Friday, 10 July 2015

Codex: Dark Angles

Well, the new DA codex is here and it looks good. Very similar to the standard SM codex, with the notable exceptions of the two other main Detachments, Ravenwing and Deathwing. However, I have the same issues with the DA Demi-Company as I have with the SM one.

Although I haven't published my list or my army for the Dark Guardians, (I will as soon as I know the full extent of the DA codex changes) I was using certain characters, namely Belial, to put two units of Termies as Troops, with Ravenwing Command and FA options, with Company Vets as my Elite options, forming an elite force with a heavy hitting core flanked by fast moving units. This is not possible with the new Formations/Detachments.

So what's my thoughts? Well, with a little rejig of my armies, I could form a Ravenwing Formation of a Command and 2 units of 3 bikes for some fast and hard hitting units, plus a Deathwing Formation with a command and 2 squads. This would mean a core of heavy and fast units, the rest would be made up of a CAD detachment formed of a HQ, two basic troops and as many Company Vets as I can squeeze in, which probably wont be many!

From my initial plans based on the limited info that I have, I would be able to get an HQ, 2 Tacs, 2 Vets, and a Command Squad (which I'm guessing is now a Elite choice). This would form a nice little force, elite in nature and formation. I'm assuming all this is legal and all, mixing and matching the Formations/Detachments, which I'm sure it is.

I'll post up the Dark Guardians list in the next few weeks.

EDIT: Well I've spotted a minor problem. With the Ravenwing Strike Force, all units must have the Ravenwing special rule. Well the only two HQ's that seem to have it are Sammael and Sableclaw, which you cannot field together, but the formation allows you to field 3 HQ's? So does that mean any HQ on a bike has the Ravenwing special rule? or do you have to do something else? I probably  should have got a proper codex rather than a rip and a partial one at that!

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