Tuesday, 21 June 2022

Deathwatch Dreadnought

Here we have another recently painted model, my Deathwatch Venerable Dreadnought. I've had this model for quite a while but have not bothered painting it, although it has been sitting primed and ready for a while. This was a fairly quick paint job, just to get it painted, although I did really enjoy painting this up.

I went with the high bling factor on this one, with lots of gold trim and shiny bits. I have also added as much extra bits to it, in the form of purity seals, shields and other symbols. Some basic transfers were added to finish it off.

The model is good as it makes it very easy to change out the weapon arms, so I've painted up all three of the options.


Assault cannon


 This still needs a bit of finishing, such as the base rim and flocking, but that might wait until I get around to varnishing the model, whenever that is! All in all I think this looks very good for not a massive amount of work, I kind of wish I'd done it earlier, now I just need to get on with the rest of the troops!

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