Tuesday 2 April 2024

Eagle Knights Assault squad

 This should be the last unit in the first born Eagle Knights Space Marine force, should being the operative word. I don't have anything else on the paint table or in the bits box that needs painting. 

This five man squad will be joining the 10 existing assault marines to enable three 5 man squads to be built. This gives a total of 30 jump pack equipped marines in total. 

The 5 new marines are equipped as you would expect, with most having bolt pistol and chain swords with a plasma equipped marine and sergeant with plasma pistol and powerfist.

Three basic marines

Sergeant and special weapon marine

A few extra details.

These are fairly basic models, as they are just basic assault marines and not special characters or anything. Now that these are finished, I'll be moving on to their Primaris brethren and the company of heroes. 

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