Friday, 31 July 2015

A game of sorts......Assassins

Well, it wasn't a game of 40k, but it was a game in the 40k universe. I was down at the new club the other week and there was a game of Assassinorum Execution Force going. I was quite keen to get a game of this when I saw the box sitting on the side at the club and I wasn't disappointed.

The models are great, I really like the new assassin models, even more so now I've seen them in the flesh. I wont be rushing out to buy any of them though, as I'm going to kit bash some together so that they fit in more with the armies that I have and that I will be using them with, making them more like hard-core special vets then brainwashed assassins. First up will be the Vindicare assassin, but the others will follow. The Chaos models are fairly basic. The marines are basic push fit models, nothing fancy and no options, just old school push fit models and the cultists are straight out of the DV box set, no changes at all. The Chaos Lord on the other hand is a very detailed model and looks very nice, even if there are no options to it, not that I think you need any as I wouldn't change it, apart from the face, which is just a little silly for my liking.

On to the game though, and personally, what a game. Its easy to learn and play and fast and fun paced, all the things you want in a game. It also can be played on your own, which while being slightly sad that you have to play on your own, also means that you can challenge yourself and try out different things. This is possible because the Chaos models move around by themselves, well, you have to move them but the dice decide all the movement patterns, so unless you just ignore the dice, you never know quite what's going to happen.

In our game we had 3 assassins, the Vindicare, the Eversor and the Callidus assassins. I played the Eversor assassin and did pretty well, although I really wanted to blow myself up at the end, I didn't get the chance! Maybe next time. We won the game quite easily in the end, mostly because the others had played the game a few times and they knew what needed to happen, although we did run in to a few problems that could have caused us problems, such as several marines appearing just at the end, a turn earlier and they would have been all over us and caused us lots of problems as we couldn't have handled all of them and got through to where we needed to be. What also helped was that we had a good idea about how to take down the Chaos Lord, which worked out quite well.

All in all, I would recommend the game to anyone. Yes, it is quite pricey as a stand alone game, but as a deal containing the models for regular games and as a stand alone game, its a very good deal.

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