Friday 19 August 2022

Kill Team: into the dark

 So we have finally seen what Kill Team: Into the dark is all about and to be honest, I really like it. Granted I’m highly unlikely to buy the box set but I may pick up the board and terrain on eBay, depending upon how much it’s going for. The teams themselves are not really of interest to me, I have several guard units and I don’t really need or want a new kill team or 40k unit in the form of the Navy Breachers. It’s  ot that I don’t like the models, there very nice but I just don’t have a use or need for them, if the rumours of the new vet guard box are true I may well pick that up and arm them with shotguns and bits from the bits box to create a count as team but for now I’m not interested in the team. The Kroot is also not of interest to me but might be of interest to my son as it will complement his Tau pathfinders kill team and fit into his Tau 40k army. 

In addition the box come with all the tokens and core rules that I already have and so that would all be wasted money, the rule book for Into the dark I’ll no doubt turn up cheaply on eBay, well certainly cheaper than buying the whole box. 

What I’m really interested in however is the terrain, which looks awesome and I think could be quite quick and easy to paint up and get on the table. I also like the idea that we’re going to see expansions to this terrain over the next few box sets. This could easily result in a full 6x4 board full of terrain like this for some really fun and thematic boards. I do like the idea of having a zone mortalis type of board. 

Overall I do really like the idea of this set but I just can't justify buying the full set but I think that I will end up going my own way for both the teams and terrain. 

I really do like the way Kill Team is going at the moment and I like the way the future looks, I just wish that they would get around to doing more of the bespoke teams for compendium forces rather than bringing out kill team specific models. I'm hoping we get Deathwatch and marine scout teams soon and hope that the guard Scion \ Kasrkin team is released soon.

Friday 12 August 2022


 So there hasn't been much in the way of hobby posts recently but there has been quite a bit of work going on in the back ground. There have been several projects and I'll run through a couple of the more prominent ones.

Ork Boyz kill team: these guys have now been built and primed black and some have received a dry brush of grey to bring out the details. I plan on getting these finished of soon-ish, once I've finished a few other bits and pieces. The colour scheme will be fairly simple, with mostly black clothes and gunmetal gear with the classic green flesh, with only a few details in colour. Nice and simple but hopefully still effective on the tabletop.

Vet guard kill team: since I got a second box of these guys for my birthday, I've built all the options and they have been primed ready for paint. The issue is that the original half was painted by my son but he's busy painting up his Tau models, so I don't think he will get around to painting up the rest any time soon. This leaves me with the problem of either waiting until he can get around to painting them or paint them myself and have them look different. I've a few other projects that I want to get done first anyway so I've a bit of time to sort the problem.

Flight stands: a little bit more visually interesting from he on! I've finally got around to building my flight stands for my jump units. At present I've only built 3 but I've got the parts now to built the other 3.  

As you can see there middle model is a little bit wobbly on its stand but in the whole they work quite well. 

I've drilled holes in the back of the models, on these ones, the hole is between their legs, which I think was a mistake and I should have gone higher at the base of the packs, something I did with the next 3 models. 

These were a lot more stable that the first 3 models and they look good as well.

Holes drilled at the base of the packs. I did try one between the legs but it didn't sit well at all, so I re-drilled at the base of the packs. Since taking these pictures I've painted and flocked them and they look very nice indeed. I'll try and get the next 3 built over the next couple of weeks.

Army painter Quickshade: I've finally got around to dipping my marines, after my youngest managed to start rubbing off the transfers! I had a few problems dipping these due to their size and shape but on the whole it was ok. Marneus Calgar (centre right) was one of the worst models, as there are quite a few nooks and crannies for the Quickshade to hide in and them run down when you put the models down to dry. I caught some of them but Calgar was one of the first to be done and I didn't catch it until in was to late and the Quickshade was drying. 

This was the first half of the marines, so there was another 2\3 of a box of models that were done after this lot had dried. It was good to get is done, as this means that all my main models are now dipped and protected from playing and my littlest grubby little hands. 

Tuesday 9 August 2022

Sisters of Battle Kill Team

So after a long wait, I've finally got my sister's of battle painted up! It's been nearly two years since I received the sisters as a birthday gift. They have been built for quite some time, probably most of that time and undercoated for at least a year but finally they are here and finished! 
They were originally made as a Kill team for the 2018 version, alongside a couple of special characters but with the transfer to the 2021 rules there were some changes and some issues, namely the loss of the special characters and being two models short due to roster restrictions. Then they have sort of been superseded by the sisters Novitiates kill team but I'm hopeful we will get a bespoke team for these sisters at some point. 
So that being said, all my kill teams have a little back story to them and these girls are no different;
The sisters of the Golden Orb, A minor subsidiary of the Order of the Valorous Heart, are a crusading force, who often send small forces of sisters off to nearby warzones to assist in cleansing the unclean and unholy and to minister to the populous. Squad Lucinias, is the third squad of the second missionary force and is a veteran of multiple crusades, they have seen almost everything that the galaxy has to show, from daemons to plagues to xenos to the darkest depths of humanity and yet their faith shines brighter than ever and their blades are still as Sharp as the day they were forged. These sisters believe that by enduring these tests of faith and coming out unscathed that thier faith in the emperor is true and pure and that they are chosen to be his sword, his retribution. One of the things that stands these sisters out from many others is their silence on the field of battle, these sisters only break their silence once on holy ground.

Mission: Piety in suffering, Background: crusade veterans, Squad Quirk vow of silence

Piety in Suffering: Prove your unshakeable faith by enduring hardships and dangers that none but the Emperor’s chosen could long survive.

Crusade Veterans: Long years have these Battle sisters been on crusade. They have overcome many horrors, been honed like sharpened blades, and their faith burns hotter than ever.

Vow of Silence: Speech has been forbidden these warriors until they fulfil their duty. 

 Sister Superior Danica Lucinias and Icon Bearer Amelia Sacristus,

 Sister Superior Danica Lucinias is the most experienced of all the sisters, having served for more years than she would like to admit. During this time she has seen the highs and lows of humanity and has come to despair at the state of humanity, for guilt is universal, it is only the depth of that guilt that varies and she delivers the Emperor's justice to all, and let's the Emperor decide their fates. 

Trait: Sorrowful: The heresies of Humanity and their foes alike have brought this warrior to a state of perpetual mourning. To her eyes, all are guilty of sin. She discharges her duties with a mournful air, deaf to pleas for mercy, or claims of innocence.

Cherub because everyone needs a Cherub

The Icon bearer or the Simulacrum Imperialis as the sisters know it, Sister Amelia Sacristus, is an solid uncompromising character, unyielding in the face of the enemy and unmerciful in battle. She has stood as a rock against all who have tried to despoil her charge and has found herself at the heart of many battles, steadying the line and rallying all those at her side.

Unmerciful: This warrior channels all her hatred and fury into destroying her heretic foes.

Sisters Eliza Shengg, Danica Dasyrov and Amelia Serenitas

Next up are the battle sisters, some of the newest recruits to the squad, still keen to show their devotion and faith 

Sister Eliza Shengg is seen as reckless and headstrong, often seen at the very heart of the battle, trying to deliver the Emperor's justice all on her own. She has be sanctioned many times for loose interpretation of orders but there is no denying her devotion and faith.

Scourge of Heretics: Teetering on the brink of religious lunacy, this zealous warrior seeks to purge all taint of heresy from the stars in as violent a fashion as she can, with no thought at all for her own safety, or that of her sisters.

Sister Danica Dasyrov is very different a warrior than many of her sisters. She takes her duty to the Emperor very seriously, and see's her every action as an act of worship.

Solemn: Battle is a sacred duty to this warrior, who treats every engagement as an opportunity to praise the Emperor with reverence and dignity.

Sister Amelia Serenitas is often hailed as a prime example of a battle suster, for every action is carefully executed to be as precise and perfect as can be, from every step she takes, to every shot she makes, for the Emperor is perfect in everyway and so should every act of worship and devotion.

Precise: The Emperor applauds diligence. Every act is one of worship, and all worship should be perfect in form. So this warrior believes, and she strives always to practise what she preaches.

Sisters Lisbett Bellicos, Helencia Serenitas and Danica Caritas

These sisters have been elevated to the role of Specialist Sisters or Gunners. They have shown themselves to be solid and reliable sisters, capable of acting on their own initiative during battles.

Sister Lisbett Bellicos wields her flamer with confidence and an easy formed over many years. No matter the foe, she stands sure and steady, her faith in her flamer to deal with anything undoubted and her faith in the Emperor to protect her undiminished. 

Fierce: No threat, no matter how fearsome, can shake this warrior’s faith, or still her relentless aggression.

Sister Helencia Serenitas has seen many things and been many places. Heretics are all around, hiding in every door way and behind every wall. She hefts her trusty storm bolter and delivers justice and retribution to whoever is brave or stupid enough to show themselves, no matter their claims of mercy or innocence.

Sorrowful: The heresies of Humanity and their foes alike have brought this warrior to a state of perpetual mourning. To her eyes, all are guilty of sin. She discharges her duties with a mournful air, deaf to pleas for mercy, or claims of innocence.

Sister Danica Caritas is one of the most aggressive and fierce warriors amongst the squad, charging forward to bring holy fire forth to the enemy, incinerating foes with her melta gun, trusting her faith and fury to carry her though.

Fierce: No threat, no matter how fearsome, can shake this warrior’s faith, or still her relentless aggression.

Sisters Danica Honourifica and Eliza N'Bata

These two sister have also shown their abilities and reliability on the battlefield as well but have also shown greater physical strength to match their spiritual strength and as such have been gifted even heavier weaponry. 

Sister Danica Honourifica reveals in the glory of battle as she delivers swift justice to the enemies of the Emperor. Her heavy bolter delivers death and destruction wherever she points it.  

Rapturous: The furore of battle fills this warrior with holy light, and the simple joy of cleansing the galaxy in the Emperor’s name.

Sister Eliza N'Bata holds herself as a shining example of the faithful and despises all those who do not bath themselves in the light of the Emperor, seeing them as unworthy of pity or mercy, barely fit to receive the cleansing flames of her heavy flamer. 

Aloof: This warrior has nothing but contempt for all those not of the Imperial faith, looking down upon her foes with disgust.

Next up we have the Frateris Militia! Now remember when I said that the rules changes from 2018 to 2021 meant that I could not field a full team of sisters anymore, well here are my two stand in models, the Frateris Militia. These are members of the population that have listen to the call to arms and have come to fight side by side with the sister in holy war on the unbelievers. Ranging from rag tag bands of peasants to highly trained and well armed veterans, the Frateris Militia come in all shapes and sizes, these two the shape of Imperial Guard Veterans. 

Confessor-Sergeant Dekker is a veteran soldier who had thought his soldiering days were done but when a war of faith came calling he could not stand by and watch. Taking his old uniform out for where it lay gathering dust he heeded the call to arms and rejoices in continuing the Emperor's work bring death and destruction to the unfaithful and unworthy.

Unmerciful: This warrior channels all her hatred and fury into destroying her heretic foes.

Confessor-Sergeant Kolson has alway been a true believer in the power of the God Emperor and

Firebrand: Preaching as she fights, this warrior proclaims the magnificence of the God Emperor and bellows out his catechisms as she purges the unclean foe.


Gottfred De montbard, repentia, pious vorne, 

Friday 5 August 2022

Once more unto the breach.

 So I finally managed to get a proper game in. It's take some time but we got there. I've played a few games over then last few weeks against my son's Tau but these have not been what I would consider proper matches, more fun matches to give my son some time on the table top and get him use to his rules, such as aura abilities, warlord traits and stratagems. This game however was against another club member, one who hasn't been playing for that long but is still quite knowledgeable about the game, having played a few games now.

I knew I was going to be up against it from the off, when he announced he was going to bring his custodes army, instead of his marines. I didn't blink however and threw myself at the game. His final list consisted of 14 models, a captain on bike plus 3 other bikes, a vexilus with the -1 to hit and 3 man units of guard with axes, wardens with spears and allarus with spears. Not a huge army but a very tough one, although no shields, so that's a bonus.

My force consisted of a tank commander with vanquisher, 2 LRBT's and a demolisher Russ plus 2 infantry squads, a command squad and a company commander. At the start i was torn between taking more infantry and less tanks or more tanks and less infantry, as it turns out I think I should have gone a lot more infantry and less tanks, maybe I'll try that out next time. 

The game itself went pretty much as you'd imagine, however I did t get any pictures, as I was dealing with my son playing a game with my opponents son and another friend plus trying to remember rules and help my opponent out with his plans and options, not that he really needed any help!

In the end the game was a loss, With my actual score being 58 as I also claimed hold more last turn, as he moved off his objectives in his last turn (he went first) to try and do damage to me, enabling me to steal some extra points but the game was a forgone conclusion by that point anyway.

So what did I learn from the game? At a thousand points it's really hard to pick decent secondaries when your running tanks against custodes. He managed to nail his faction specific secondary and killed my warlord for max points, as my warlord wiffed all his shots turn 1! He was also unlucky not to score more for line breaker, a movement error turn 2 lost him some points and I managed to take out a unit turn 3 so stopping him getting any more points. There was also not enough units on the board to get a good tally for thin their ranks. On my side slay the warlord, although a good pick, doesn't get that many point, only 6, where as the custodies one, the one my opponent picked is basically the same thing but can get you over twice the points. I was hopeful that WWS,WF would get me points but one of the units was also my warlord, so I should have guessed that I would loose some points there and I was lucky with the other one, as I had two tanks that were identical but just happened to place the one that counted on the far side of the board to his bikes. Banners was a complete mistake as I really didn't have enough units to claim objectives and raise banners successful once the units got engaged. I should have either taken more troops or another secondary but there really wasn't any other I though could work. Maybe using some of the new Nephilim secondaries would have helped but we were playing the original rulebook eternal war missions.

Over all it was a good game and it was good to be playing again, even if the guard still aren't quite up where they should be yet, although auto wound on 6's is a great bonus. Maybe next time when I bring more infantry I'll be able to pull out a victory, although I doubt it!