Friday, 8 January 2016

My Christmas

Well another Christmas over and done with,  and while I haven't added much to my collection, I have got a few bits and peices. Most of my presents this year revolved around the DIY for the house, namely plastering, with a few other bits. I also got a driving experience from the wife, one of these simulation jobs, but it was really good and felt realistic. Defiantly would do it again one day.

My main 40k present was a pack of the new Cadia Datacards. These are going to be useful in any games I get in the future, although I have missed the Xmas tournament at the club as I was down south visiting family.

The tournament sounded like it was good fun, with lots of interesting scenarios and missions. There was a range of different armies, one including just 5 tanks (a superheavy and 4 russes) @1500pts. I'll try and get a full report about it up here if I can, but I'll see if I get around to it as I've only just got home from visiting the family and there's a few things that need sorting first.

Sorry for the short post, time has been fairly limited at the moment, we've just got back from visiting family. Hopefully I'll be able to get few games in with my new cards, if I do I'll let you know how I get on, and I've got a few other posts I'd like to get up here in the next few weeks, hopefully I'll get time to write them!