Tuesday 29 October 2019

Armiger warglaives

After the updates to the various kill teams, I thought I should post this one up, as it's been sitting in the draft folder for quite a while as well. Despite the length of time sitting in the draft folder, nothing has actually happen with these guys yet, there still exactly as you see them here, with the exception of the melta on top of the white one, that got broken off.

The two models, side by side

This one is still in component parts, as I intend to paint in sub assemblies.

This one has been built, primed and subsequently claimed by my son. He didn't want to paint in sub assemblies so it's all glued and fixed.

I'm planning on getting some contrast Pai to to finish these off, partly to give the paints a try and partly to see if it will work for my son when he comes to paint up his nids. Colour scheme is not really important here as they will go to form a small force with my AdMech units. In the long run another knight will join them, either a Castellan or a crusader. My first choice would actually be a crusader but a Castellan would also fit the bill. The force would represent a small household, with knight and a couple of squires supported by a small band of loyal guards from a local small forge world. Anyway, that's a long way off right now.

Friday 25 October 2019

Inquisitorial update

Following on from the AdMech update here is an update on my inquisitorial kill team. I'll not say much here as I'm planning on putting up a full team post with all the back stories and stuff, the same as I did for the Guard team. So enjoy the pictures.

Group shot. This group only includes the special weapons and other "characters".

From left to right; Vox caster, not much good in competitive play but it looks cool, Sgt and medic

Flamer, grenade launchers and melta gun

Hotshot volley guns and plasma gunners

My favorite three models from this batch. 

I like the medic (left) quite a lot, even though the combination of the old RT era body and the arms give it a very static pose, like she's contemplating how to deal with the injured party. To be honest I doubt that I will take the medic much in any games, as there not much use for guard. The plasma Gunner I like mostly due to the fact yes got his arm in a sling. Looking back at the model I should have painted up the arm to look like it had been burned by an overheating plasma coil but I've now varnished the models and so that's not an option. Still I think it's a cool looking model. The last model is the Vox caster, although it's more of a standard bearer. I'm quite impressed how the standard turned out, especially the gold, as I worked up through several gold colours before finishing with a light silver for highlights. Ok, it's not going to win any wards but still, I'm please with it as its definitely better than anything I've done before. 

I'll try and get the whole unit up here soon but first I need to find my notebook with all my scribblings in, otherwise I'm going to have to try and remember the stories from memory!

Tuesday 22 October 2019

Admech update

So, I haven't actually posted about actual teams in a while and this one has been sitting in the draft box for so long that it's now actually out of date, so instead of being a small update about the AdMech kill team it will include a general update about all my teams. 

I'll start with the AdMech team as I've a few pictures of them at there WiP stage, although they are actually finished now. 

Skitarii Vanguard

Skitarii Rangers

The AdMech team are formed of just Skitarii models, nothing fancy, mostly as I don't own the models. However I don't really think this is an issue as I don't like the other units very much. You'll have noticed that the units are different colours, red for Rangers and blue for Vanguard (didn't really fancy violet cloaks) and while this might not work for a big force, it works here and makes it very easy to identify who's who on the battlefield.

So with these guys complete and also my Inquisition (militarum tempestus) force complete, more of that to come soon, I have decided to move on to the next team. Now I haven't settled yet but I have started to paint up a few chaos cultists, just the base colours, not that I'm going to spend much time on them anyway. I've not started the chaos Marines yet but I do have a plan for them.

I've also put my Marine scout kill team in the detol to soak, about a month ago at this point! Once there out I'll look to prime them and get them painted up. My other Marine team is starting to take shape with about 10 models collected together, 3 primaris easy builds alongside a bunch of mini Marines, forming sternguard, vanguard and company vets. I plan on putting the rest together at some point but not sure when I'll get around to it.

Lastly the Deathwatch and new models to build here to. I've plans for 5 vanguard vets and have all the necessary pieces, I now just need time to build and paint. These will likely be the next team to paint and I've already started, having done all their arms silver, just there arms though, so still a long way to go yet.

I almost forgot to talk about the Nids. Yes, I have a full roster and a bit of nids, both gaunts and wants, plus a warrior and lictor, all of which should be pretty easy to paint up but I think my eldest wants that job, so I don't think I'll be painting them at all.

Ease and convince says to paint the chaos or Marines next, as both will need lover levels of detail than the Deathwatch but I really would love to get the Deathwatch up and running but we will have to see.

Tuesday 15 October 2019

Blog update

So the blog posts are still trickling in and will do for a while yet I think. Don't worry though my enthusiasm for the blog has not diminished at all but rather circumstances over the last few months have meant that the blog has had to take a back seat and will probably continue to over the next few as well.

With my wife being on maternity leave, I though that I would get plenty of time to blog and paint, however the opposite has been true. Firstly in a change to the planned home renovation schedule, at the beginning of summer we decided to rip out the existing kitchen and utility room and install a new kitchen, utility room and also a pantry, which included reconfiguring a chunk of the house. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time sorting and fitting everything and I'm still not finished yet. This coupled with the long holiday south to visit family, has meant that much of the summer passed with little time for blogging.

Additionally over the past month I have had to deal with a couple of minor health issues, with what started out a a cold and turned in to a series minor chest infections (suspected to have been Whooping cough). Although nothing serious at all, they have been aggravating my Asthma, causing me to have coughing fits and as a result I've damaged all my chest muscles, so I'm on pain killers for that. While none of this has been anywhere near serious, it's just been one annoying thing after another and it's been sapping my energy and morale. Hopefully I'm on the way out of it all now but it's been a slow process.

Lastly, my final little price of me time and my last bit of weekly hobby time has disappeared. The littlest one is now taking bottles occasionally, so my wife's Monday night outings to dancing are now a solo affair, as the little one stays at home with me. Now the big two go to bed quite happily but the wee one will only sleep on top me! That's means that I'm usually relegated to sitting on the sofa watching rubbish on Netflix.

So all in all hobby progress has been very slow of late, however I did manage to paint the up so early models when the wife was away south at a meeting with the wee one, more on them later.

Monday 7 October 2019

Kill team update

Kill team, along with a few other GW publications received an update a short while ago. This update included all the supplements, although some we're more comprehensive than others.

We have received updates for the Kill Team core manual before, so this time I will only look at the updates made this time around, for both the Errata and Designers Comments. On the whole there have not been any game changing updates and much of the updates are just cleaning up the rules further.

I'll start with the Errata and then move on to the Designers Comments. The Errata really doesn't have much new content to it, as most are simple clarifications and not really updates to the game, stuff like the changes to guard orders and stratagem, which just adds in OFFICER, to take account of commanders or slight reworking of tactics, like the level 1 combat tactic and tyranids metabolic overdrive. There really are only two changes that I think are worth mentioning and they are the GSC mining laser update to D6 damage and the rewording of Tau saviour protocol.

I'm not sure how much the change to the mining laser will make. I'm assuming it has changed from D3 to D6 but I haven't actually looked. Maybe this makes it more worth while taking? Who knows, all I know is I don't come up against GSC very often so I don't really care. As for the rewording of the Tau ability, it is clearer on how it's supposed to work and is still very strong. Luckily, Tau are another army I rarely face, as in never, so I haven't had to deal with this at all. Hopefully it will stay that way!

The Designers Comments has quite a few more updates to it and as per usual there are quite a few simple answers in there, ones that only seem to need an answer because someone is trying to play the system, when everyone else knows exactly what it means already. The first couple of entries are actually pretty good ones. If you declare multiple targets but don't make the charge, you can't use the pile in move to get in combat and attack, now, if you do that make the charge distance, you can't attack, whether you can pile in or not. Also, if the target of your charge kill themselves such as overcharging plasma, you cannot charge anymore. And then we get a silly question,n you cannot shot in to combat, pistol or otherwise and no, you can't shoot across the battlefield from one combat to another. Also, how hard is it to figure out what half your team is? It still works the same way if you have an even or odd number of members. The next amendment was a good clarification and clears up the fact that using the tactical re-roll means re-rolling all the dice from that roll, so, if it's a 2d6 roll then you re-roll both dice, not just one.

Now, we get in to the individual teams, and the first update clears up that you can use the move! Move! Move! Orders on units that fell back, which is useful. Next up is an update for Tau and "For the greater good", meaning now you must declare who's firing straight up at the beginning, not as you go along and once you do, that's it, no more overwatch that turn. This goes in to the next one, which says that using the point black overwatch tactic from Rogue trader and arena means that you can't use the "for the great good ability". Next up area DS8 turret questions. There is now doubt now that you can only take 1 turret, not 1 for each datasheet. Also, if you use the replacement tactic to replace the DS8 turret, it has to be the same as the one it replaced.

Lastly we have the changes to Tyranids and GSC. I've lumped these together for ease, as there pretty much the same faction anyway. The nids question is pretty simple and self explanatory as far as I can see. If you roll a 6 to wound for a model with toxin sacks,the damage 8nstantly increase by 1. I don't see how there was a question about that. Lastly we have the GSC Aberants "bestial vigour" ability and clarification that it drops the damage of the attacking weapon by 1 (to a min of 1) for all purposes not just the actual damage taken, is for injury rolls too.

So that's a breif look at the commented, again not massive amounts but some good clarifications and the usual stupid question or two.

The elites update is rather short, especially when you take out all the updates removing stealth as a specialist. Now, I might have missed something with the "stealth" specialism but I do wonder what it would have been. I'm guessing something along the lines of negatives to hit or advance moves, similar to the vets tactic. It could have been interesting but as none of my units would have had the option it's a bit irrelevant. The other updates to note are the correcting of the Wracks data sheets to the correct strength and toughness profiles and the clarification that vanguard veteran sergeants can't be taken by Deathwatch. In addition we learn that Banshee's are the way to go against Tau, as it shuts down all overwatch.

The only point in the whole update that interests me is the one concerning Bullgryns and Ogryns. This change means that they can no longer be effected by orders, which to be honest, I expected. Orders made these already strong units, very OP. Being able to strike in combat with so many strong attacks before you opponent even has a chance to do anything was to good to be true. Now, I've never thought Ogryns we're much good in kill team anyway but Bullgryns were and even now, they are still very strong units. I'll still be looking at tagging a Bullgryn on to my roster, even with this change.

While I do little with commanders, the updates received are worth mentioning, well 1 of them is anyway.

Q. Since all Commanders have a specialism, are they treated in
the same way as specialists in matched play games (i.e. can only
be taken at level 1)?
A. Yes.

This to me is a big change and might actually bring commanders more in to mainstream play. Ok that's a bit of a stretch but I think it's a good clarification and brings some of the power combo's back to earth. I still won't be playing commanders but still it's a good change.