Tuesday, 6 December 2022

Hrossey Mechanised Yeomanry


Next up is the Hrossey Mechanised Yeomanry and the army with probably the biggest problem. This list is quite small but still potent. The current army contains;

Primaris Psyker

Tank Commander

Master of Ordnance

Ministorum Priest


Leman Russ Battle Tanks (x3)

Company Commander

Lord Commissar

Command Squad: Heavy flamer, Regimental Standard, 2x Plasma gun

Ogryn Bodyguard

Platoon Commander

Veterans: Heavy flamer, 3x Meltagun

Veterans: Heavy flamer, 3x Grenade launcher, Missile launcher

Heavy Weapons Squad: Heavy bolter (x2)

Chimera (x3)


 All for a total of 2,325pts.

Not this list doesn't have a massive amount of issues. Most of the vehicles are fine and can stay as they are, as with only one tank commander and three other LRBT'S it is still codex compliant. The hellhammer, hellhound and Chimeras are all fine and will continue on. Other units that are able to continue on are the primaris psyker, priest and heavy weapons teams, as these mostly remain unchanged.

The rest of the list however needs some serious work. I have two commanders, one platoon and one company and only one command squad, which contains two plasma guns. I can change this command to contain a heavy flamer, standard, plasma and melta, by taking a melta out of one of the vet squads. Not very efficient but legal. I will most likely have more of a rejig between all the different armies at some point, to try and balance up all the options but for now this is a good start. This squad will also include one of the commanders along side the Master of ordnance and Ogryn Bodyguard. 

This then leaves me with one commander and two vet squads that need adjusting. The first answer that springs to mind is to move the heavy weapons team, heavy flamer and a grenade launcher from one squad to form a new command squad and then mix up the remaining special weapons and add in some additional troops to from two Cadian style squads with a melta and grenade launcher each. This will leave me with a heavy flamer extra but I'm sure I can find a space for him somewhere. 

That just leave me to demote the lord commissar to regular commissar and we're all done.

This means that all my troops should fit within the new codex structure but unfortunately they won't fit in to the Chimeras, with the Ogryn bodyguard taking up too many spaces. I could drop this unit but he looks to much fun for that! I don't really want to get another chimera but I may have to look in to it at some point.

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