Friday, 23 June 2017

Eagle knights devastators

So, to continue with the Eagle Knights while I get myself up to speed on 8th. It seems quite simple really, although I don't have all the rule yet, as I only have the free download ones, although I should have the main rule book soon. 

Anyway, here are the devastators. The current squad consists of 3 heavy bolters and two normal marines, one of which plays sergeant. The squad only came about in order to forfil the requirements of the demi-company and that's it. However, I've grown attached to them and so they will more than likely remain, supporting the tactical squads now the restrictions on heavy weapons moving have been reduced. They may also gain another heavy bolters depending upon points. 

The squad

The rifle men (sgt on the right)

The two riflemen, the sergeant on the right, are here to mainly to make the number up. As with the rest of the squad they have chaos style packs and the blue helmets of heavy support. There isn't a lot to say about these guys really, they're your classic marines, resplendent in there orange livery.

The trio of heavy bolters

Again, these boys are classic Devastators, two good poses and one not quite so good, although with the new rules about moving and shooting with heavy weapons, maybe its not such a silly pose after all. Two of these guys are wielding some looted chaos heavy bolter and one is with a standard issue marine bolter, adding to the rag tag chaos/loyalist look, a look that's shared with a lot of the army, as per the back story.

Another shot

As I said at the beginning, these guys were originally just there to fill a slot in the demi company as cheaply as possible, hence the heavy bolter. They were also intended to just camp at the back somewhere and blat away, probably holding an objective at the same time. However, with the new rules for these guys, they will be moving a lot more. I was hoping for the heavy bolter to switch to assault 3 weapons like the deathwatch ones, but the -1 to BS will do. that means a 4+ to hit still, which is still pretty good. I hope that these guys prove as good on the field as I hope!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Eagle knights completed test models

8Th edition has been out for about 4 days so far and while I'm still getting to grips with all the 8th stuff, here is a little update to the Eagle Knights.

After priming, basing and then painting all the models orange, I decided to try put some color schemes. For this I chose a couple of random models, a Death Company marine and a Sanguinary Novitiate, both with jump packs. I also decided to add in the novitiates non-jump pack counter part. 

The three chosen models

The sanguinary novitiates 

I chose to go with an old style color scheme for these guys, following the schemes played down I the 2nd edition how to paint guide. So this meant that the novitiates were not going to be all white, but rather still company colored with just white bits, namely shoulder pads and left shin, along with other bits on the packs and arms. While this means that they are not as obvious as some other apothecaries, they still stand out from the rest of the company.

Side details.

I packed out some of the details in red, to give some contrast and their helmets are colored in their squad color, which just happens to be red, but if they had been from another unit, they would have had a different color helmet.

Next up was a death company marine, although for my fluff they are not your classic mad as a march hare death company, more just super angry.

The death comapny

While they are still mostly orange, as per the chapter colors, they do have a certain amount of black on them, more so than the regular marines or assault marines. The normal helmeted models will have an all black helmet as well as the colors shown here. Notice the nod towards the death company?

Death company rear.

While Im happy with the models, there has been a bit of an update with some more of the details on the jump packs painted black, as I look at these pictures I can help but think that the models need a little bit more to make them stand out as 'death company', Im thinking that maybe the lower leg area should be black, similar to the novitiates white shins, also maybe an arm or hand should be black as well, but this may clash with the chaplains and their black torso's and arms.

Ill be looking in to the Knights 8th edition army list soon, bit already its obvious that there will be some changes to the current list, either because the options have changed or because the units themselves have changed. For the moment however, I'm happy with how they are progressing.

Friday, 16 June 2017


So, while we wait out these last few hours, I thought that I would put a post out that has been sitting in the draft folder for a few months. This all started about 18 months ago when I bought some new primers to use with my new airbrush compressor, and as yet I have actually yet to use them with the compressor. I have however used them several times with the good old brush and I have a few thoughts that I have decided to put down on to paper.

The primers in question are Vallejo surface primers, in both black and white.  I chose these primers after looking around on-line at various forums and the like, where lots of different primers were being discussed. These seemed to be a good choice between cost and effectiveness. 

Vallejo Surface Primer, in both black and white

The primers themselves are very different, the black works very well, the white less so. The black primer is very good, but it does require a bit of mixing first of all, otherwise it seems a little watery. The primer covers nicely but sometimes it still fails to "grip" on to the model and not coat properly. The white primer however, even with a good stir, doesn't really cover very well. It usually requires at least two coats of paint and even then it still doesn't seem to cover as effectively as the black. One thing I have found is that by mixing the two up, usually 2 to 1, white to black, that the primers covers quite nicely and evenly, giving a good base and also still showing up the details nicely, something that can be hard with the black primer.

GW Primer

Next up was the GW primer, or Citadel Technical Imperial Primer, this is the first primer I bought, mostly because it was in the GW shop. The primer works well, not quite as good as the Vallejo black primer but it does cover nicely and evenly. Its not quite as good and at the price, its not worth it. It was be a lot better if it was the same colour as the GW Abaddon/Chaos black, or whatever its called. This would be mean that it would fit in nicely with the rest of the range, namely the GW spray paints. 

On the spray paint front, I have used the GW ones in the past and found that they are pretty good. I have always had good experiences with them but I moved away from them as they are quite expensive. Hence the reason that I got the compressor in the first place.

The various subjects

You can see the various primer tones that the Vallejo mix created. As you can see the black makes it hard to see all the different details and layers, but the other shades of grey are better. It can make it hard however, to see what bits you've actually primed and which bits you haven't! I think given the choice I will continue using the mix, as it covers nicely and will make the various primers last longer. I would like to see what the primers look like through the air brush, hopefully I might get a chance one day soon.

Overall, I would recommend the Vallejo black primer to anyone. Its a good mix of cost and effectiveness and it does have the option of using the airbrush or the brush. The GW primer is also good but is a lot more expensive and doesn't match with the other GW range black paint and so the extra expense isn't really worth it.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Happy Birthday to me.

So, if you hadn't guessed,  I've just had my birthday! At the grand old age of 34 most of my birthday present consisted of things for the little men (aka WH40k) or bits for the old banger sitting on the drive (aka the 2004 MG ZS 180 or "taxi lightning race" to the bairns)

So what did I get? Well, nothing really, but in a good way. With 8th being so close, I've asked for the starter set and two of the indicies, the two imperial ones. If I get the set, the plan at the moment is so swap/sell the Nurgle stuff, as its not something I want or collect and its not going to really be possible to convert to a loyalist force, like I could with the old DV chaos marines. Now, I know its a bit cheeky to sell off or swap part of a present, but they would just sit around unused otherwise.

On thing I did get was this;

Ok, so its a little out of date but its been sitting in the cupboard waiting for a while, to long to claim anything back unfortunately. That was mostly my fault as I told the wife to get it early, as I wanted the hard back book and not a soft cover one and was worried that they would sell out before my birthday came around. I was partly right as they did sell out of hard cover ones, but they are also getting rid of them all together! Oh well, I'm looking forward to reading all the fluff! Which from what small bits I have read is really good.

I will update you all if i do indeed get more stuff, for the moment though we are still playing the waiting game.