About Me

This will be a short introduction about myself and my history with the hobby. I guess that like a lot of older players in the hobby, I started playing when I was in my very early teens and I played for a few years, playing Second Edition. I stopped playing just before the release of Third Edition, due to a combination of getting older and finding other interests, mostly women and beer. As such, my models were packed away and put in the loft at my parents house.

Several years passed, until my parents decided to retire and move to the country, leading to a mass decluttering of their house, and the discovery of some of my old models. At the time, my intention was to spend some time repainting the models, as they all had very bad and somewhat random paint jobs (yellow, blue and orange Catachans), and just enjoy the modelling process. However, I quickly got back in to the gaming side as well, which resulted in selling off my 2nd edition Cadians, Valhallans and also some Adeptus Arbites to fund the purchase of a few more Catachans, which turned in to a lot more Catachans.

You may have noticed I said the discovery of "some" of my models, as a large portion were misplaced at some point or another. I still have a lot of my 2nd Edition Imperial Guard Catachans, late Rogue Trader Imperial Guard and some early Imperial Army models, in addition to the ones I sold. The remainder, a large number of marines, including some metal bodied Space Wolves and a Rhino, all my Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade models and my first edition Space Hulk, with Deathwing and Genestealer expansion set's have gone missing in the 15 or so years that I wasn't playing.

So why the blog? Well, as a full time father during the day and working evenings/nights, I find that these days I do not get as much time for playing or modelling as I would like. Getting models and paints out in the presence of a toddler is a recipe for disaster, as I'm sure some of you have experienced. I'm also a major fluff bunny, even during my none playing years I kept up with the fluff and model releases, and this blog enables me to partake in a part of the hobby I enjoy, even without touching my models and also while in the presence of toddlers (currently watching the Octonauts). My playing time is restricted to a couple of visits to a local gaming club and the occasional friendly tournament.

Edit: Since starting this post, life has changed, as it always does. I have gained another child, so now I have not only a toddler turned young child, I also have toddler as well. The family has also moved a few miles north, about as far north as you can get and still be in the UK as it happens and so, my gaming circle has been somewhat restricted, but by no means less colourful! Although I no longer work, I have replaced it with having a house to renovate or remodel for those on the other side of the pond. So, my hobby time is pretty much where it was when i started this blog, as my free time is still at a premium!

Last edited Dec '16