Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Adsense, is it worth it?

So, this is going to be a bit off topic as it were. I keep looking at the AdSense, and every so often it gets mentioned on other posts. Now, I understand why its good, money for nothing is always a good thing! However, I realise that it can take a long time to actually get any money, with the fact that you need to get to the magic 60 pound mark to claim anything but also that each click generates only pennies, meaning that that 60 pound can take a whole lot ofclicks to achieve.

My main reason for not going with it has always been that I don't really care about the money and that I don't want to end up more of an advertisement site than a blog. My other reason forgot doing it is because I don't generate to sort ofviews that other blogs do, I mean, after 2 and a half years I'm sitting on seven and a half thousand views, and even though the viewing figures continue to grow each month, I'm not in the same league as some blogs who can generate that many views a week.

This leaves me wondering if it will be worth it and if it will actually benefit the blog at all. How many views does it take to get to that magic 60? How much does each click on the blog generate? It appears the answer is not much, while most of what I found was in dollars, most seem to suggest between 10 and 40 pence or that to earn 100000 dollars (80000 pound) a year (I wish!) you would need a minimum of 100000 views per day! (That's with 1000 ad clicks a day or 1% of site visitors clicking on ads)

So lets say for arguememts sake, I'd get around 20 pence per ad clicked, that means if I had started at the very beginning, I would have earned around 15 pound. So the blog as picked up a little in recent months, with a pretty constant count of just over 1000 views a month, but this will net me about 2 pound a month, which while better than nothing, is going to take 3 years to get me to 60 quid.

Another point I have noted is that the ads don't seem to appear in the mobile view and as I tend to do all my reading on my phone (as well as a lot of my writing) I don't see any ads, and therefore can't click on them. I don't know whether this is something that can be easily solved or if is a flaw in the system, so to speak.

So I suppose the big question is, is it really worth the effort and will those of you who read the blog mind the adverts?

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