Tuesday 1 June 2021


 Just a short post today but I thought I'd show you my objective markers. There are now 8 after a quick building session to make two more. Why 8? Well because 2 of the onslaught missions require 8 objective markers. So I'm not going to play these very often, if at all, but at least I have the option to place all the markers down properly if I wanted too.

The markers are all very simple, just some spare bits and pieces placed on a 28mm base which is then placed on a larger 40mm base, or at least they will be when I find all my spare 40mm bases. The plant bits are all from the Catachan jungle fighter boxsets and the rest of the bits are just spares from various sets I've collected over the years. 

The full selection

The blue colouring of the larger base is to help the objectives stand out from the surrounding terrain. I think it strikes a nice balance between being visual enough to be easily seen but not so much that they are all you notice on the board. The main 28mm bits will get a basing of grass as well as the grey paint, I just have been waiting to do a whole load to them at the same time, after I've army painter quickshaded a whole bunch of stuff. 

A slightly better photo

The mainly "bits" based objectives

The "plant" based objectives

The full colour spectrum. The crappy photo doesn't do the colours justice

I have tried to keep.the objectives very distinct from each other, to try and make telling them apart easy but still keeping a common theme running through all of them. I will usually use 4 of the plants, adding in a couple of others as necessary. With the plants being coloured differently, orange, red, yellow, blue and purple, being able to identify which objective we are talking about should be easy, especially as objective numbers are not really a thing in most game. I may well add numbers on to the blue bases if I need to, but I don't plan on doing so at the moment. 

Hopefully these will just add another little detail to the boards and make the game just that little bit more fun to play.

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