Friday 22 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 2

This is the second squad of henchmen, aka the Bolter Boys. This squad is very basic, as fits a squad that are disposable. As such the squad are armed with bolters, the cheapest ranged firepower and carapace armour, for some extra resilience. People will say that their is little point in the carapace, as there is lots of ap4 weapons out there, well, yes there are, but then there are a lot more ap5 ones! Namely most Tau ones and every bolter but the heavy one.

First half

Second half

Some of you will have counted the squad and be thinking there are 11 of them and there are. even though I was planning on 10 and collected the bits for 10, I somehow managed to end up will 11!

Priest and Psyker

The Psyker is my standard build from the DV cultist with adapted bits, namely the removal of some of the chaos stuff and replacing the ccw with a kind of imperial psykic thing. (great description, I know!!) The priest is also a DV cultist with a few bits added and is a replica of several other models. The main issue with these characters is that I may have miss read the psykers powers! I'll have too delve deeper in to the problem but I had originally planned to have the psyker for Prescience but now I have a feeling that I can only use the psykic barrage power listed in the special rules section of the elites section. If all they can take is the one power, then he will be dumped in favour of an extra bolter, so that 11th bolter will come in useful! This will reduce the potential impact, as one extra bolter doesn't really make up for the ability to re-roll.

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