Friday, 17 March 2023


 So, despite having a different post lined up for today, I couldn't resist talking about the new Dante! I have to say straight off that I love this model, I think that it is stunning and so much better then the original and every bit the model that Dante should have. 

There are several things about the model that I like and only one that I don't. The main thing I love is how faithful it is to the original. 

New Dante

As you can see from the images above and below, there are so many similarities, from the shape of the axe, to the intricate armour panels of the chest, legs and even the toes! This is great, as I was worried that GW would try and "update" the armour and it would be horrendous.

Old Dante

However they have updated a number of areas, such as the iron halo, which looks so much better, as does the laurels. The addition of the loin cloth and flowing purity seals also look good and really fit with the model and its position as leader of Imperium Nihilus. 


One of the other bits that I'm really excited about is the jump pack. This is the first time that we have seen proper jump packs for primaris intercessor type marines. I am hopeful that this will be the beginning of proper assault intercessors with jump packs. If it is I will be upgrading all of mine and possibly getting more, as my army is all about movement and speed. It was one of the areas I lost when I moved from first born to primaris marines. 
There is only one bit of this model that I don't like and that the tactical rock, or rather mountain that he's leaping from. I do t like this for two reasons, firstly I just feel that it's going to break and will be a paint to repair and secondly it makes him a big target. It's not the end of the world but I might look at shrinking it down a little on mine.
Lastly I really hope that he has rules that allow him to be fielded with any Blood Angels army, successor or original, as I would love to be able to run him as a supreme commander in my Eagle Knights army.

The leak

All this obviously started from the leak that appeared on Facebook the other day, when someone appears to have been sent the model by mistake. I'm not sure what they ordered but if it was me I wouldn't have complained, just ordered another one and kept quiet about the model. I'm looking forward to seeing what is released in the upcoming previews, we know there is likely terminators but I'm hoping for jump pack equipped marines and some.more BA specific units.

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