Friday, 10 August 2018

Completed Dagr Ormr models

Following on from previous posts, I though that I would show off the completed models for the Dagr Ormr scions. There are not many models here, as I have only completed two of the box sets that I have, one being a 20 man dreamforge Eisenkern stormtroopers and the other being GW's own Militarum Tempestus Scions. I have another 35 more models to paint up, which are going to be next up on the paint table, as soon as I finished the last of the Hjaltland LI.

Again, these were based the same as the hildasey PDF, using the same technique. I forgot to mention previously that I had also added some stones to the bases of some of the models, to add a little bit of detail. The stones were also to mimic the stones\gray areas that are visible on the mat.

The completed models, split down in to there squads. Blue troop, yellow troop and red troop at the back. The command squads, black and white at the front, along side green troop Sgt. Finally, front and centre, the company commander.

The squads at the rear are table legal, with blue and red troop consisting of 5 scions each, including a Sgt, vox and 3 riflemen. Yellow troop in the middle are 8 strong, with sgt and vox, missing only the two special weapons. 

The command squads on the other hand are not table legal. Command squad white consists of 2 hotshot volley guns and a vox, while command squad black consists of just a medic and flamer. The other figure is the lone member of green troop, in the form.of the troop Sgt.

A slightly day-glow picture of the commander. While the colours are wildly out of whack, it's does show up the stones on the basing.

A better picture. Its a shame that I didn't get a picture of the back, as I have added some nice details to the base, in the form of a helmet, lasgun and water bottle that have been discarder. I still like this model a lot and i'm very pleased with how it has turned out.

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