Friday 30 January 2015

A game at last!

Its been a while since my last game, too long really but that's life, but I finally got one in. It was a 2000 point game and I was facing an Ultramarines derived force containing three Tac squads with rhinos, one with flamer/missile launcher. one with plasma cannon, plasma, and combi-plasma and one with lascannon, melta and combi-melta and also a well kitted out Company master with shield eternal and burning blade plus a full Honour Guard with a mix of power mauls, swords and axes, all mounted in a LR crusader. In reserve there was also a stormtalon escorting a stromraven.

No pictures I'm afraid, didn't even think about it at the time, was to excited to be getting a game in!

The game itself was an Eternal War mission, The Emperors Will, and we only got three turns in, mostly because we spent a long time chatting and not so much time playing. My opponent was also looking towards KotN as well, so that was the focus of most of the discussion.

Anyway, my force was composed of my Hjaltland L.I. but modified by dropping the third platoon and including a SM force of a captain with combi-plasma, a sternguard squad with combi-plasma and a basic 5 man tac squad. I got to deploy first and took first turn after my opponent failed to seize. We both forgot about night fighting, not the only rule we got wrong!

I deployed in two sections, the majority behind my Aegis on my right, and with a platoon out on the left in a ruin with the SM tac squad in a ruin in the centre by my objective. He deployed his Raider on his left with two rhinos nearby, and the third off on the right by his objective. In the first two turns he moved his vehicles forward popping smoke where possible, while my first two turns were spent trying to take out the vehicles and destroying a scout squad with my wyverns. I ignored the raider as I had little that can deal with it apart from my Vendetta, but I managed to take out one rhino and damage another in the first two turns. Turn three I took out the other two rhinos, and started chipping away at the squads inside. The wyverns again proved their worth taking out the scout squad turn one and taking down a number of marines. The MoO also managed to take down a few marines as well!

The Raider meanwhile had disgorged its payload right in front of my Aegis and had assaulted, almost taking itself out of combat in the process. My opponent forgot to roll for his power mauls, if he had he would have inflicted enough wounds so that even with my initiative move and pile in he would have taken us out of combat! As it was, I managed to get one model in base to base and also a number in to support for a reasonable number of attacks. With casting Misfortune on the Honour Guard also made a difference, especially on turn three when I managed to get a large number of my units in to combat, at one point rolling 7 6's to wound! Well, that's the advantage of 30 man squads, even after a few wound they can still throw out a good number of attacks, especially when your priest is doing his job and issuing his war hyms.

The OotF was also doing his job and kept the Stromraven and Stormtalon  off the table for the entire game. By the end of turn 3 I had eliminated all three rhinos, claiming first blood in the process, destroyed 2 combat squads and whittled the others down to half strength at best and I had wiped out the Honour Guard leaving just the Chapter Master in combat. Unfortunately I still lost, 4 (obj + Line breaker) to 1 (first blood). This was partly my fault, I placed my objective very aggressively towards the edge of my half and then got carried away and didn't issue orders or consider my options properly. The main mistake was using units in the wrong order, which allowed a small SM unit to contest my objective. If the game had gone in to one more turn then I would probably been able to claim a win, as I think I could have removed the last two wounds off on the chapter master to deny line breaker and claim Slay the Warlord, and I would have moved the left platoon, which was pretty much intact up to deal with the marines contesting the objective. The only issue would have been the raider and the fact that the SM fliers would have been on automatically. I can see that this game would have gone to be a case of the fliers and Raider running around destroying my army as I ran around and tried to survive.

So, overall I'm happy with my performance. I just need to be more logical and think through my options before just jumping in. I think my deployment was good and my Sternguard in the vendetta worked well and will be tried again next game as well. Hopefully, I will have enough jump packs to try out the BA Vanguard Vets formation as well.

Tuesday 27 January 2015


Well, it's the first milestone of the blog, 100 views! Ok I will admit that I might have cheated a little especially at the beginning when I hadn't figured out blogger fully, not that I've figured it out now!

Anyway, the stats show 100 views, so thank you to everyone who has looked at my blog and also to the few regular viewers who frequent the page.

One thing that I've found interesting is where the views have come from, so far I've had views from;

The U.S. - 55
The UK - 27
France - 4
Poland - 3
Hungary - 2
Panama - 2
Russia - 2
Canada - 1
Sweden - 1

Now most have come fre the UK or US, which I expected, but I didn't expect views from places like Hungary or Panama. I suppose that 40k is a world wide game after all, either that or there were some very lost people out there!

In addition, good old IE seems to be falling by the wayside when it comes to browsers, as Chrome (45 views) and Safari (26 - 30 if you include mobile Safari), are a lot more popular than IE (15). Windows and Mac, 36 and 34 respectively, are pretty even in the system stakes, although when you include the other Apple platforms the figures change, 57 views to 43 on other systems.

I know that's all rather geekish, but I think there is a little bit of geek in everyone that plays 40k or WHFB for that matter.

Anyway, thank you for looking at my blog, it makes me happy that some one out there is sharing my passion of 40k and my little slice of the 40k universe!

Friday 23 January 2015

Kings of the North, First post

This will be the first of many posts in relation to the Kings of the North Tournament, and will feature my initial thoughts on what army I will take with me.

My first thought was to take my Hjaltland LI, possibly with some of the MT's for some ap3 shooting. It's a 2000 point tournament, so plenty of space to take a small MT force and a good IG force. However, I was also considering taking one of the new BA formations, namely the Vanguard Strike Force. This would mean I would have an IG army, MT allies and a BA formation, and hopefully a good little force. This would give me massed shooting, still in good numbers, some ap3 shooting with deep strike for some pricision target elimination and finally some good CC troops, depending upon what I equip them with. 

Other ideas, slightly more off beat, would be to take the MTs as elite IG rather than as allies, meaning I can take some SMs as allies, for some sternguard goodness from my Disciples, along side the Knights vanguard formation. Sternguard in a Vendetta anyone? This all adds points and reduces the IG numbers, not sure on points yet, I'll need to check that out when I have time. The other even more crazy idea is to get me a Baneblade, which I would run in Stormlord format with its 30 shot mega bolter! There's not a lot that's gonna start up to that amount of shots, and it will provide a good defensive position for a lot of troops. It's going to cost a lot to run the Stormlord, especially if I run all the allies and formations that I want to. 

As you might have guessed, I'm not going to KotN to win. I'm sure I could give it a good go if I wanted, but I dont, I'm going for fun and to get some games in. I have always taken fluff lists to previous tournaments, mostly my IG Hjaltland army in standard trim, although this time I'm defiantly thinking of taking something extra. I'll have a look over the next few weeks at points and see what options are.

Friday 16 January 2015

Codex thoughts

A while ago I mention a few thoughts on codices, I thought the I would expand on my thoughts a little here.

The main codex, with the 6 main chapters in, ( Ultrasmurfs, Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Raven Guard, Salamanders and White Scars) is great. I love the fact that you can take chapter tactics now, it really gives each army its own identity, something they have been lacking in previous codices. I know some will complain about the Black Templars, and I kinda agree, I think that they are different enough to warrent their own codex. Personally, I think they should be twined with the sisters, as they are in my opinion fairly similar, there both hardline fanatics after all. I would love to see a more dedicated codex to these two armies, in many respects bringing them closer together.

However, I feel that some of the other codices are lacking a little in fluff. The SW codex is great, and keeps the individual flavour of the Wolves and their different nature intact, if not enhances it. It gives lots of new options that are unique to the wolves, along with keeping those things that have always been unique to them.

As for the other codices, I think that they should do more to the DA codex to make it more individual. The DA and the Unforgiven have an ulterior motive in chasing down the Fallen. I think that they should make them darker and more sinister, moving them further away from a codex chapter and reform them more for their hunt of the Fallen. My view would be to do away with the codex structure and form each company in to a self contained hunt, with all units spread across the chapter. As such each hunt would contain fast, heavy, elite and troop choices, with Ravenwing units and Deathwing units being part of each. The first company would become the Master Hunt with the Chapter Master more Vet units and the best options, used for hunting the meanest and toughest targets, but the other companies would be set up all the same, along the lines of bikes to find the prey, troops to hold them and termies to kill them. This would enable each hunt to act independently, much in the was that each great company of Wolves do, with recruits joining a specific hunt and then working their way through the ranks to Hunt Master, with those who show the best skill and dedication being chosen to join the Master Hunt with the Master of the Hunts or Chapter Master. This would be difficult I realise as it would require the rewriting of lots of the DA fluff, but I think it would be worth it and give them the identity and flavour I think they should have.

As for BA, well, its a little more difficult, as both the White Scars and Raven Guard have chapter tactics based around speed and manoeuvrability. The BA do have Fast vehicles which other chapter don't, so that's one thing, but I also believe that they should have assault marines as troop choices. This would necessitate moving away from the codex, which again I think they should. BA should be very much about speed and up close and personal combat, which I think that current codex does a lot for with the special rules and fast vehicles, but they are still restricted by the codex. Moving away from the codex, and having more assault marines and more assault vehicles. Yes, Deep Striking LR's was silly, there's no getting away from that, but having LR's as dedicated transport was a good idea. An assault squad with a LR would be a good combination, especially a Crusader, and something that I think should have remained an option for BA players. I would also love to be able to take tac marines with jump packs, silly I know, but a bunch of tacs with bolters zipping around the table could be fun! I think that they should have got there own flyer as well, one that could be a small transport, a flying razorback, or a fast attack craft, similar to the stormtalon. BA are probably the most restrictive in the flying dept. at the moment, with only one true flyer, although DA may well be more restricted, that could easily be solved by changing some of the rules for the Darkshroud and Vengeance.

Not being much a DA player I can't say much for their current codex but despite my ramblings above, I do like the new BA codex and it has changed my ideas for my SM armies, as now the Knights will be taking a leading role as opposed to the Disciples, which were going to be my primary SM army, although they will still be featuring on the table at some point or another.

On a more personal not, life it getting more hectic around here at the moment and so I'll only be posting once a week for the foreseeable future, probably on a Friday. I will post bits and pieces up on the spur of the moment though if I feel there is anything I think warrants it, the next one probably being the Necron release!

Tuesday 13 January 2015

Building the Eagle Knights

With the Eagle Knights following the BA codex, there are a few little issue that arise when converting  other GW models. These mostly revolve around the infurnus pistol and hand flamer, as these are limited to the Sisters and BA, and are not found in other kits. As such, I've been looking around for alternative models for these weapons and have come across a few options.

For the infurnus pistols I have been looking at these Fusion Pistols from anvil industries. I think these will be perfect, they have the right looks and style and are priced decently, although I'm going to end up with quite a few more than I need.

I've also been looking at these for the Hand Flamers. I'm not 100% certain on these, as I dont like the overall look or the fact that the fuel chamber makes up the body, they could be good for combi weapons though.

Another option, again not great, could be these Hand Flamers. It's number 5 on the list and it might require some modification or specific painting to make it look more like a flame pistol.

I'll keep looking to see if I can find other options but at the moment there don't seem to be many out there.

There is also the issue of assault packs. GW do sell the packs in 5's, which is a good option, but I've also been drawn to these two options. These Jump Packs for the main assault squads, and these Jump Packs for the vets and characters. I like both packs, but the extra detail will make the vets stand out from the rest. There also not massively different in style from the marines, so they won't look out of place.

On a side note, the rifle for my Vindicare Assassin. A little off topic I know, but the rifle is just perfect as far a I'm concerned, big and bulky like a .50 cal rifle. With a modified Cadian wielding it, it should do the job nicely.

Friday 9 January 2015


In this post I'm going to go over the formations for the IG, BA and Marines. I'm not going to go in to all of them in detail, just the ones that I like and think will be useful to me. I'll probably miss a few along the way, I'm not that up to date on them all and haven't bothered with all the supplements and campaigns. Any way, I'll start with the IG ones as there aren't that many;

The Steel Host, a armoured formation consisting of a tank command squadron leading a couple of LR squadrons with a Hydra for some AA. Useful if you have lots of tanks, but I don't have enough to field this

Rampart Detachment, a command squad plus a couple of bullgryn units. Again, it could be useful but I don't own the bullgryns.

The BA formations There are quite a few out there, especially with the Shield of Baal, but these are the ones I'm interested in;

The Angles Wrath, a Vanguard Veteran unit and 2 Assault squads, the advantaged is a single reserve roll and the assault squads don't scatter if they come in with the vets. The bonus of causing hits to enemy models close by is also good.

The Flesh Tearers Vanguard Strike Force also looks good, 3 Tactical squads, 1 Assault squad, 1 Vanguard vets and 1 Furioso dread. A good solid formation, with the charge and initiative bonus' also being good.

The Defenders of Cathedrum is the last formation I like the look of. With 1 Terminator squad, 1 DC squad, 2 Tactical squads, 1 Assault squad and a Furioso dread, its similar to the Vanguard Strike Force, but the extra rules will make this unit difficult to shift.

I'm not really interested in most of the other formations because they tend to include either a Stormraven or a Stormtalon, neither of which I have or wish to acquire at this time.

The standard SM formations also tend to contain either of the flyers, mostly the Stormwing and Saint Tylus battle force. The Strike Force Ultra also looks good, but I have not intention of fielding that many Termies. The one formation that does look good is the Reclusiam command squad, ok so its a dataslate rather than a formation, but I still like the look of it and it contains everything that I would field anyway.

Tuesday 6 January 2015

Eagle Knights 2000 points list

This post will include my 2000 point list for the Eagle Knights chapter, I'll just get straight on on with the list and ramble on afterwards;

Captain - 205
Power Sword, Artificer armour, Storm Shield, Razorback

Chaplin - 115
Angles Wings

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Tac - 165
10 marines, Hand Flamer, Flamer, Heavy Flamer

Command Squad - 215
Standard, 4 Storm Shields, 4 Power Weapons

Vanguard - 252
6 Vets w/jump packs, 4x Lighting Claws, 2x Power Axes, Power Sword, Power Maul

Sternguard - 242
6 Vets, 6 Combi-bolters, Rhino w/Storm Bolter

Assault - 155
4x Infernus Pistols, Melta Bomb, Rhino w/Storm Bolter

Assault - 190
10x Marines

Assault - 160
4x Plasma Pistols

Baal Pred - 135
Bolter Sponsons

Its a simple list I think, hopefully covering all the bases, except possibly long ranged AT and AA. The Captain is with the Command Squad in the Razorback for picking up targets of opportunity, the Chaplin is with the Vanguard squad for taking down priority targets, assisted by the Sternguard, which will usually be armed with combi-plasma for AP2 shooting. The 10 man assault squad will combat squad, with 5 going with the vanguard vets and 5 going with the plasma assault squad. The Infurnus squad in the rhino will go after armour targets. The tac squad will also combat squad with the flamers going with the Baal for close ranged support and the bolter squads will roam the board going for objectives and taking down any units that get within range.

The lack of long ranged AT is a common theme in most of my lists, with most of the AT in my IG armies being provided by my Vendetta, and in the Disciples list, the AT is covered by the Devs. So maybe its not as lacking as I though? AA is similarly covered by the Vendetta and various missile teams, so its not so much of a problem. In this list, there is no dedicated AA cover, its left mostly up to the Baal, with its twin-linked Assault cannons, and all the anti tank stuff is short ranged, but when it does get in to range its got a good chance of doing the job. Still, I think its a good balance, but I'll have to play it at some point and see how it gets on. It could be a while before it hits the table though!

Friday 2 January 2015

New Years Resolutions

Right, new year has been and gone and like many people I have made my resolutions. Most revolve around the game, in fact I think they all do!

1) Finish painting my Hjaltland LI, I'm slowly but surely getting there but I need to go faster.

2) Base coat all vehicles, should be easy with an air brush! I've got a few done, but need to get the rest sorted. I'll try and get some of the details done as well.

3) Start on Eagle Knights, I'll probably start with one of the formation, as they'll be easier to complete and I want to use them anyway.

4) Not buy any more models I don't really need! Not sure this one will last but I'll try and it'll link in with the next resolution.

5) Sell off models I don't need, there only taking up space and will provide money towards supplies and paint.

6) Get some pictures up here, its all very nice talking about my models and army fluff, but it'd be nice to get some pics up here.

I'm sure that not all of these resolutions will be kept, but I'll start off the year with good intentions.