Friday 24 March 2023

Field ordnance battery

 One of the new guard units, the field ordnance battery, was high on my hit list for new models as soon as I saw it, only the new rough riders were higher. As with most of these models they have multiple options when it come to building them and for these you have the choice of the lascannon, gun or missiles. For this particular build I went for the lascannons, or rather heavy lascannons, as these will be going in to my Dagr Ormr forces as a separate unit, as opposed to the gun and missiles which will both be in the Hjaltland LI list together. The latter two options will be built using other parts, namely the Zinge industries mandrill static platforms but I'll come on to that later. 

For these two guns I have takes some inspiration from the British WW2 era light guns, namely the QF 25 pound gun

Not the best example, dull paint and flat tyre but only one that was colour and not watermarked everywhere!

I have also gone for more subdued colours on the crew to make them stand out from the gun itself. 

The crews are very visible against the guns.

I've tried to create little mini dioramas behind the guns.

Gun era both looking at targeting screen, as they should.

Possibly my favourite of all the crew is the crouching gunner covering his ears on the right.

The guns need finishing off, with some transfers adding to the guns and crew and then they all need a coat of varnish to seal them up. I plan on using the quickshade for this, but need to figure out how to actually do it. 

As for the other two guns, or rather four guns over two units, I have decided to get the Zinge industries bases for them, rather than some.more boxes of the Field ordnance batteries. I will get these bases for the simple reason that the army is supposed to be a mobile infantry army optimised for jungle or rainforest warfare, where vehicles or wheeled access is very limited. That's where these bases come in, they have the right look for air dropped weapon systems and fit to story that these guns are underslung on Valkyrie and Vendetta aircraft and dropped in place when needed to provide close support. 

I will need to find some crew and mounting brackets for the guns but I have plenty of spare heavy weapons crews and I'm sure I can create a plasticard or green stuff mount for the guns. I'm not sure when I'll actually get around to sorting these guys out though, I'm currently trying to sort out my first born marines and get them all painted, just I time for them to be removed from the codex.

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