Friday, 3 July 2015

Codex: Space Marine

Well, things are moving forward with house moves and everything, but were still a bit thin on the ground with internet and the like, however, I'm borrowing some of our neighbours internet (legally I might add). This means that my post may be few and far between but I will endeavour to post as I can. 

Well, the new codex is here, and while I haven't seen all of it, what I have seen is both good and bad.

In general the new codex looks good, it has addressed issues and fixed them, to a certain degree and has given us some nice detachments and formations to work with. It is also these detachments and formations that are going to cause me some issues. While I haven't seen all of the codex and read all of the rules I like what I've seen.

The Demi-Company looks good, is fluffy and comes with good rules, however, it doesn't fit with my army. The main problem is that it limits the number and type of units, as do many of the other detachments, and this is the problem.

The Emperors Disciples currently have  2 HQ plus Honour Guard, 3 Troop, no Fast, 3 Elite and 2 Heavy. While I can solve a few issues by taking the Reclusian Command Squad to get a second HQ and the Command squad, it will give me a Chaplain and not a Libby. The second problem is that I run two Devi squads, and the detachment only allows one, so where does the second come from? another Demi-Company? There is also the problem of no FA slot being used, I could put a 3 man bike squad in or a 5 man assault squad, which I can do with what I've got.

The other main issue is that I run a Sternguard and a Termie squad, but that would leave me short by one unit in order to field the 1st Company Task Force.  

The main issue that I have is that the Disciples are supposed to be a shooty army, not engaging in close combat, so no Assault Marines, Vanguard Vets or Assault Termies, which limits options, plus I don't really want to purchase any new models, as the whole point was that I am using the models that I already have.

So in order to use the new formation, I'm going to either have to buy new models or completely change around my armies to fit in with the new detachments/formations. So while I'm not sure that the new formation is a bad thing, I think I might have to stick to the standard CAD, at least until they remove it from the BRB!

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