Friday 22 September 2023

Navy Breachers

 These pictures were taken pre-primer as I’m priming these black and we all know how well black primed models show up on camera. These models came out of the Imperial Agents Boarding patrol and i have built up both squads to field in my latest Imperial Guard army, because i really need a 4th 2000 point guard army!

All the models 

And before anyone says anything, yes, there is a painted model in there at the back. You’ll see more further down but there will be a post coming up with better photos and some discussion on the paint scheme used but for the moment I’ll just show off the models. 

This first squad is the full on Kill Team squad, with all the options for the specialist models and extras, including the CAT and Gheistskull. The two models are not playable in 40K but are important in kill team and so will be getting painted up along side the other models. 

As you can see, I’ve made a minor kit bash with these models but swapping out the standard navy Breacher helmets for a set of WW1 style British helmets. These were from the Wargames Atlantic Bulldogs set, more of which will be along in the next post. The main reason for this change was to add some flavour to the force and also to take some inspiration from the WW1 Royal Navy Divisions who fought on the western and Gallipoli fronts. Again, more on this in a later post. 

I really like the look of the “Brodie” helmets and they fit very well with the rest of the models, giving them quite a different look to the standard model.

Of course, the Sergeants have a different helmet, in this case it’s a peak cap. Now, i think it’s supposed to be a Service Cap but it looks a lot like the Forage Caps. Either way it does make the Sgts stand out.  

The CAT and Gheistskull are very nice little models and look like they will be quite good fun in Kill Team if i can get the hang of using them properly but there are no rule for there use in 40K, which is a shame but that fine, they’ll go in the box once painted for the occasional Kill Team.

These two are probably my favourite two models, but for very different reasons. It’s kid of hard to see on these pictures due to the poses and also the rubbish lighting I was taking these photos in. (I really should get a light box or some decent sets of lights for my pictures) 

The Endurant model has been given a gas mask version of the helmet. He is the only one that has this version and it’s because I thought it made more sense fluff wise. Fluff wise, this man is the first though the door / hatch / hole / breach or whatever it maybe and in being first you never really know what’s on the other side of the door, so he has to go in expecting the worst, hence the gas mask. Now, i realise that each model has a oxygen tank on their back, so the point is a little mute but in my mind, this is the emergency supply, linked to the gas masks as part of a re-breather style set-up and most of the guys only use it in an emergency but the Endurant has it all the time, hence the mask and twin tanks. It makes sense in my head anyway! However, i just like the pose and look of this model, big, beefy and ready for anything on the other side of the door. 

I also really like the Grenadier model, but for very different reasons. I think his rules are rubbish and I would have built him if it wasn’t for needing him as a Kill Team option. I also don’t think the overall model is very good, its to big and bulky for my liking but i really like how it fits with the Brodie helmet. The helmet first almost perfectly with the shield in front of his face and looks like he could very easily just toss his demo charge and then Turtle up inside his suit by pulling his chin down to his chest and sealing up the helmet and shield sections. 

The second squad is a very basic squad. There is no special operatives or characters, just shotguns and a melta. 

There are seven basic troopers with shotguns (including model with the test paint scheme!) 

Plus a Sgt. with shotgun and Endurant with shield, because these are compulsory choices. There is also a melta gun. Why a melta gun and not plasma or Las-volley? Well, every weapon in the squad has a 12 inch range and so I though that it made sense to have the special weapon be a 12 inch range as well, I could have used the plasma and used the 12 inch rapid fire range but I decided to go with the melta and have a little bit of anti-armour in the squad.

Endurant with his trusty shield and gas mask.

I’m looking forward to getting these models painted up and I’m working on it as this goes live and i hope to have a post up here fairly soon. 

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