Friday 17 May 2024

The little ones Nercrons

 So something a little different from the last run of posts but still in a similar vein. Here are some pictures of my youngest Necron army. For his birthday he was desperate for more Necrons, so we got on EBay and found a good deal for 41 Necron warriors. 

The bulk of the warriors

Most of them are based too.

The warriors are all in decent condition and fairly well painted, although I don’t know what the heads were glued on with but it’s almost like the old Uhu epoxy glue and is horrid stuff. Several have fallen off and I’ve had to clean and re glue the heads back on. 

Disco ‘Crons

There are also some less original poses in the bunch, such as “Disco ‘Cron”.

There are also a couple of gems, such as three original looking Chaos Androids, possibly from Space Crusade. I don’t know if they are or not but they must at least be contemporaries of theirs.

Square barrels

Lastly, it seems that when there models were put together, the original modeller lost some of the parts, as a number of the green glow sticks have been replaced with sections of sprue, with very little effort to shave them down in to any sort of cylindrical shape. 

Now he has lots of troops he’s after some vehicles, so we will have to see what Santa brings!!

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