Friday 29 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 3

So here is the final post for the Inquisition, the third and final squad of henchmen, and probably the most complex one. It features Death Cult Assassins, Crusaders and Priests, to form a brutal close combat unit, or at least that is the hope.

First up though is the second of my inquisitors, Inquisitor Tamhas Adrien. Whereas, Tullus was armed for ranged combat, Adrien is armed for close combat, with bolter and power sword.

Adrien is basically a kit bash of bits from the bits box. with a fair bit of DA stuff, hooded helmet to match Tullus, back pack and icon and thing hanging from his waist, whatever its supposed to be. the pistol and shoulder pad are BA, the legs and sword arm are chaos and the chest is from the SM command sprue I think. So a proper bits box model

The priests are the usual DV models, slightly modified to remove some of the chaos stuff and ass some extras, mostly DA, to give them a more imperial feel. I probably could do some more conversion work, but when I do get around to painting them, I'll make sure that they have some differences to make them feel more individual.

Next up are the crusaders, men of substance and courage, never flinching in the face of death, or something like that. I don't like the proper models as there to odd looking for my tastes. So here are my take, again using old school imperial army/guard figures, with one cadian, with random sword arms I picked up from the local second hand bits shop and some dwarf shields from the same place. While I'm happy with most of the stances, a couple are a little rigid.

Fancy sword arms, possibly a few High Elf ones?

The shields are all different, a little hard to see I know, but they are.

Next are the Death Cult Assassins. These are all minor conversions from DV cultists, many keeping there cultist markings, as befits a Death Cult member. Again these were converted with random arms from the second hand shop, arming them up with two blades a piece. It all looks aa little random but I like it, makes it look like they have collected/scavenged blades from multiple enemies and battles.

The five together

Lots of variety in swords, even if not in the poses

Some of the minor differences, such as swords, bracelets, bits on head. Painting will add a few more differences.

Thursday 28 April 2016

New rumours

Well, there are some interesting rumours doing the rounds again. The first is the new flyers game and the inclusion of a new, albeit optional, phase for 40k for dog fighting. The new flyer looks good and may make it on to my wish list, but that's for the future. 

The second rumour is about Blood Angles, and the possible new formations they will receive. This may include a new detachment for the BA and some formations, apparently with assault from deep strike rules. This would be nice if it happens and will bring back some cool older rules, specially for vanguard and DC. I'm not sure when they will drop, so I'm not getting to excited right now.

Although having said that, I picked up this the other day - index astartes apocrypha

I can't wait to get a proper read of it. I've been flicking through it and I'm glad I bought it, as there as so many cool pictures and articles in there. I'm hoping to do a bit of a review of it at some point soon, as there are some facts that I had forgotten or didn't even know about that I thought would be nice to share. So keep an eye open for that.

Friday 22 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 2

This is the second squad of henchmen, aka the Bolter Boys. This squad is very basic, as fits a squad that are disposable. As such the squad are armed with bolters, the cheapest ranged firepower and carapace armour, for some extra resilience. People will say that their is little point in the carapace, as there is lots of ap4 weapons out there, well, yes there are, but then there are a lot more ap5 ones! Namely most Tau ones and every bolter but the heavy one.

First half

Second half

Some of you will have counted the squad and be thinking there are 11 of them and there are. even though I was planning on 10 and collected the bits for 10, I somehow managed to end up will 11!

Priest and Psyker

The Psyker is my standard build from the DV cultist with adapted bits, namely the removal of some of the chaos stuff and replacing the ccw with a kind of imperial psykic thing. (great description, I know!!) The priest is also a DV cultist with a few bits added and is a replica of several other models. The main issue with these characters is that I may have miss read the psykers powers! I'll have too delve deeper in to the problem but I had originally planned to have the psyker for Prescience but now I have a feeling that I can only use the psykic barrage power listed in the special rules section of the elites section. If all they can take is the one power, then he will be dumped in favour of an extra bolter, so that 11th bolter will come in useful! This will reduce the potential impact, as one extra bolter doesn't really make up for the ability to re-roll.

Friday 15 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 1

Well, this is the first of three posts that will show the Inquisition and their henchmen warbands. First up is the main man himself, Inquisitor Tullus.
Armoured in power armour and armed with his trusty combi-plasma and chain sword. The standard behind is technically a DA one, but it will be painted so as to be more Inquisitorial. The hooded helmet also adds sinister edge to the model.

His badge of office, the Inquisitorial seal. (a lucky find in a box of stuff I was given!) 

Below are the first of the henchmen. These are all armed with hotshot Lasguns and clad in carapace armour. There are a few items that are included for show and don't have any in game effects, such as the standard shown below. The standard is completely pointless but it adds to the squad and visually I like it, it'll make the squad stand out on the table. The other man to note is the gentleman in the middle with the chain sword and the bandaged arm. He is still WYSIWYG as acolytes come with a ccw and it goes well with the injured arm on the model.

The backs of the models showing their holstered HS Lasguns. The 4 guys shown above form one half of the squad and are pretty standard. The next three guys are slightly more upgraded.

Pretty standard looking above, HS Lasguns and carapace. But they have a something extra, storm shields. These boys have two jobs, take down marines and protect the inquisitor, the HS Lasguns are for one and the storm shield is for the other. It also hides the horrible join between the bodies and the arms.

Putting these together showed one major issue. As you can probably tell these are classic early imperial army/guard bodies, with Catachan heads and Scion arms, and they look a bit like gorillas! The arms are to big/long for the bodies, and really shows off the scale creep that has been going on within GW over the last 25 years or so. I still really like the combination of the old bodies and the new arms, but some of the models do look a little silly in the flesh.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Rumour update

Ok, random midweek update.

Imperial Fists updates in the new Angles of Death supplement look good.

Firstly, Bolter Drill applies to all misses, not just 1's.

Secondly, all units are Stubborn while warlord is alive.

Thirdly, you can take a unit of Devistators as an Aux choice!!

So, Strike Force Command, Battle Demi Company, 1st Company Task Force, Devastators. This will give me everything I want and have from the CAD but in the new detachment formation!

So, I'm kinda excited!

Friday 8 April 2016

The flight of the Valkyrie

Well, this is how I spent my last shift at work, which was actually a couple of months back now, at the beginning of January. The Valkyrie had been sitting on my shelf for the last year as it was a present from my in-laws last Christmas and so I decided that it was time to get it out the box and built to a standard that I can actually play with it, even if its not likely to get any colour on it for a while longer, possibly another year at the rate that I'm going!

Here are a few WiP pictures, sorry for the quality, but u was at work and these were taken on my mobile phone.

Hull coming together

Major components complete. the tail is hanging off the desk as I'd just glued the tail sections to the body.

Front and side views of the grounded plane

and the final assembly complete

You'll notice that it isn't complete, the cockpit s missing and for the keen eye'd viewers, the top tails are missing. The cockpit has been left off to enable painting of the cockpit, as and when it gets painted, and the tails have been left off as I like it that way and I think it makes it look a little sleeker.

This is going to form the second part of the Navy contingent for the Hjaltland LI, and armed with the MRP's will compliment the Vendetta but going after infantry targets. With the new Cadian formation, a third bird may join the contingent, but I'm holding off until the new codex arrives, whenever that will be. As for colour schemes, I'm planning on doing this very different to the Vendettas blues, probably going with light greens and browns, but still keeping it different from the troops colours.

Tuesday 5 April 2016

New rumours

Well, there are some new rumours around about a new SM supplement. So far things are still quite sketchy, but there are said to be new Warlord traits, relics and Psychic powers, as well as new units and chapter specific Formations/detachments. How this impacts on my Emperors Disciples I have no idea, but hopefully it wont cause to many issues as I'm busy finishing modelling them up!

I'll be keeping a good eye on these rumours and see where they leas and if they are going to be useful or not, otherwise I'll just stick with my plan and the CAD.

Edit (Wed 13th); Just seen a post on Faeit 212, IF bolster drill changes to reroll all missed, not just 1's, with the demi-company, looks promising.

Friday 1 April 2016

Dark Guardians

Ok, this post has been written and rewritten several times. It started off as a run through of what I'd have to change after I went through all my models and bits box. The main changes were going to be the dropping of the storm shields from the vet squads, as I didn't have enough with doing the Knights force first.

This process then evolved when I redid the points, which lead me to drop the plasma vets from the list and up the tac squads with vet Sgts with plasma pistols and a marine with a plasma gun. In addition the forces gained a Libby with combi-plasma and conversion field and the Chaplin got a combi-plasma as well. This resulted in a smaller army but with a lot of plasma still. This would have left me with CAD list looking like this;
(new items in Red)

Interrogator – Stormshield, Combi-Plasma
Libarian - ML2, Combi-Plasma, Conversion Field 
Tac - Vet Sgt w/Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun
Tac - Vet Sgt w/Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun
Company Vets – Sgt w/Powerfist, 5x Combi-Melta, (lost Shields)
Command Squad – Champion, Company Standard, 3x Power Sword,  (lost Shields)

However, with the inclusion of the Calth box set, this is all going to change again. I will be going for the lighting claw option mostly, this will give me a squad the will look something like this;

Sgt. with storm bolter and power sword, heavy flamer with power fist and three lighting claws.

Why this set up? Well, I was tempted to go for a Sgt with claws as well, but I thought that the sword still gives ap3 attacks just without rerolls. The storm bolter also gives the squad some firepower, along side the flamer, both of which can also be used to do some damage before assaulting, where the claws will take over and do their job. This squad will add some decent assault capacity to non 2+ saving units.

This will also give some options for another squad, using the left over bits and some new bodies in the form of a SW body and 4 older plastic models, these will form another squad with the two remaining claws, some chain fists and possibly a heavy flamer to form another assault squad. Although I might have a  complete rethink and change the other flamer squad for a squad with a flamer and claws and have a squad full of chain fists to go wrecking vehicles. Alternatively, I may sell my old metal models to raise some cash and just keep the plastic models.

All in all though, this will add points to the force, resulting in a number of issues, namely what to do with the rest of the force? I don't really want to buy more models, but if I want to expand the Ravenwing I need Speeders and Attack Bikes, at least 2 of each, or if I want to expand the Deathwing I need some pods for the Dreads, again at least 2.

What would be nice would be a formation that wasn't either RW or DW, one other than the Lions Blade or Demi that is. I don't want to use some other formation, such as 1st company force from the SM codex or one of the BA ones as it would loose the DA feel to it, but right now I'm a little stuck.