Tuesday 14 May 2024

Other models

 So here are the last of the models I varnished and based in the week my wife was away. These are a collection of small units and single models that didn’t fit in with the other units. 

First up are the two assassins, my Vindicare and Eversor assassins.

The Vindicare assassin has a mixed base, with some rubble and also some flock, the Eversor has a diorama base, so just the flock around the outside of the pipe(?) section. 

Next we have some old metal models, 5 Imperial Army soldiers and an old Commissar, with missing sword. These may well fid themselves as a command squad for one of my armies, other than that they are just cool old models to have in the collection. 

Next up are a pair of Tech-priest Enginseers, an old metal one and a newer plastic one.

In the background you’ll see there are 4 servitors, all of which are have been varnished and based, most likely in time for their removal from the codex. They are pretty useless these days, although they are a useful source of plasma cannons and multimeltas. 

In addition to these models I have also managed to varnish my first born Eagle Knights Rhinos and Razorbacks plus my Repulsor Executioner, although I don’t have any photos of these models at the moment.  

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