Hrossey Mechanised Infantry

Regiment Origin

Regiment Classification - 
Planetary Defense Force
Recruitment Criteria - 
Nature of Recruitment - 
Standard conscription
Regiment Homeworld - 
Imperial World
Home World Predominant Terrain - 

Regiment Tactical Information
Regiment Core Units
 - Mechanized Infantry
 - Shock & Awe
Loyalty Rating
 - Adherent
Special Equipment
 - Traditional Weapon
Regiment Creed
 - For the Emperor
Regiment Relations
 - Imperial Guard/PDF  – Hildasay System
Regiment Enemies
 - Chaos-aligned groups

The difference between Hrossey and Hjaltland could not be more stark. Where Hjaltland is an ocean world with large densely vegetated and mountainous jungle covered islands, Hrossey is composed of two huge continents with vast open and very flat plains. This in turn is reflected in the planet's military, with the Hrossey Yeomanry being a highly mechanised force, with significant numbers of Chimeras. This is to enable the rapid deployment and movement of troops around the surface of the planet and also to provide protection and cover for the troops, due to the lack of and natural cover, when they are deployed. Due to the low importance and low population levels on the planet, Hrossey does not have to supply troops for service in the Astra Militarium, and has rarely done so, arguing that it is a better use of such manpower for the production of food supplies, something that the planet does have to supply the Imperium with. In general, a soldier of the Hrossey Yeomanry would spend 10 years as a member of the force, either as ‘voluntary’ service or as criminal punishment, although the training and deployment of the troops is unlike many other worlds. During the planting and harvesting times and also the breeding and culling seasons of the local Grox herds, the soldiers of the Yeomanry return to their home village or farms to assist. As a result, somewhere between a third and half the year is taken up with non-military activities.

The only time that the planet has provided troops for the AM at the beginning of the Sabbat Worlds Campaign, when 5 regiments, the 1287th to the 1291st, were mobilised. At the time, this amounted to over half the regiments that were kept as PDF units on the planet. However, with the current situation within the Sabbat Worlds, a "request" was made to the governor of Hrossey for the mobilisation of as many regiment of the Yeomanry as possible, which lead to the 1313th being mobilised. While more regiments were probably expected, this deployment represents 25% of the current troops on the planet, as not only have the original units that were deployed not been replenished, due to the difficulty obtaining the necessary Chimeras and a general lack of will in the planetary council, but also due to the increase in the food tithe, both of which are due to the very same Sabbat Worlds Campaign.

With the separatist rebellion on Hjaltland, the 1313th Yeomanry was deployed alongside the
Hjaltland 851st L.I. on to the planet of Hjaltland. This meant that the yeomanry had to abandon their precious  chimeras and take to the forest on foot, leading to significant numbers of casualties, up to 90% in some squadrons. As a result the 1313th is only a shadow of its former self, although it still retains the majority of its Chimeras, which were parked safely at the initial landing sites.

The 3rd Squadron was one of the luckier squadrons, being posted to support the 1st company of the 851st Hjaltland L.I. and as such, have survived in greater numbers. As a result, the squadron was mostly used for mopping up operations and to hold ground that had already been secured by the 851st. In addition, the actions of the commanding officer, Colonel Leith, a man of outstanding courage and determination, helped contain the number of casualties suffered. The officers of the Hrossey Yeomanry are usually ran from the planets ruling elite, where rank and social standing go hand in hand, and although Colonel Keith is from this elite class, he has long ago turned his back on the social elements and dedicated himself to his chosen career of soldiering.  The Colonel is not afraid to lead from the front, sharing in the risks of the soldiers under his command. While this means taking great risks, it also enables the Colonel to react to any situation at a moment's notice, making sure the best units are in the best position.

The 3rd Squadron is fully equipped, although under manned, to deal with any situation, with the 4 sections each armed to deal with a specific task, from tank hunting to taking the many monsters that walk to field of battle. While the 851st rely on numbers to overwhelm the enemy, the 1313th rely on the speed of their chimeras to make up for the lack of numbers. While the majority of the squadron is formed by the mechanised units, a small support platoon equipped with heavy weapons also form part of the squadron. this part is normally formed of the less capable soldiers or those whose attitude or personalities or in some cases, bodily hygiene, are not suited to the confines of a chimeras hull. These troops provide the long range firepower and are used to hold key position while the mechanised units surge forward to destroy the enemy and claim objectives.

In addition to the regular forces on Hrossey, there is the local Militia, formed by many of the sons of the ruling landowners. Most of these units are formed because the gents are bored and want the fun and status that goes with a command but don't want the responsibility or ties that service in the Yeomanry brings. The main unit of the militia forces are the Lancer units, often named after the landowner funding the unit, such as the Kirkpatrick Lancers. The mount of choice for many units is the plains cat, a large tiger like animal capable of carrying a man with ease. The majority of the time, these units are used to hunt down other wild plains cats that are bothering the Grox herds, as they are  the only indigenous life form capable of tackling a Grox, or they and other wildlife are just hunted for fun, but in times of war, these units are deployed as a rapid reaction force, to hunt down any small bands of enemy soldiers that maybe fleeing from recent engagements or scouting ahead of the main forces.

In addition to the forces of the Hrossey Yeomanry, the planet is also home to a small number of units from Helliar, in the form of the Helliar 12th tank squadron. These tank units are part of a mutual agreement between the two planets, which also involves the stationing of some Hrossey Yeomanry units on Helliar. This arrangement is seen as mutually beneficial as it means each planet can be more specialised in its recruitment and training. At present the Hellier 12th tank squadron is attached to the 1313th yeomanry, with the 6th tank troop supporting the 3rd yeomanry squadron. The 6th tank is commanded by Major Antoun Turvous, astride his ancient  Leman Russ Main Battle Tank. Turvous is always flanked by his to troop mate, Gallius, in his Leman Russ Punisher. Although this unit is currently attached to the 1313th, it took very little part in the Hjaltland campaign, being stationed at the main base, charged with  providing protection for the 1313th’s chimeras that were parked up. This has lead to some unhappiness within the Hellier troops and an eagerness to engage with any enemy units that present themselves, often at great risk to themselves and usually always against the plans laid out by Colonel Leith.

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