Friday, 15 September 2023

Imperial Knight Legs

 This is very much a slow burn WIP model, with just the legs and a few other bits finished. As you can see, just the basic leg structure has been built at the moment, without any of the armour panels or extra bits attached. This is as I extend to paint every thing separately and then combine them all towards the end of the build. The reason that I built and painted this model is because I was waiting to get some more spray paint to base all the infantry models that I’ve got built. 

I was planning on waiting until I had built and painted my Navy Breachers before starting on this model but having run out of grey spray paint and being very low on Matt black spray I decided to continue building until I could get hold of some new tins. I did actually have a black spray, that was supposed to be matt black, however it was a different brand to the one I usually use and was a lot more runny and more of a satin spray. I will use this for other pieces, such as scenery but not for models as it just isn’t very good. 

Anyway, once I hand picked up a couple of tins of spray paint, i decided that I might as well spray up the legs and give them a dry brush of silver. Now, I had been wondering about what colour to dry brush this models, as my two Armigers are dry brushed silver and gold, to make each one a little more distinctive, so I thought I should do this a different colour, but the only options are copper or brass, neither would work for the main Knight. So in the end I went with silver but I will do a lot of the highlights in gold, something the Armigers don’t have. 

In addition, I have also built up the model of Sir Hekhtur. I have no plans to run Canis Rex, it’s still a cool model and so why wouldn’t you build it? He has received his base dry brush and will get a full paint job shortly when I am painting up my other infantry units. 

I have also built up the head unit ready for painting.

Lastly the cockpit with Sir Hekhtur, also ready for painting. Both the this and the head will get some paint at some point soon, however, the main knight will have to wait awhile.

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