Tuesday 7 February 2023

Astra militarum army updates

 So, I have finally go around to getting all my troops out and rearranging them in to their new homes, which are mostly the same as their old homes just shuffled around squads. There have been a few promotions, a few demotions and a few sideways steps but in general there have not been many new additions or losses. 

I think overall, there has only been one squads added to all three armies, adding another squad to the Dagr Ormr's supporting PDF forces. A couple of other squads have been reassigned to a new army, mostly from the Hjaltland LI to the others, as with the loss of the veterans, there were some extra troops that needed new homes. 

There have been some losses overall, about half a dozen troops have now been placed in to reserve, mostly as they are specialists, either with special weapons, Sgts or vox casters.

I'm not going to go through all the changes here, as this is simply an introduction to the next series of posts that will come out over the next 6 or so Tuesdays listing all the details of the old and new lists and how these will have changed the armies and how they operate.

I'm also working on a number of posts going through all the various units, both new and old, in the codex and my thoughts on the new rules. I did this when the last book came out, many many years ago and I found it quite helpful and hopefully some others did as well.

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