Tuesday 16 January 2024

AdMech and Kreig ideas

So, as with many wargamers, I have had an idea. It’s and idea that  really don’t have the time or money to carry out but I’ve been planning and researching the idea. The main idea came around as additions to my AdMech army, as my Knight has almost finished being magnetised ready for priming and painting. The army at the moment consists of 3 HQ’s, 3 squads of Skitarii and a Skorpius tank. This currently brings it to 1100 points and I would like to push it up to around 1500 points. 

There are two things that I would like to add to the army to achieve this, firstly there is another squad of Skitarii vanguard. I currently have 12 models, two of which I cant use as they are a second plasma gunner and a second Sgt. I would need 8 more bodies to fill out this second squad of vanguard. In addition to this I would like to add in two other squads but there is a minor catch to this part. The squads I want to add in are Secutarii Hoplites, however, given the price of these models, around £64 each at GW prices and over 50 elsewhere, they are far to expensive for me to buy outright. 

Secutarii Hoplites

So I’ve come up with a little plan. Initially I was thinking that I would just buy the bits for the Skitarii bodies and then third party bits for the shields and the power mauls, namely Anvil Industries Riot shields and Shock Staves.

Shields and Staves

 However, after some further research and pondering, i decided that this might not be the best way forward. This was for a couple of reasons. The main one being that Secutarii is that they are Forge World units and not in the main codex, meaning that rules interactions and updates may not be as easy to deal with as the other units, secondly, getting the datacards is not going to be as simple as they don’t come in the main pack. Lastly, I want these to be a sort of close combat protection for my big knight, a sort of retinue that follow the lord in the knight and are sworn to protect him and his knight, meaning that I won't them to stand out a bit and be different from the rest of the admech army. 

This initially led me to look at some of the Wargames Atlantic models, namely the WW1 french models as these would also be usable with the other project here, the kreig, however, they just didn't have the right vibe for me. Looking at other options, such as Spanish conquistadors or Roman Legionnaires and even the Digital offerings, like the Death Fields Security, future French Foreign Legion and even Trojan War Infantry, none of them really fitted what I wanted. They were either too old fashioned for a Sci-Fi setting or too Sci-Fi for a 40k feudal planet. In the end I actually came down, rather randomly on Genestealer Cult Neophyte Hybrids. 

With head and arm swaps, plus a few adjustment to the iconography on the models, I think these will make very good Secutarii stand-ins. The bodies are armoured but to to formally armoured, with a suitably space faring vibe. Combined with the Navy Breachers spare helmeted heads, I think they will not look like GSC models in disguise. The arms and shields will most likely still come from Anvil Industries, as I haven't seen anything else yet that I like the look of. The arms may well.end up being a bit of a hodge podge of arms from the GSC kits, various Wargames Atlantic kits and some other GW kits, such as Cadians. I've yet to figure that bit out. 

The last price of the puzzle was what to run them as? As I mentioned above, I don't really want to run them as a forge world unit, but there is a nother option that will fit with the army system and enable me to run them as I want, and that's the Agents of the Imperium Adeptus Arbites Subductor squads. Each is armed with a shock maul and shotpistol, and a 4+ invulnerable save, represented by the shield. This means that I can build them multiple ways, with a mix of shields and shock mauls, shields and pistols, and pistols and mauls. Giving variety and also meaning I need to buy less shields and shock mauls! Bonus! 

However, having solved this problem, I'm still left with another. Originally I was planning on using some Wargames Atlantic WW1 french bodies to pull double duty as Secutarii and Krieg, with the 35 models forming two squads of Secutarii and a command squad and standard squad of Krieg. However, with the changes to the Secutarii above, I was left with an issue for the Krieg. I did not need 35 models for the Krieg and the WW1 models were themselves not ideal anyway, they were a good compromise for the two different units. This mean that I could either get proper Krieg, as I only needed them models or I could look to get just some sprues from Wargames Atlantic to build the ten models I needed but from a different kit. Looking around the Grognards are a popular kit to use for Krieg alternatives both as original builds and kitbashes. Having built a few of these, I can see why.

The trouble here is that that come in boxes of 24,which I can pick up locally for around 20 pounds. If I look at buying just enough to build a 10 man squad,it's going to cost around 18 pound to buy the four sprues (each containing 3 bodies) I need. So it just makes sense to buy the whole box, this giving me 24 bodies. I don't know if I have enough bits to build all of them as Kriegsmen but I should be able to build at least a squad, command squad and a character with that lot. Which would fill out my options for the mechanised infantry for e they will be used as.

This is one of the few times that I'm glad GW boxes come with so many options, as it means building additional forces is quite easy with just a few extra bodies. 

With the addition of these units to my overall AdMech forces, I should be up to around 1450 points, the addition of some enhancements and an additional Skitarii Marshall, if there are any spare bodies, will push this over my 1500 target with ease. 

As for when I will get around to building and painting any of these projects, I have no idea! I'm still planning on bashing some Field Ordnance Batteries from my spare parts and some extra bits plus I have a whole army of Dark Angel successors (the Dark Guardians) I need to paint up. 

Friday 12 January 2024

Blog update

 I'm afraid this is a bit of a boring post today. The posts have been very sporadic and thin on the ground recently, with only a handful of posts in the last two months. Granted Christmas and New Year has played a large part in the lack of posts, there have also been a number of other reasons for the lack of posts. 

My enthusiasm for this blog has not diminished at all and I'm still planning of continuing to post on here about my hobby progress and my thoughts and ideas, and there are lots of posts in the draft folder, 13 at last count with some more ideas in my head or items on the pile of opportunity ready to make an appearance. The issue has been one of time and opportunity rather than enthusiasm. I have recently had to choose between getting painting done or getting posts written and I have really been enjoying painting at the moment. I have recently had quite the painting time, with my mother in-law visiting, I have been able to hide away of an evening and paint, so I have quite the backlog of items to post about. The problem has been getting other time during the day to take pictures of of the models. I've mentioned recently that I have started a new job while my son is at nursery and this has really eaten in to any time I could grab out my models and get some pictures. If I try it of an afternoon, it results in the models being repurposed for playing and usually end up being joined by numerous other models! 

Current example

I'm hoping to find some time soon and have a mammoth photo session to get all the pictures I need to post about all the models that have been painted over the last couple of months. Some of the painting I'm actually quite proud of, it may not be Golden Daemon standard (not by a long way) but I think it's some of the best work I've done to date. 

I've at least one post coming up soon, that doesn't require pictures, as it's mostly just some musings about future DKoK projects and AdMech\Adeptus Arbites proxies. Hopefully that will be up early next week, if I can find time to finish writing it!

Tuesday 2 January 2024

2024 Resolutions


This year's resolutions will be a bit of a mixed bag. I have decided that this year will be a year of finishing touches more than anything else. There will be a few bigger projects, mostly the ones carried forward from last year but in general there will be a large number of smaller projects to bring things to a close. So, buckle up, this is going to take a while!

1l Paint Eagle Knights first born 

This shouldn't be to difficult to do as there is only a squads of assault marines and a command squad left, all pre-primed in orange.

2) Varnish Eagle Knights Rhinos

These are painted ready for some varnish to seal them.

3) Quickshade Eagle Knights

Once the last models are painted up, all the recent additions need to be dipped in Quickshade to seal and protect them.

4) Paint Eagle knights drop pod

One of the acquisition's from earlier this year. Already primed just need finishing off before varnishing

5) Build Eagle Knights Company Hero's

I have 3 AoS Sigmar models to build as my Company Hero's squad. I have most of the parts ready to go, just need to sort a couple of bits, mainly the Heavy Bolter

6) Paint Eagle Knights Primaris models 

With the three to build, there are 4 in total that need painting. The extra one is primed orange and ready to go.

7) Paint Eagle knights Landraider

This is a bit of a questionably one actually. Not in terms of needing to paint and finish it, but in terms of which army it will join. At the moment it's the Eagle Knights but it might just find its way in to the Dark Guardians as terminator transport. 

8) Paint Dark Guardians first born terminators

Talking of Terminators, here they are. There's quite a few to get painted, and alongside the bikes probably represent the biggest tasks on this list.

9) Paint Dark Guardians first born bikes 

To match the terminators, the bikes and attack bikes for the Dark Guardians also need painting up.

 10) Deathwatch transfers

Back to the little projects. I think there is maybe half a dozen guys that need chapter transfers put on. This should be very quick and easy to finish.

11) Quickshade Deathwatch infantry

And once the transfers are done, the models need dipping and protecting.

12) Deathwatch rhinos painted

There are two Rhinos that need painting up to go with the Deathwatch. They also need some new bits as I appear to have misplaced the doors at some point, and being MK1 Rhinos, I'm having trouble finding new ones!

13) Deathwatch rhinos varnished

Again these will need a coat of varnish when they are finished.

14) Deathwatch dreadnoughts varnished

Lastly to finish the Deathwatch off, the three Dreadnoughts need a coat of varnish to keep them safe.

15) Paint knight

He's already built and magnetised ready for priming and painting.

16) Varnish Knight

Once he is painted he will need protecting from all the handling he won't be getting!

17) Paint rough riders

I've not quite finished building these guys yet, halfway through, so they will be done before the new year.

18) Quickshade Rough riders 

Again, once painted, they will need protecting

19) Quickshade scions

These are the extra models I had to built after the release of the 9th edition codex and need dipping like all their brethren.

20) Quickshade bulldogs

It's getting quite repetitive now, so I'm sure you get the idea.

21) Quickshade Navy Breachers

Same again

22) FOB varnish

And again, although varnish rather than Quickshade I think.

23) Quickshade any other infantry

This is a bit of a place holder. I do have some marines 6 first born Stone Dragons and 5 Ultramarine Tyrannic War Vets that need dipping and I'm sure there will be others along the way. These will all get added in to here, as and when I find them.

24) Lore update

Finally, the big lore update I've been planning since the Cicatrix Maledictum dropped! I will get around to it at some point, hopefully it will be this year.

So, 24 points to this year's list. That's quite a long list of to do's but many of them will probably coincide with each other, such as the Quickshade dipping and varnishing. I'm not sure if I will get all of these don't this year but I'm hopeful. Much will depend on what happens with jobs and the like but I really want to finish up as many projects as I can this year.