Friday 26 February 2016


I know I'm a little behind the curve on this one but i thought i would write a little about the new models from GW, namely the new SW Wolfen. While I don't like the models very much and the rules are somewhat over powered (as are a lot of new models), I have always liked the fluff.   As I've mentioned in the past my first marine army was space wolves, many many moons ago now though.

I don't have the full rules in front of me right now, mainly as I cant seem to find them anywhere, but I do have several 'bits' that have enabled me to hopefully have all the rules, but well see.
So the rules, well, it looks like there 150 points for 5 models, so getting up to terminator points, but 2 wounds, 3 attacks base and initiative 5. So not to shabby, only real downside I can see is armour 4+. There are a whole raft of special rules, including the usual ATSKNF, FNP, Acute Senses and Counter Attack, along with Rage and 'Curse of the Wolfen'. As befits a model like this its bulky, not that really means a lot.

When you look at this, things don't seem to bad, they can be taken down fairly easily as their only T4, but their are a number of extra rules. Such as being able to run and charge (Leaping Bounds) and being able to attack again if they die in combat, that's again as in if they have already attacked at initiative (Deathfrenzy).

The Curse of the Wolfen is a little long winded, but basically its a roll on a table job with some sort of effect depending upon if your in combat or not. It all seems a little long winded and time consuming if you ask me. Some of the rules are good, some are ok, but I think its all a little situational and geared towards close combat.

As for extras, well, things aren't much better here either, 12pts for a set of ap2 lightening claws? 8pts for a ap2 axe striking at initiative? or if that's not to your fancy, how about 2pts for a assault 3 grenade launcher? Undercosted anyone?

As for the other characters that were released,  Ulrik the Slayer, Wolf lord Krom, and the new Iron Priest. I haven't been able to get the rules for these, the only copies I can find are very blurry but I have seen a bit of the chatter on the net and again it all seems pretty OP. I might try and find some better copies at some point, but to be honest I'm not really that bothered about it.

Also, there is the new Deathwatch game. Which looks quite good, but I don't think I'll be getting it.

Friday 19 February 2016

100 Posts

Well, the title says it all, I've reached 100 posts. Its taken about 15 months, but I've hit the magic 100 (why its magic I have no idea!) So, in a similar vain to the views post I've been looking at what has been popular on the blog. Now, I originally wrote this post a while back, I know, kinda presumptuous of me, thinking that not much would really change and that I might have to up the figures by a couple before it went live. However, I think I've had to re write the post several times as the numbers keep changing and new posts become popular, even though I'm not sure why there has been a bit of a surge in viewing. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy that people are visiting, but it is something I will have to look in to at some point. Anyway, on the main event, the numbers;

Top 5 popular posts are;

Christmas Post from December 2015 with 68 views

Forge World Militarum Tempestus from Nov 2014 with 23 views

Cadian Formation from December 2015 with 22 views

2016; The plan from February 2012 with 20 views

Green Stuff from October 2015
My Christmas from January 2016 with 12 views apiece

Pages wise, most pages have had a view at some point or another with a few on 5 or 6 views, but the most popular ones have been;

About Me with 11 views and Dagr Ormr Militarium Tempestus and Hrossey Mechanised Infantry on 7 views a piece.

Ok, so its not the most thrilling of reads, but its interesting that the Forge World post is still one of the most popular posts. Despite being quite an old one, people keep visiting it every so often. And I'm not sure why the Christmas post is so popular!

Well, see where the next 150 posts gets us, (I mean apart from to the 250 posts point!).

Friday 12 February 2016

The future of the blog

Well, I've been at this for a while now, about 15 months or more, and I am really enjoying writing the blog. I have had pliantly of time in recent months to write as I have been able to write a lot at work, mostly as my job has been just to sit and make sure that the students don't trash the accommodation block! However, I'm not working any more, as I've got a lot of other things going on, mostly DiY on the house. The lounge was supposed to be completed by Christmas, however its February and its still not complete, not even close. Also, the older bairns room is still incomplete, you get the idea....

All this means that I may not be blogging as much as I want and my weekly posts may dwindle to every other week or so, but I will be continuing and posting, as and when I can.

I still have lots of plans, mostly getting pictures of my various armies up, and also up dates on the modelling of the remaining models. However, getting time to photograph anything is still limited, so it may well take some time to get it done. Hopefully, with the weather improving, I might be able to get out in the evenings and get some models base coated, in the summer months it should be easy as its light up here until very late. Getting paint on some models is my main aim this year, as I don't like playing with grey models everywhere, especially against nicely painted armies!

As new 40k stuff is released, I will get a review/thoughts up here, even if its just a quick acknowledgement post.

Well, its a bit of a short post, and not a very upbeat one at that! but until next time, take care and enjoy your gaming!

Friday 5 February 2016

2016; The plan

Well, I did a review of 2015 a few weeks ago and my resolutions for this year, so I thought I should do a plan for 2016. It wont take long to go through the plan, as I am keeping things as simple as possible as I'm keeping my aspirations low and hopefully I will succeed, as was shown in my resolutions, which for reference were;

1) Try and model up all the missing models from the various army lists

2) Sell models I don't need! I really need to do this!

3) Try and base coat some of the models, so at least I can place them on the table together with out getting confused with what model belongs to what army.

4) Play some games!

So the plan! First up is completing a few of the lists, namely finishing building the Hjaltland LI list by completing my Valkyrie that's been sitting on my shelf since LAST Christmas, competing the Hrossey Yeomanry by building a Primaris Psyker and purchase a Chimera, and also finish the Dagr Ormr strike force by completing the supporting troops, namely the OotF and Standard from the command squad and 2 Sgts and a heavy flamer from the vets. In addition, Anvil Industries just released this!! So that's now on my wish list for my MT's as Taurox alternatives.

As for my marines, with the purchase of Betrayal of Calth, the Dark Guardians are now back in limbo, but they will be my main focus for the marines this year and the Emperors Disciples will be bringing up the rear when the Guardians are finished/stalled.

In addition, I am planning on putting together a Assassins Cadre with all 4 assassins. I have bits for the Vindicare and Eversor assassins, but the other two, the Callidus and Culexus are a little more difficult to kit bash.

Finally, my last aim for 2016 is to get some paint on all the models, just the undercoat/basecoat, so that when the models are no the table I can use different chapters or regiments without getting confused as to who's who, and also making things look a little nicer on the table. This means, getting some green on the last of the Guard, apart from the Dagr Ormr support units, which will be painted the same colours are the stormtroopers, for force coherency. for the marines, the Knights will be orange and the Disciples will be dark blue, the Guardians are a little up in the air right now, but will probably be grey/silver.

As for new models, well apart from the transport for the MT's and Betrayal of Calth, there are no models on the horizon, I really want to get the models that I have painted and finished to a table top standard, something that's a long way off at the moment. Also there are no models that I want from GW, at least nothing that I know of yet.

One bonus that I would like to try but I think will be completely impossible is to bash up some terrain, just simple and basic stuff. The old food containers on card type, or maybe some card building types, like you use to get in the old White Dwarfs. It would be good to get some, as the club here is lacking in bits, but I doubt I'll get the time to do this.