Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Lore rewrite

 I spoke about my issues with my own lore and the integration of primaris marines into the timeline in a previous post. I also spoke about how I wasn't sure how I was going to bring it all together and have a coherent lore which didn't stray in to the fantastical to much (even for the 40k universe). After looking at things from various angles, I think that either a partial rewrite of the lore or scrapping everything and just starting again. As you can imagine, scrapping everything and starting again is not really something I want to do, so a partial rewrite it is. Now, this isn't actually as bad as I thought, as a lot of the issues I though I would run in to with a rewrite are not as bad as I though. 

The timeline won't change that much really anyway, there will be a few changes but mostly it's going to be adding dates.

Old time line

755.m41 - Sabbat world crusade starts

C.780-785.m41 - Hjaltland rebellion

C.790.m41 - inquisitor arrives Hamnavoe system

999.m41 - devastation of Baal

999.m41 - Cicatrix Maledictum (the Great Rift)

C.200.m42 - 2nd Hjaltland rebellion

New time line

755-800.m41 - Sabbat World's Crusade - arrival of refugees

999.m41 - devastation of Baal

999.m41 - Cicatrix Maledictum (the great rift)

999.m41 - Hjaltland rebellion

004.m42 - Inquisitors arrives Hamnavoe system

005.m42 - marine Reinforcements arrive

007.m42 - rebellion suppressed

150.m42 - 2nd Hjaltland rebellion

155.m42 - rebellion spreads system wide

160.m42 - Inquisitors returns 

170.m42 - primaris marine reinforcements arrive

This new timeline should fit in with both my first born marines, the primaris marines and also the various guard armies. It will also help to explain why there are the various different guard units all mashed together and why lots of marine units are present at a small one planet rebellion on two separate occasions. I can keep some of the back story the same, with the arrival of refugees from the Sabbat World's Crusade but instead of causing trouble straight away, they start spreading there ideas and opinions, creating various cults, to a whole host of different gods. 

The Great Rift also allows for lots of different armies and factions to be present within the system, for all sorts of different reason, plus it allows the marines to be upgraded from first born to primaris and retain the characters. It also allows for the Inquisitors to be present at both occasions. I will go in to a few more details for the Inquisitors in another post soon, as there have been quite a few changes there. 

I will probably take all the pages down soon and repost that as I update them to the new lore. I will keep the old ones around as a record of the evolution of my lore but that will be somewhere else and not here. 

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