Tuesday, 21 March 2017

A blog milestone

Ok, so its time for another random post. This time its going to be a short one, as its really about just one post. A week and a bit ago (11 days) I posted about painting and the discussion of pre or post construction painting. Much to my surprise, this post seems to have been very popular, more popular in fact then any post I've every written.

The weeks overview

I have been watching a few posts clocking up views over months and months, namely the Cadian Formation post from December 15 and Sternhammer from May 16. Both of these posts have reached viewing figures in to tube 90's (91 to be precise). The Christmas posts, from both 15 and 16, have proved popular for some reason, with views of 77 and 76 respectively.  However, the post on painting had shot up, with 116 views in just a few days and is currently sat on 176 views. I know that for a few people, 116 (or 176) views is small change, but for me its a minor milestone. None of My posts have ever passed 100 views before, and the speed at which this post achieved it has taken me by surprise. I thought I was doing well with the two Valkyries posts, both of which pulled in over 40 views apiece over the first week they were published.

Overall post views

Granted, the Ukraine seems to have a very particular interest in the page, with 76 views on the blog in the space of 2 days last week, but even taking out their contribution and that of Russia, only 7 over the same period, it still takes the post to over 'proper' 100 views.

The weekly viewing figures

So what make people read the page? Not a clue, I wish I did know, as I'd try and replicate it on other posts! Hopefully it might herald in a new chapter for the blog as it continues to grow.

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