the same colour scheme as my own sisters, to tie it in a little more some of my other models. I'm busy painting my catachan characters right now and then inplan on painting up the Deathwatch so it might be a while until I get around to actually painting up this model. Although with the current rumours putting the guard codex at Feb 2023!! My paint table is actually getting clearer!