Friday 15 April 2016

Inq and henchmen 1

Well, this is the first of three posts that will show the Inquisition and their henchmen warbands. First up is the main man himself, Inquisitor Tullus.
Armoured in power armour and armed with his trusty combi-plasma and chain sword. The standard behind is technically a DA one, but it will be painted so as to be more Inquisitorial. The hooded helmet also adds sinister edge to the model.

His badge of office, the Inquisitorial seal. (a lucky find in a box of stuff I was given!) 

Below are the first of the henchmen. These are all armed with hotshot Lasguns and clad in carapace armour. There are a few items that are included for show and don't have any in game effects, such as the standard shown below. The standard is completely pointless but it adds to the squad and visually I like it, it'll make the squad stand out on the table. The other man to note is the gentleman in the middle with the chain sword and the bandaged arm. He is still WYSIWYG as acolytes come with a ccw and it goes well with the injured arm on the model.

The backs of the models showing their holstered HS Lasguns. The 4 guys shown above form one half of the squad and are pretty standard. The next three guys are slightly more upgraded.

Pretty standard looking above, HS Lasguns and carapace. But they have a something extra, storm shields. These boys have two jobs, take down marines and protect the inquisitor, the HS Lasguns are for one and the storm shield is for the other. It also hides the horrible join between the bodies and the arms.

Putting these together showed one major issue. As you can probably tell these are classic early imperial army/guard bodies, with Catachan heads and Scion arms, and they look a bit like gorillas! The arms are to big/long for the bodies, and really shows off the scale creep that has been going on within GW over the last 25 years or so. I still really like the combination of the old bodies and the new arms, but some of the models do look a little silly in the flesh.

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