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Kill team: Militarum Tempestus

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Following on from the astra Militarum kill team force, I though I would go for my ideas on my Militarum Tempestus force. Now this force will not be your classic Militarum Tempestus force as the fluff behind it is that it is an inquisitorial strike force and will be lead by an inquisotor, in this case inquisitor tullas, my lead inquisitor in all of my fluff and back ground.

The kill team itself is formed of hand picked men, chosen by the iquisitor himself for one reason or another from the various battlefields, hive cities or space ports that he has visited over his travels. Some men bring specialist skills, other are just hired muscle, all are expendable and replaceable, well, all but one, the ever dependable Dharem, the inquisitors right hand man and the only man the inquisitor trusts to lead a mission in his stead.

The troops themselves consider them selves to be some of the finest Shock Troops in the galaxy, willing to Die Well for the inquisitor, his mission and of course the Emperor and, not surprisingly for a unit including a number of hive and space port\station dwellers, they are City Fighters almost without equal. Again when using the tables to put this little story together, I gave myself a re-roll, which was used to change them from Penal Troops to Shock Troops, although I guess penal troops would have worked just as well, it's not how I wanted to have things. Of course Dharem, being of a Pious nature, could have commanded either.

But who is actually in the kill team?

Tempestor with plasma pistol and power sword (inquisitor)
Tempestor with plasma pistol and power distribution (Dharem)

Scion gunner with hotshot volley gun
Scion gunner with hotshot volley gun
Scion gunner with plasma gun
Scion gunner with plasma gun
Scion gunner with flamer

Scion with vox caster

Up to 12 Scions with hotshot lasguns.

There are two leaders in the group as I wanted to have the inquisitor represented but also wanted to have the option not to take him if I didn't want to, after all the inquisitor isn't going to be leading every mission personally, hellhhave more important things to do. I've take a vox caster again, as it give a good bonus to the kill team during missions. I've put down that there will be up to 12 other scions, as this is the maximum number of will make, but I don't know if I'll bother making all of them as I will likely never need that many.

The special weapons for Militarum Tempestus are even more restricted than for the guard, being only 4 options. I have gone for two volley guns, to give a good rate of fire and a couple of plasma guns for there high ap values and anti-MEQ killing power. Lastly I went with the good old flamer, because every guard unit should have at least one. I paired a few of these up with some specialisms.

Leader specialist - as I mentioned about, I have two tempestor models, one to represent the inquisitor and one to represent his right hand man, Dharem. I will chop and change who leads the kill team, depending upon what mission it is.

Medic specialist - this is only an option to Militarum Tempestus units and so I have decided to include on in the force. There are some reasonable bonuses to having on too. The specialist will be a normal Scion carrying a hotshot lasguns but modelled up to represent the medic roll.

Heavy specialist - this didn't take very long to narrow down as there are very few option here really. Of the special weapon, only the flamer or hotshot volley gun will really benefit. As such this will be used by one of the two hotshot volley gunners, giving him some added mobility.

Demolitions specialist - again, this will be taken by a flamer armed model and will follow the pyromaniac route on the tree.

The force will be quite different to play compared to the basic guard force, giving me lots of options on play style and composition when I want to play. I will also look at the tiger kill teams I plan on building, namely the deathwatch and AdMech forces but also the Stone Dragons force but I'm hoping that there maybe some proper space wolf options in the future for that force.

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