Friday, 27 May 2022

Dagr Ormr Drop Force Photos

This force, while it might look quite significant is the smallest of my three guard forces, sitting at a whiskers under 1600 points. There is however a plan in motion that will see this force rise to around 2500 and very similar in points to the other two guard armies. 
The three commanders, Tempestor Prime Agnarr, Inquisitor Tamhas and General Conner, standing with their respective command units 

General Conner and the Hildasay PDF units

The 2ic, Tempestor Prime Muninn and Tempestor Prime Agnarr with their command squads

The Dagr Ormr forces

Inquisitor Tamhas and his attendant Ogryn Bodyguard

While I can't technically field all of this lot at once, it's nice to have options.

The Hildasay PDF in al their glory.

The Commissar, as yet unnamed but he definitely needs a name. #one of the best sculpts I own.

As I said this force is not quite complete, for that I need another 20 or so scions and 90 conscripts. So just a couple of additions!


  1. That's a damned fine looking army you have there!!

    1. Thanks, it's just a shame that it doesn't quite play as well as it looks!