Friday, 3 February 2023

AdMech reinforcements

 So, I have finally got around to building my AdMech start collecting box that I brought months ago, just after they released the updated start collecting box, before they released the combat patrol box! 

This box, the original start collecting bix

I wanted this box rather than the newer box as it has the tank \ transport in it rather than the dune crawler. I had initially thought I would run it as the transport but have since decided that the tank with the more anti-infantry weapon is the better option, as I'll be running this with my two armiger warglaives, which are very much anti-armour platforms. With this box I will be able to field the Scorpius Disintegrator, two 6 man vanguard squads, two 10 man ranger squads, two techpriest Dominus and two armiger warglaives for a 1000 point army. 

I may look to add some more vanguard to boost those units up to full 10 man squads and I may also look at add some additional units, such as electro-priests or sicarians for some additional close combat ability. I don't envision this force getting above the 1500 point mark, at least not with out the addition of a knight and some more armigers.

Anyway, the new troops;

The Rangers are made up of basic troops to boost the existing squads up to 10 men and enable to multiple special weapons that exist. There is one alpha and 9 rangers.

The vanguard's are a lot limited in number, only 3 in total and are there as I had addition troops to use up. These will just be added to squads to boost the numbers up a little bit. In hind sight I maybe should have built one of these as a skitarii marshal and to be honest I'm still tempted to go back and do it, as it shouldn't take much effort to do.

The Scorpius Disintegrator, to add so longer ranged heavy anti infantry capacity, although with the design of the weapons, you can easily switch the main gun back and forth between the two options. I have also just noticed that I haven't painted the missiles at the front or the head lights! I will have to go back and paint these.

Lastly we have the two Dominus. One for each section of the army, armed (hopefully) with corresponding weapons to support their troops. 

One thing you might have notices is that all the units are different colours, not like the standard AdMech force which is all one colour defined by the forge world. I have finally settled on some lore for these guys and they are not going to be a main forge world but a knightly household detachment, once part of a forge world but now split and operate solely on the behest of the household (namely House Vandrad, the Laird's of Tunglland, loyal servants of House Krast.) The difference colours are defined by their roles in the house both by tradition and also to make it easier to identify for the Knights pilots. I'll need to write up a proper lore for the AdMech and Knights some time soon, alongside all the other lore updates I need to write!

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