Friday, 17 July 2015

The Dark Guardians Space Marine Chapter

I've been looking through my model collection of late and I still have a number of unused models, so I though I would see what I could do with them and so the Dark Guardians SM Chapter was born. The initial plan was either to build the force around the Iron Hands, as the Iron Guardians with only the min troop choices and lots of elite units, namely termies and bikes. However, with the release of the new DA codex, plans changed and the Dark Guardians were born.

While the full fluff hasn't been formulated, one thing I do know is that they will be a semi-renegade fleet based Successor chapter, of an unknown founding. As for the rest of the fluff, the only bit I've decided on is that they will be loyalist but declared renegade by the Ultramarines (after a bust up with the ultramarines), who they hate for being the golden boys of the imperium, an organisation they believe has been corrupted and warped by the Administratum and the Ecclesiarchy, to meet their own needs. They also believe that the Emperor has died and has ascended to become a god to rival the gods of chaos, but because of the Ecclesiarchy denying this, his powers and abilities are being denied to him and so he is powerless to fight the god of chaos on equal terms. Although they have been declared renegade, it is not official in terms of the Inquisition, but insofar as being shunned but the imperium at large and Mechanicus and being watched very carefully by inquisition, however they still maintain their link as members of the Unforgiven.

The chapter is small in number, as a result of the fact that they have a very poor relationship with the rest of the imperium, and as such are very restricted in where and when they can recruit. They still maintain a lose codex structure, but have high numbers of TDA suits, Bikes and Dreadnoughts.

The 2000pts list will include a large number of elite units, including an honour guard and vets, 15 terminators, hopefully in the Deathwing Strike Force, along side a few squads of bikes from the Ravenwing Strike Formation. This should form a fairly heavy duty army, with a lot of sticking power. Its not optimised, as there are no pods or anything like that, but it uses up the models and gives me a third and very different type of SM army.

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