Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Blood Angels codex review - Flyers

This is the final instalment of the units from the Blood Angels codex before I move on to the other parts of the book. This will be a short one today as we will be looking at just the 3 flyers in the book. First up is the newest of the three. 

Stormhawk Interceptor

The Interceptor is designed, as its name suggest to act as an interceptor, targeting other flyers more that it targets ground units. It can be geared up to take out ground targets by swapping out its anti-flyer weapons but I think that it is as an anti-flyer that it really excels, especially as its cousin, the Stormtalon is really designed for ground attack. With this in full anti-flyer role and by that I really mean, anti-fly keyword, it can be a real threat. For me, I would only ever take this in this role and I would probably only take this if I was taking it as part of the Air Superiority Wing Detachment with some of the other options. If your in a flyer heavy meta, then this would be worth taking on its own, but I think that it works best in support of the other flyers. 

Stormraven Gunship

This is the big one, both in size and points. It is the only flyer with transport capacity, including a Dreadnought! When armed to the teeth, this is a very strong unit, able to kick out a significant amount of fire power, more so than pretty much any other non-superheavy unit in the game but it will cost you as well. It has its role as it is a transport and can be very useful for getting troops around the field quickly but it is also a significant bullet magnet for your opponent. I would love to own one of these craft, arm it to the teeth and fly my assault marines and furioso dread around the field but a) a don't have a furioso dear and b) I really cant afford/justify having one in my collection. In my opinion, if your looking for just one marine flyer, then this is the one to get.

Stormtalon Gunship

Lastly we have the Stormtalon, while similar to the Stormhawk, it does fill a very different role, that of ground attack and at this it does excel. Its a shame that it doesn't have power for the machine spirit or similar but with strafing run, it does make up for it a little. Again you can arm this for taking out flying targets, but really, this is best used for taking out ground units, especially infantry models in base form. It can be upgraded to a dedicated anti-armour hunter and this is what I would do if I had one. There are lots of other units that can take out infantry but being able to manoeuvre around the table to take down the heavier elements of your enemies army with almost impunity is great. While I do really like this flyer, as I said above, if your looking for just one flyer, I would go for the Stormraven, for it transport and its versatility, but if you have the cash and this need, an Air Superiority Wing Detachment with one of each of these units in would be a really great asset to have and would enable you to take on any threat that you might face. If you really have the money a full 5 stron wing, with two Stromhawks and two Stromtalon, one of each configuration and a Stromraven wound be amazing but very expensive to own!

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