Tuesday 9 July 2024

Dark Guardians first born

 Alongside the recent games, I have been spending some evenings, when I have time!, trawling through my backlog of grey plastic and working towards my 2024 goals. The latest round of models to get painted are my Dark Guardians and more specifically the first born terminators, although this lot aren't terminators at all!

The first models on the paint tray were the non terminators or bikes and form the core command structure of the army, fluff wise at least. This little core units of 6 models contains, lore wise, the company master and his command squad with the companies champion, banner and apothecary alongside two veterans for some protection. Alongside the scout squads, they form the foot mobile core element of the army.

The complete command squad

Company master

This, as far as I know, is an original Assault on Black Reach captain, who's terminators will feature in the next post. 

The command squad

The command squad, now part of legends, form the bulk of the power armoured section here. 


The ancient with his combi-plasma and chain sword (aka combat weapon) with his Deathwatch Insignia just visible on his right shoulder pad. 

Apothecary and Champion

The apothecary is actually an old metal model and weights a ton compared to the new plastic models, I'm always surprised when I pick it up how heavy it actually is. The Champion is technically lacking his shield but I don't think this is an issue. He has his sword and pistol and all the trappings of a company champion, with his fancy back banner and flash shoulder pad plus a rather swanky hoodie. 

Champions fancy banner and shoulder pad.

Next up are the two vets, one with the standard boltgun and one with plasma cannons. The boltgun marine is basically there as some ablative wounds for the other models and the plasma cannons is there for some heavy firepower, even though plasma cannons aren't quite what they use to be.

Lastly we're moving in to the "Ravenwing" with two land speeders. The first is land speeders Tempest with heavy bolter and assault cannon but can also be run as a Ravenwing Talon Master as well. The second is a land speeders Typhoon, with it's missile.lanchers and multi-melta. These for part of the mobile element of the list along side the bike squads that are currently on the painting table.

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