Tuesday, 28 March 2023

2000pts league list

 So I have decided to take part in a league at the local club. The league is a 2000 point, Arcs of Omen detachment list playing 5 games over a 2 month period. With the recent release of the new guard codex (let's not talk about the impending release of 10th!) I thought that it was a perfect opportunity to crack out the guard and get some games in. 

As with most things like this, the more you play a list the better idea you have of how it will work and so I embarked upon this journey with no games played and no knowledge of whether this list will work or not. Having played a couple 9f game before writing this post, I can safely say it does work but mistakes were definitely made. 

I'll post the list first then talk about the mistakes and changes I would make.

Arks of Omen Detachment - Astra Militarum 9CP,

Compulsory Type: Troops

Regimental Doctrine: Born Soldiers

+ HQ +

Platoon Command Squad: Relic: Finial of the Nemrodesh 1st, WT: Old Grudges: Ogryn Bodyguard:Ripper Gun, Slabshield, Platoon Commander: Warlord, Veteran w/ Master-Vox, Veteran w/ Medi-pack, Veteran w/ Regimental Standard, Veteran w/ plasma gun

Platoon Command Squad: Platoon Commander, Veteran w/ Master-Vox, Veteran w/ Heavy Flamer, Veteran w/ Flamer, Veteran w/ Grenade launcher

Primaris Psyker: 3. Psychic Barrier, 4. Nightshroud,

+ Troops +

Cadian Shock Troops: Sergeant w/ Drum-fed Autogun, Trooper w/ Flamer, Trooper w/ Grenade launcher

Cadian Shock Troops: Sergeant w/ Drum-fed Autogun, Trooper w/ Flamer, Trooper w/ Grenade launcher

Cadian Shock Troops: Sergeant w/ Chainsword and Bolt Pistol, Trooper w/ Flamer, Trooper w/ Grenade launcher

Death Korps of Krieg: Medi-packs, Trooper w/ Plasma Gun, Trooper w/ Meltagun, Trooper w/ Grenade launcher, Watchmaster w/ Chainsword and Plasma pistol

Infantry Squad: Guardsman W/ Plasma gun, Guardsman w/ Vox-caster, Heavy Weapon Team w/ Missile launcher

Infantry Squad: Guardsman W/ Plasma gun, Guardsman w/ Vox-caster, Heavy Weapon Team w/ Missile launcher

Infantry Squad: Guardsman W/ Grenade launcher, Guardsman w/ Vox-caster, Heavy Weapon Team w/ Mortar

Infantry Squad: Guardsman W/ Grenade launcher, Guardsman w/ Vox-caster, Heavy Weapon Team w/ Mortar

+ Elites +



Regimental Enginseer

Regimental Preacher: Autogun, Autopistol, and Chainsword

Regimental Preacher: Auto Pistol, Servo-stubber and Power Maul

+ Flyer +

Valkyrie: 2x Multiple Rocket Pods, Militarum Multi-laser, 2x Heavy bolter

+ Lord of War +

Hellhammer: 2x Twin heavy flamer, Knight of Piety

Militarum Tempestus Detachment:

+ HQ +

Militarum Tempestus Command Squad: WT: Drill Commander, Tempestor Prime, Scion w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun, Scion w/ Plasma gun Scion w/ Master-Vox, Scion w/ Medi-pack

+ Troops +

Tempestus Scions: Tempestor: Plasma pistol, Power sword, Scion w/ Plasma gun, Scion w/ Plasma gun, Scion w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun, Scion w/ Hot-shot Volley Gun, Scion w/ Vox-caster

Tempestus Scions; Tempestor: Plasma pistol, Power sword, Scion w/ Meltagun , Scion w/ Meltagun, Scion w/ Grenade launcher , Scion w/ Grenade launcher, Scion w/ Vox-caster

The list on the whole, in the two games I have played so far, has performed pretty much as I expected, although in the first game against Imperial Knights I was thoroughly thrashed without being able to actually do much in return. In the second game things worked a lot better for me and the elements performed a lot more how I had anticipated.

The Hellhammer worked perfectly, picking up whole squads of Marines at once, except when I needed it to in turn 4, but that was down to my opponents saving throws rather then the big guns performance. 

The Valkyrie also worked well, enabling me to get some much needed mobility, although it is proving to be quite vulnerable and not as resilient as I had hoped for. Even with the -1 to hit, being only t7 and 14 wounds it has proven easy for my opponents to take out.

So, what are the actual "mistakes" I made with this list. I say mistakes but there really hasn't been anything so far that hasn't performed in someway or another, I just think that I could rejig things a little and get some better results or better abilities that would just nudge the overall power of the list up slightly. I'll go top to bottom on the list, as I don't really think there are any more important changes than others. 

The first thing on the list is the command squad Ogryn bodyguard. He currently has a shield and ripper gun, which I would swap of a maul. This would reduce the firepower of the squad but significantly increase the combat power. The squad shouldn't really be shooting at much anyway but may and has been used to counter change things, where a maul would be a lot more useful.

In all Cadian squads I would probably switch out the flamers for another special weapon, probably a plasma gun but maybe a couple of meltas for some variation. The flamers don't take advantage of either special rule, born soldiers or shock troops but another special weapon would be able to use the born soldiers rules.

I would also look at replacing the DKoK with a Cadian squad. So far they have not really loved up to their hype or their extra expense. As such I would probably replace them with a Cadian squad.

Drop a commissar. With the born soldiers giving out a leadership bubble the need for the commissars bubble is less. Also squads tend to either survive fine or be wiped out, so the need for the summary execution rule is also reduced.

The weapon load out of the preachers would also be ammended. At present I have one with the basic load out and one with an upgraded load out, with a maul and stubber. I would switch both units to the basic load out, as the extras are not needed.

The Valkyrie may loose it's heavy bolters. This is sort of linked to the next change, as I would look to add extra sponsons to the Hellhammer and thus wouldn't need the Valkyrie bolters. Also the platform is proving quite fragile and doesn't turn up until then 2 at least, so the amount of times the bolters can fire is limited 

As mention above I would add a second pair of sponsons to the Hellhammer, this one with the twin bolters, adding some extra ranged firepower and punch with the additional lascannons. I would also drop the Knight of Piety upgrade either entirely or for the veteran Commandeer upgrade. This is because the tech priest can confer a 5++ anyway and I don't think mortal woulds are going to be a big deal. With the veteran Commandeer upgrade I would probably take the Trophy hunters or elite sharpshooter traits, although heirloom weaponry would also be good 

Lastly I would drop all the vox-casters from the Militarym Tempestus squads. This would give me an extra hotshot lasgun in each squad and I would add a grenade launcher to the command squad. It doesn't sound like much but it adds more chances to roll those prescious 6's.

So there you have it, just a few simple changes, nothing to dramatic. Most of these changes are just little tweaks to the list rather than a complete rebuild, which I do t think is needed. As a list I think the basics are in place, against the Knights list I had no hope, as I'll go in to in a separate post but against the wolves I think I had a good chance and everything worked well. I shall see what happens against sisters and eldar in the next couple of weeks and then there is just the match against the Orks to arrange!

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