Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Finished terrain

So my plans for getting the kids to paint up my terrain for me sort of worked, they did Paint up some of them but I had to finish them off. Well I say had to, I didn't have to, I just wanted to actually get them finished in a reasonable amount of time. 

The barricades, 

These are painted very simply, as is most of the parts I painted. Dry brush boltgun metal (or lead belcher as it's called these days) over black primer, with some red highlights, mostly the Ork plane parts.

Planes and lightbulbs. Thought about OSL, then decided I'm not that skilled \ bothered

Rubble piles, with a couple of extra colours for details

Nice, simple but effective.

The platforms and rubble pile.

The platforms are a bit useless in my view but easy enough to build and paint. The rubble pile.was painted by my daughter with some addition by myself, mainly painting the tools in the tool box silver, as I though it looked better that way. This is the only bit that I have changed on all the models that they painted.

Ok, now for the Ork's amongst you, there are building in the next two pictures, it's just there very camouflaged.

Honestly, my daughter painted these purple, not because of any desire to make sneaky Ork building but because she likes purple. The red is there because her brother told her she needed to paint the Ork symbols red. 

My oil Derek, basic paint scheme again but with the red Ork symbols and a bit of bronze in there for some details. You can't see very clearly in the pictures but the lights in they eyes of the big Ork symbols is actually painted yellow to look like a proper light.

These were painted up by son and are very shiny, so classically Orkish as well. Again red symbols and even a few little details such as pipe work.

 One thing I forgot to photograph or mention, are the small bridge sections. I painted these up as well and you can just see them on the edges of the photos of the fort sections. Both fairly simple but with some basic wood effect on the planks that make up the middle sections. I'd doesn't look very good i the pictures but it's quite nice in hand.

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