Friday 24 May 2024

2024 League

 So, I have signed up to another League at the local club. It’s another 2000 point tournament to be played over the next couple of months, using the rules, points and missions from May, including the brand new Tau codex. This is important as this year I have been joined in the League by my eldest boy and his Tau. 

I’ll go in to my lists in a little more detail in the next post, as well as going to my boys list as well. Both of us haven’t gone for a meta list, me even less so, as most of my choices were made based on the fact I’d finished painting my knight and rough riders and so wanted to play them. 

Anyway, more on that later. The tournament has a total of 12 players, split in to two half, so we’ll each play 5 games over the next couple of months. By the time this posts, my son will have played his first game. Unfortunately, or fortunately, we were drawn in different groups, so no quick games under our belts to start with. 

My sons group has Custodies, Grey Knights, Thousand Sons, Leagues of Votann and Ultramarines.

There are a number of hard matchups here. Custodies and Grey knights will be hard, 1k Sons will be hard as well, with Magnus in there. Leagues of Votann and Ultras should be easier but still hard.`

In my group I have White Scars, Space Wolves, Necrons, Orks and World Eaters.

I don’t know if I have an easier group or not. Necrons and Orks shouldn’t be to hard (he says!), Space wolves and White Scars will be harder and World eaters will be very hard to deal with. I’m honestly not sure if I will actually be able to win any of those games with any degree of confidence. I’ve taken a different list than one I would normally take so we shall see. 

I’m excited to play again, as I haven’t played since the Tournament before Christmas and I do actually like playing, despite the fact that I tend to loose a lot!

I’ll go through both my sons Tau list and my Guard list in the next couple of posts and by that point I’ll be able to write up my sons first match. 

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