Friday, 29 January 2016

Eagle Knights Command Squad

With all elements of the Eagle Knights complete I thought I'd show some close ups of the Command Squad and Captain. Ok, I finished these a while ago, before Christmas in fact, but I haven't had a chance to post the pictures up yet.

 The completed Command squad. Some minor conversion work undertaken, but mostly they are just kitbashed from Chaos Space Marines. From left to right are; Vet, sanguinary novitiate, Champion, Vet with Company Standard and another Vet.

 The Company Champion, armed as per the book. Why he only has a combat shield and not a storm shield I will never know, as he's now out classed by the vets in his unit. Anyway, this champion uses a DV Tac Sgts chest with robe and DV Chaos pack (below), a BA DC power sword and helmet. The combat shield is a fantasy item, dwarfs I think(??) with a chaos arm. Overall, I like the look. He looks like a marine who's customised his armour over the years and is showing the influence of chaos/mutation that plagues the chapter.

 The sanguinary novitiate, who at present doesn't really stand out. When painted he will, as I will use the classic scheme I posted about in an earlier post. He is basically a mash of Chaos legs, marine body with BA DC arms, pack and head. Pretty simple really.
 The Vets, these guys are the real power of the command squad. All are armed with Storm Shields, Power Swords and Pistols. The power swords can be seen below, poking out from behind the packs. These will be painted fairly prominently, to make them stand out. The storm shields are again from fantasy, chaos I think this time. The are the long versions, rather then the smaller version, to represent the difference between the combat shield and storm shield. The centre vet carries the company standard, a DA item, which I will paint up for the company, in a
 very basic free hand job. The rest of the models are mostly BA DC models apart from the packs which are DV Chaos items and the heads are old chaos heads, the centre one has lost its 'ears' but will hopefully gain a fancy face paint job.

As for fluff, these guys need some work, as presently theirs is very thin on the ground. I will work it out at some point, but that's for the future I think.
 And this brings us to the main man himself, Captain Verreaux. A man who shows his preference for combat by wielding a storm shield and a relic of the chapter in the form of the Raptors Bite (aka the BA relic Valour's Edge) and is clad in ancient Artificer Armour. This armour shows the signs of repeated exposure to chaos and the influence of the chapters mutations. The captain retains his bolt pistol, a relic of his days as a Scout, many centuries ago.
 The model itself is the DV Chaos lord modified with a new arm from the DA Storm shield and a bolt pistol attached. I'll do some minor conversion and some liquid green stuffing to remove some of the chaos items, others will be hidden (hopefully) by the paint job. The pack is also a DA item.
And finally, a nice little picture, hopefully one I will be able to recreate when painted, just don't expect it anytime soon!